The Crown Episode 2: There’s A New Queen


Elizabeth sure was ready to conquer the royal tour for her father and we applauded her for it. The thing about The Crown is that every single time Claire Foy takes the screen, we can’t help but be entranced and feel like it’s actually the Queen we are looking at.

As we head into Episode 2, I am taken away. It’s absolutely cinematically stunning. The acting is flawless. Here’s our seven favorite moments (some of which broke our hearts) from Episode 2 of Netflix’s, The Crown.

Philip is in need of media training.

Philip seems like he’s just too much. It’s hard to get a good read on him. One moment you want to love him and the next moment, you are like you’re a pompus douche who wants people to bow down at your feet. All in all – he’s good for Elizabeth, we get that. But, for instance when he insults the King while in Africa telling him that he was wearing a nice hat and Elizabeth has to correct him – that’s just a dick move. Someone needs some media training.

Venetia reading the papers to Churchill while he was in the tub.

We’ve all had that boss. You know the one. The one that asks weird shit. Churchill has her reading to him outside the bathroom and then when he causes the water to over flow. You could have caught us laughing out loud.

The treetops.

Philip may have redeemed himself distracting the elephant from his wife. that was a good move. We have to put our hat off to him for that. But we love their time together in the treetops. It’s like a look back to those moments where they first fell for each other and the love they share. Elizabeth was willing to do whatever it took to keep her husband happy, even offering to write her father to see if they could return to Malta. She never was given easy choices, but

King George’s Passing.

All the tears that happened at once when King George died and seeing everyones reactions. Granted his Mum was kinda cold. It broke our hearts to see what happened. To see that Elizabeth wasn’t there and then to see the news delivered to Churchill. His wanting to look out for Elizabeth – to make sure she didn’t hear from someone who didn’t care. One can not even imagine the pain. We can’t imagine what it would be like to be so carefree and then all of the sudden to have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Hats go off to Martin for rushing to make sure that she found out from someone she knew, rather than someone she didn’t.

Really Margaret?

We get it – everyone reacts to things in different ways. We are not judging it. We know it happens. But I mean let’s react with a little more decorum. A married man is not the way to go. But we can’t even imagine how hard it was for her to loose her father. The man who supported her through anything.

Long Live Queen Elizabeth.

One day you’re filming your husband in a tree top resort and the next, you are being rushed back to England. It’s not just because your Dad has died, it’s because you are now the most famous woman in the world. How do you react? How does everything change? Elizabeth wasn’t given the time to heal or to deal. Her life was just changed. But she rose to the occasion like a boss, doing what she had to do and putting her duty before anything else.

But let’s talk her leaving Africa. That drive… when everyone comes to the roadside. There were legit tears. Lots and lots of fucking tears.

The Queen Grandma’s Letter

I can’t even imagine having that much responsibility. My life’s duty is to family first and the job that I have. I can’t imagine the pressure put on Elizabeth, but if she really did get that letter… it explains so damn much. Our hearts go out to her.

Are you a fan of The Crown? What episode are you on?

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