‘Pitch’ 1×09 Roundtable: ‘Scratched’

Here at Fangirlish, we are absolutely smitten with FOX’s new baseball drama Pitch. A hopeful, empowering story with phenomenal production value, lots of positive representation and an entire cast of relatable characters, it stole our hearts in episode one and still hasn’t given them back.

Join Fangirlish writers Beata, Lizzie and Lyra as we discuss Pitch episode nine, Scratched.

What were your overall thoughts on this episode?

Beata: I loved it, but it’s not like I expect anything less at this point. It was so emotional, it was really intense at times, and I loved all the relationships. This show continues to do everything right, with fantastic storytelling and excellent acting. I NEED more, FOX. Please renew this already.

Lizzie:  I don’t think I’ve hated or even been bored by any episode this season. That being said, this was one of my favorite episodes of Pitch so far (Pssst FOX, Renew Pitch). It had the right combo of emotion, actual baseball drama and friendship and it was just entertaining. The only thing I would sometimes like from this show is the chance for them to go deeper into some storylines and I don’t even begrudge them for not doing that considering the limited 10 season order.

Did I mention we need more Pitch?

Lyra: I want more. Is that not clear by this point, Fox? This episode and the one before are a weekly reminder that while some shows that shall not be named, are doing horribly, Pitch is doing it right. This episode peeled back layers I never thought of and made me think of what it means to be part of a team and family. Simply loved it.

Most of this episode was about Mike saying goodbye to the Padres. How emotional did you get over his supposed last game?

Beata: So, so emotional. Maybe it hit me personally because I cheer for a sports team with a habit of, ah, chasing away all its best players, so I was totally wrapped up in the story. Yeah, maybe I should have predicted Mike’s staying with the team, but I’m not used to these things working out, okay? Sports always result in pain. Always. Anyway, this episode brought back lots of very painful memories for me and I loved it.

Lizzie: The part of me that understands both TV and sports was pretty sure he wasn’t going anywhere. It was still nice to see his emotions in the face of what he expected to be his last game, and even though I was pretty sure, I will admit I was really, really happy at the end of the episode. Common sense is one thing, but if you’re not getting emotionally invested in the characters the show is doing something wrong, and I’m emotionally invested. I wanted Mike to stay. I want him to win a WS. I just want him to win it with the Padres.

Lyra: I didn’t get too emotional because I was focusing too much on Mike’s reaction to the possibility of moving to another team. I know he’s not perfect but after all the speeches he gives encouraging the team, you’d think he’d take his own advice. Looks like Mike doesn’t practice what he preaches. He was quick to jump down anyone’s throat and that ruined the emotional moments for me.

Ginny actually went on a date in this episode, with a cute billionaire named Noah. Though it doesn’t look like that relationship is going anywhere, what did you think of Noah? Also, do you think Ginny is finally ready for romance in her life?

Beata: I definitely think Ginny is ready for romance. She wasn’t at the beginning of the season, but right now it’s very clear that she has her career under control and needs something else in her life. I’m not saying she needs romance, but baseball can’t take over her life, so if she finds a guy that she likes, she shouldn’t hold back just because of her career. That said, Noah was pretty underwhelming. I liked him, but he’s definitely not the right fit for Ginny.

Lizzie: I think we were supposed to like him but he was just a little too smooth for me. I just don’t trust characters like that – or people like that, for that matter. I also don’t know how much he has in common with Ginny and/or if he can be what she needs in her life right now. That being said, I think Ginny needs someone to lean on more than she thinks she does. Will she get that? I’m pretty sure the answer to that is: not anytime soon.

Lyra: I’m gonna be honest here. You ready? I don’t even remember the date. That’s how much of an impression Noah left on me. He was a dime a dozen and easily forgotten. In the grand scheme of things there is no perfect time to date. It takes time and work. If Ginny thinks she’s ready for it then she’s going to have to continue working on herself and find a way to balance it out. She’s a BAMF and has my full faith and approval.

Will is still insisting on opening a restaurant, and has now dragged Evelyn and Blip into the project. How scared are you that this is going to end badly?

Beata: Terrified. Will is completely incompetent, way too confident in his own abilities, and clearly isn’t telling the whole truth about what’s going on with him. It was bad enough when he was using Ginny’s money to mess up his own life, but now that Evelyn and Blip are investing too I’m worried that he’s going to screw everyone over. Let’s hope Amelia can save everyone.

Lizzie:  I just don’t see how this can go right. There’s no way. This had disaster written all over it from the beginning. I mean, I’m not necessarily saying always listen to Amelia, but always listen to Amelia. Could this just be Will trying to take advantage of his sister’s popularity to make a name for himself? Yes. But isn’t it more likely that this is Will trying to desperately scramble for money to pay some debts without thinking of the consequences? Maybe he’s gambling. Maybe he just fell in with the wrong crowd. Either way, no one should trust Will, Ginny least of all.

Lyra: I would be scared out of my mind for Evelyn and Blip if it wasn’t for the BAMF that is Amelia. She is prowling around Will and ready to take him down at a moments notice. Ginny is more than her friend by this point and she won’t let Will ruin the good that Ginny is doing for herself, Amelia, and little girls everywhere. Evelyn has a least reached out to Amelia and it’s only a matter of time.

Ginny and Mike definitely took a step toward romance in the last scene of the episode. How are you feeling about this relationship? Is it OTP material? Do you see it going anywhere in a potential season 2?

Beata: I feel like the only person who still doesn’t really see it. I mean, I like them together and I can’t deny that they have good chemistry, but I’ve always seen them as really good friends and nothing else. I’m not exactly opposed to them as a couple, but I don’t ship them and I kind of wish I did.

Lizzie: Yes, I think it’s OTP material. I think the signs have been there from the beginning. That being said, I think they need time. Not just a little time either, probably a full season more, at least. Spark, check. Latent feelings, check. Chemistry? Hell yes. Enough development to where it would feel believable for both of these people to be willing to risk…well, basically everything to be with each other? Nope. Not yet. That’s one of the reasons why we need another season. And another. These two deserve to be a reality, not a promise. Especially because, with these writers, I bet they’d end up being one of those couples we write stories about for years to come.

Lyra: I’m right there with you. Ginny and Mike are OTP material. This episode served as a wake up call to both of them that there is something brewing between them that neither can deny. This isn’t a passing fancy. This is two people who have realized that there is a real spark between them. As for Season 2…they are going to act like it didn’t happen. We’re going for a slow burn relationship between two adults who have plenty to learn from each other. Only time and a great lot of off tune Katy Perry songs, will enable this ship to truly sail.

In the end, it was revealed that Mike would not be traded after all. What did you think of that development? Did you see it coming? Do you think it was the right choice, both for the Padres and for the show itself?

Beata: I understand that it makes sense for Mike to stay on the team, but that goodbye was so perfect I was kind of disappointed that it was all for nothing. I also hope there’s more to the story, because at this point I’m kind of confused about Mike’s future. I was under the impression this would be his last season, so a trade would make sense. But I guess him staying with the team means he’s coming back to play, which is fine. As for the Padres, keeping Mike only makes sense if they’re sure he’s coming back. Otherwise they’re preventing him from winning a World Series without making their team any younger or better. The argument that they need him to mentor Livan is a good one, but Mike could always sign a contract with the Padres at the end of this season and come back anyway. So I don’t know. We’ll see where it goes.

Lizzie:  How could the show continue with the same dynamic with Mike on another team? No way. There were still so many stories to be told with him as a Padre, not just with Ginny but with Al and Oscar and Blip and Amelia. From a storytelling perspective, this makes the most sense. I didn’t think there was any way he was going anywhere and I’m glad I was proven right. Now, for the Padres? If this were real life and not just a show? They should have traded him. 100%. Stories of teams catching up when they’re so far behind are few and far between and EVEN if they did they’re probably not gonna win a WS. You trade a guy like Mike and rebuild. That’s the smart play.

Lyra: I loved the build up and was absolutely expecting Mike to be traded. It’s the penultimate episode and those are always the ones that go out with a bang, so why not this one? In a way I’m kind of disappointed that they didn’t trade him. This is something cliched that happens in all over shows and Pitch has always thought out of the box. My hope is that they have something even bigger planned.

Pitch airs Thursdays at 9pm on Fox.

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