Fangirlish 2021 End of the Year Lists: Shows We’re Looking Forward to in 2022

Oddly enough, we can already look forward to 2022 and all the stories that await us on the small screen. Read on to see if your most anticipated shows made our list!

A Lookback at the Actresses Who Have Played Princess Diana

With Spencer finally here, we’ve dived into the multiple portrayals of Princess Diana across TV and movies.

Princess Diana’s Friend Parts Way With ‘The Crown’

We stan someone willing to stand up for their friend and her memory. We’re also now worried about #TheCrown’s 5th season…

Netflix Releases A First Look Of Dominic West And Elizabeth Debicki In Season 5 Of ‘The Crown’

Woah! #DominicWest and #ElizabethDebicki look AMAZING as #PrinceCharles and #PrincessDiana in Season 5 of #TheCrown!

No Shocker Here! Sarah Ferguson Offered Her Help To ‘The Crown’

We’re thinking that you shouldn’t be volunteering your help to The Crown when you were part of the Royal Family isn’t the smartest move…

‘The Crown’ Adds Johnny Lee Miller To The Cast

There’s a new addition to season 5 of The Crown. We’re all for this Prime Minister – Johnny Lee Miller

Emma Corrin Went To What Royal Wedding?

We love it when celebrities talk about the things that they are fans of. After all, everyone is a fangirl at heart.

Emma Corrin Talks About Being Cast As Princess Diana

There is no one else that we could imagine in the role of Princess Diana other than Emma Corrin. How’d she get the role?

‘The Crown’ Sets New Actress For Camilla Parker Bowles In Season 5

Season 5 of The Crown means a new cast and we’re here for it. See the new Camilla Parker Bowles.

Season 5 Of ‘The Crown’ Will Begin Filming This Summer

New season of The Crown and a new cast. We’re about it. Read all about the new cast and the roles they are playing here.

‘The Crown’ Creator Peter Morgan Explains Why The Duke and Duchess Of Sussex’s Story Will Not Be In The Show

Will we see modern day Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on The Crown? All signs point to nope. Not happening.

Emma Corrin and Josh O’Connor React To Prince Harry’s Comments About ‘The Crown’

Stars of #TheCrown, #EmmaCorrin and #JoshOConnor reacted to #PrinceHarry talking about the show. Read what they had to say.

‘The Crown’ Season 4 Review: The House Of Windsor Is Cray Cray

We’re breaking down Season 4 of #TheCrown – the good, the bad, and the omg I don’t wanna hear Margaret Thatchers voice EVER AGAIN.

‘The Crown’ 4×10 Review: “War”

“War” has come to The Crown, between Margaret Thatcher and Parliament and within the Royal family. This was a jam packed season finale that covered a lot of events important to the storyline. Let’s get started. RESIGNATION I’m not a…

Which Member Of The Royal Family Admitted They’ve Seen ‘The Crown’

I don’t care which member of The Royal Family watched #TheCrown, i just want to know if they do. One admitted that they did…

‘The Crown’ 4×09 Review: “Avalanche”

“Avalanche” of The Crown, is in fact an avalanche. Just more of the relationship variety. We continue with the breakdown of Charles and Diana’s marriage, and Elizabeth’s and Phillips disregard of their problems. THE CHARLES AND DIANA SAGA CONTINUES I…

‘The Crown’ 4×08 Review: “48:1”

Episode “48:1” of The Crown was a political chess game and someone very loyal got the short end of the stick. We also got another introduction into Prince Andrew and you can see, even then, the type of person he…

‘The Crown’ 4×07 Review: “The Hereditary Principle”

“The Hereditary Principle” begins with Margaret smoking, and her coughing. This is the beginning of her struggles, as we will later see in this episode of The Crown. MARGARET’S STRUGGLES For a family that all complain about not getting the…

‘The Crown’ 4×06 Review: “Terra Nullius”

Episode six of The Crown, also known as “Terra Nullius,” is the first time we really see the dynamic that is Charles, Diana and the influence of Camilla. We also see the emergence of Diana as the “people’s princess.” I…

‘The Crown’ 4×05 Review: “Fagan”

“Fagan” of the The Crown brings to light how Margaret Thatcher was failing the British people and Elizabeth didn’t. Let’s start. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN Margaret was willing to let millions of people lose employment so she could achieve her…

‘The Crown’ 4×03: “The Fairytale”

Don’t care what you say – Charles is a villain. He’s an evil villain who only thinks of himself. And Camilla is just cruel. #TheCrown