DC Crossover Event Roundtable: Discussing the Epic Team-Up With Arrow, Flash, Supergirl & Legends

This year’s DC Crossover Event upped the stakes and the shows as the worlds of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow collided in a thrilling four-night event.
Fangirlish writers Alyssa, Lizzie, Lyra, Nora, and Sarah are breaking down everything we loved about the crossover event, as well as tackling Barry’s Flashpoint fallout and Arrow‘s 100th hour.

Describe your feelings about the DC Crossover Event in 5 words.

Alyssa: Can I have another please?
Lizzie: Color me surprised. And pleased.
Lyra: No one does it alone.
Nora: What dreams are made of!
Sarah: One heck of an adventure

Describe your emotions about the crossover event using a gif.

Alyssa: tumblr_inline_ohko33uh7m1rrzg0n_500





What was your favorite thing about the crossover event?

Alyssa: Well overall I just enjoyed how this crossover event really felt like a true crossover event. Each installment led into the next in seamless fashion while also managing to maintain the tone of its respective shows. This crossover event was larger than the others, and I was impressed with how throughout the end of Supergirl, through Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow that it never lost that quality. Then there was the obvious one how this crossover brought together all of these characters we loved individually and on their own shows and put them together. It was just really cool to see all of these amazing heroes — both masked and not — get the chance to team up and kick some ass. But I really loved how, especially on The Flash, that the crossover addressed Barry’s Flashpoint mistake as being even more significant than we’d thought it already was. Not only did it address it, it had the characters (especially Cisco, Diggle, and Sara) let Barry have it. It was a very theraputic moment for me in the crossover. Arrow’s hour of the crossover was my favorite episode of this show dating back to last season. It had everything I’ve been missing this season: the balance of action, heart, and storytelling. Even despite the nausea-inducing Lauriver scenes, this was a damn good episode of Arrow. So that was certainly a plus. I know that’s more than one favorite thing, but come on there were four episodes!

Lizzie: I think the episodes flowed really well – it didn’t feel like I was watching four different shows, but like I was watching an episode of one show, divided in four parts. Sure, some things were glossed over and a lot of little interactions that were kinda necessary were lost, but that’s the thing with crossovers, you can’t do it all. They still did a pretty good job of letting Kara be Kara, Oliver be Oliver, etc, all while meshing them together and giving us unexpected interactions. And, obviously, they addressed the huge elephant in the room, which was Barry’s incredibly selfish decisions. Everyone got a chance to say their piece and Barry admitted that he did wrong and it kinda feels like, for the first time, we can try to move on. Maybe we won’t manage it, maybe I’ll still be raging about Barry all season, but this is a much more needed step in the right direction.
Also, as much as I haven’t really loved Barry or Oliver this season, I greatly enjoy their interactions. It feels like they balance each other out and, in a way, under each other in ways no one else ever will. Add Kara to that mix, and the result was pretty damn adorable. More 3-way hugs, please!
Lyra: Favorite part of the crossover was the little inside jokes that you wouldn’t catch unless you were paying attention or knew about their previous career choices. Number #1 being Ray Palmer commenting on how Kara looked like his cousin. For those who don’t know, he played Superman before Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow. His cousin was Supergirl. The look that he gives Felicity after is one of shock that basically says, “OMG! I dated my cousin.” Short and sweet little bit to make you laugh. I wouldn’t mind more of that on all the DCTV shows.
Nora: I was really, really impressed with this crossover. I think after three years, it all finally came together into one perfectly moving machine. Each episode moved together so effortlessly and I was constantly engaged. I’ve been enjoying Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow all season, but The Flash and Arrow have been a little rocky. This crossover turned that around. I enjoyed all 4 parts. It brought together the characters in such a great way. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about the alien aspects going into it, but it ended up being so great! It was really great to see each character incorporate their skills to take down The Dominators. Like Alyssa, my favorite part of the crossover involved us finally addressing Barry’s mistakes. I know we’ve all been screaming about Barry’s actions to go back and save his mother and creating Flashpoint. I’ve been so angry with Barry for thinking his life was somehow more important than those of his friends, heck even the entire universe. So, the portion of The Flash where Barry admits to creating Flashpoint and how it affected everything, particularly the lives of Cisco, Diggle and Sara. Everyone has a chance to air their grievances and I especially liked what Sara said to Barry. She could easily have gone back and saves Laurel from Darhk, but she realizes that would have catastrophic effects. I think it was important for Barry to hear that.
Aside from Barry getting the beat down he deserved, I also really enjoyed Sara and Oliver’s discussion at the end of Legends of Tomorrow when she talked about how they both started it all. I REALLY liked that conversation. I think it was such a great moment of reflection between the two of them that is something we needed. I also enjoyed the ending of the crossover when Oliver and Barry go out for drinks. Both of their character arcs this season have been problematic for me, so I’m glad we got a bro moment where I could love them once again!
Sarah: My favorite part about the entire crossover was seeing all these characters come together in a way we hadn’t seen before. Granted they were all constantly dealing with literal out of this world drama, but all the little moments i.e. interactions just made it special for me. The entirety of it was heartwarming, hilarious, cathartic (mostly in how Barry was openly called out for Flashpoint) and everything I could have asked for. To be fair I didn’t have particularly high expectations given my issues with Arrow, and just Barry. However, considering how many storylines they were juggling, not just the crossover but each show’s individual stories it flowed better than I really anticipated. So overall, all I can really say is kudos!

What was your least favorite thing about the crossover event?

Alyssa: There wasn’t a lot that I disliked about this crossover event as a whole. But the thing that made me angry was how several characters were shelved either during their show’s hour of the crossover or just in the crossover in general. There was not nearly enough Felicity during the Arrow hour of the crossover — Arrow’s 100th episode. She was in Legends of Tomorrow more than her own show. Then there were other characters that certainly could’ve seen more air time throughout the crossover, like Iris West. Iris didn’t get nearly enough screen time during her own episode, and it was beyond disappointing to see her once again left out of the crossover event as a whole.
Lizzie: Felicity and Oliver barely looking at each other. Thea disappearing for the end. Iris doing absolutely nothing other than gape at Oliver. Lyla not even communicating with her husband OR Team Arrow. Arrow and The Flash in particular have failed their female characters big time this year, and though Felicity got to kick ass and take names in the crossover, it still feels like she did it under the terms the show has redefined her as – funny sidekick and tech person. Remember last crossover and what Oliver told Barry about how being with Felicity made him happy? Clearly I’m the only one who does.
That’s not even going into how underused Thea, Iris, Lyla and even Caitlin at times, have been. The crossover gave Kara and Sara a chance to shine, but that was it. I wish they would have given us a tad more of ALL the ladies, and I really wish we got some scenes of them interacting in more than a passing way.
Lyra: Least favorite part of the crossover was how they underused the women and the lack of scenes for them. I understand that this is a big crossover event and you can’t give everyone a scene, but you do know that female representation on your shows is important right? Thea after refusing to go with Oliver, seemingly changes her mind off screen, depriving us of a wonderful scene that would’ve provided closure for her arc. Felicity got more screen time on Legends of Tomorrow and interacted more with Cisco than her own people. And don’t even get me started on the complete lack of shits that Felicity Smoak gave for Oliver Queen being kidnapped. Above all they’re friends. You damn well skippy better believe that she would be worried for her friend. Instead she was acting like this was a walk in the park and that the aliens were rainbows and unicorns.
We haven’t even taken into account Iris and Caitlin. Two badass mamas who disappeared into the background. One badass woman doesn’t have powers so I guess she’s useless in the grand scheme of things and doesn’t even deserve being asked about Barry’s decision to give himself up to aliens. I thought they were supposed to be partners in this WestAllen relationship? And the other badass woman can’t “use” her powers because she’ll go evil and it’s not convenient for The Flash or any DCTV show to have more women shine. They’ve reached their quota and have been unfortunately relegated the role of bubbly counsel, romantic partner, or researcher to many of it’s women with no possibility of being more.
Nora: Overall, I didn’t have too many issues with this crossover. The one thing that did bother me was how some characters from every show were either not incorporated or had very little in way of storyline. The biggest one for me was the massive lack of Felicity and Quentin in Arrow’s 100th episode. In terms of Felicity, I understand someone had to help Oliver and company get away from The Dominators, but why leave Felicity behind? It’s a crossover and Cisco and Curtis would’ve easily found them on their own. Leaving Felicity behind ultimately minimized her involvement, which I don’t think was a good move. She’s such a major character on Arrow and the fact that she was barely in the alternate reality was a real shame. I think they could’ve utilized her more in the alternate reality than giving her funny one-liners back on Earth. Felicity was important during the crossover as a whole, but I wish their was more of her in the Arrow portion specifically. Also Quentin was non-existent in the alternate reality. I REALLY wish he had a moment to properly say goodbye to Laurel like Sara and Oliver got. She was ripped away from Quentin just as fast as she was for Oliver and Sara and I was looking for an adorable Lance family moment that never came.
I also know they only needed Kara to take care of The Dominators, but I wish Barry and Cisco AT LEAST took Alex with them as well. I would’ve liked more of the Supergirl cast in the crossover. Also just more Iris, Caitlin and Thea! The Flash females in particular were barely involved and I wanted to see them more. I’m glad this year we got Iris in on the world saving, but I wish it was more. Her and Felicity would’ve been great together!
Sarah: My issues were more honed in on not enough of the ladies getting their due. Don’t get me wrong what character interactions we got were fabulous, but I would have liked to see more of Iris, Lyla, Thea and even Caitlin. They packed in a lot so at times the character choices were literally WTF moments, so that could have been handled better. The constraints of a crossover means you drop off details they’d normally pay attention to and sadly it showed especially in the Legends hour. The crossover pulled a lot of really well but my issues with the Arrow characters still just were there glaring at me even in the midst of crisscrossing and dealing with aliens.

Obviously this crossover event dealt with aliens. How’d you feel about that?

Alyssa: That was probably the biggest thing that had me rolling my eyes long before this crossover event aired. I know that Supergirl is a part of this Arrowverse now, but the idea of having aliens be this big threat just seemed laughable. I felt like Diggle circa Arrow season 2. (“What’s next aliens?”) If only we’d have seem the coincidental foreshadowing long before the Arrowverse was more than Arrow. On the other hand it made sense if you were going to bring Supergirl on board that this huge threat had to be something that she couldn’t easily defeat using her alien abilities. Then there was the way that these Dominators allowed for the events of Arrow’s 100th episode where some of our characters were trapped in a false reality. Verdict? I was very against it at first, but it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. The extreme kind of worked for this crossover event.
Lizzie: I mean, they weren’t as bad as I expected? They weren’t scary or even that interesting, but they weren’t as absurd as I thought they were gonna be, so that’s a plus. And I sorta liked that it was all Barry’s fault. So, it could have been better, yes, but it certainly could have been worse. Way worse.
Lyra: I’d give the Dominators an A+ for scary teeth factor, a C- for overall fear, and a D+ for that damn name. I was waiting at some point for them to be wearing leather of some sort and you know that you were too! Their reasoning for why they came was spot on. People like Barry are a danger and it changes the whole scope of things.
If Barry Allen EVERRRRRR contemplates changing the past or messing with the timeline he should remember the time a group of aliens tried to wipe them out. That should be enough to keep his ass grounded.
Nora: Definitely not as bad as I expected. I was ready to absolutely hate the alien portion, but I ended up tolerating it. They didn’t bring much to the episode, they were simply a roadblock that brought all the teams together. I think the stakes could’ve been upped a little more because I didn’t find myself nervous about their plan or scared of them in general. I was super nervous about The Dominators being involved in Arrow specifically, but I think it worked. It got us an alternate reality where we could reflect on 5 seasons of Arrow so it worked. I think the aliens could’ve had bigger consequences, although they are supposed to be re-appearing in Supergirl later on so there’s that, but they weren’t as bad as I thought.
Sarah: They were…..not all that fear inspiring. Don’t get me wrong they worked pretty well as villains for this four part event, but they weren’t particularly memorable. Bringing in aliens was certainly unique and I liked their reason for coming was specific and related to what had been going on instead of showing up guns blazing for just mass destruction.

We found out that the Dominators coming to wipe out the Metahumans on Earth was because of Barry’s messing up with Flashpoint. What did you think about that?

Alyssa: Why am I not surprised that Barry had something to do with this mess? All of the major problems that have happened this year have been as a result of Flashpoint. And in a way it’s such a great thing because it shows the significant impact of Barry’s decision. It wasn’t something that affected just him or just a few people close to him. It was something that had an impact on the entire world. These Dominators nearly had their way and would’ve wiped out all of the metahumans on Earth all because they viewed Barry as a threat. But it was also interesting because it shed light on the Dominators’ motivation. They had come to Earth 50 years before this and deemed humans as a non threat. But it was Barry’s actions — the actions of a metahuman — that made them reconsider their stance. In their minds Barry was just the first. What happened if — when — other metahumans decided to take risks like that?
Lizzie: Hell to the yes. Look, I’ve been brutal on Barry Allen this year. I’ve blamed him for absolutely everything. And I, of course, did it because he deserved it, but I also did it because I felt the show was giving him a pass. You can’t do something as stupid as Flashpoint and then get all you want anyway. Nope, doesn’t work for me. And right now, the with the show(s) being brutal on Barry, I finally feel like I can let up. I just hope things don’t get easy. We can all let up a bit, yes, but we can’t forget. This is not the kind of thing you fix in one day – or ever. This is the stuff you have to work to overcome.
Lyra: At the beginning of this years The Flash I was deathly afraid that they would gloss over the fact that Barry changed the timeline. He would smile, throw those dopey puppy eyes at everyone and all would be fixed. Oh how wrong I was. They haven’t let down. They’ve been needling at him over and over again and I’m proud of them for that fact. What Barry did was during a moment of grief and we could’ve all done it if in his shoes. But it doesn’t make it any less of the wrong decision.
I daresay that I’m almost ready to move on from the idiocy of Flashpoint. I don’t forgive Barry for what he did but I can accept that he’s suffered from this decision. Now he has to prove that he understands what he’s done, how it’s attracted FLIPPING ALIENS to come and destroy them all, and how he CAN NOT mess with time anymore. He’s not a god that can change things because he doesn’t like it and he needs to acknowledge that and accept it once and for all.
Nora: It’s about time Barry got knocked around a little. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been an Arrow fan for so long, but I feel like Oliver is always getting beat down because of his consequences and Barry makes the same controversial mistakes and we just glide past them. So, I was really happy we finally addressed Barry’s Flashpoint mistake and that’s what led to the Dominators showing up. Barry finally came face to face with his mistakes because flashpoint not only affected him, but everyone. I don’t think that was getting through to Barry until he heard the message from her older self, learned of The Dominators plan for metahumans and especially when he had to stare Diggle in the eyes and tell him about Baby Sara. While this didn’t totally make up for everything Barry has done, it’s a small start. I’m really glad we finally addressed it.
Sarah: I literally yelled “YES” when I found out why the Dominators came to Earth. Not that I wanted Barry to leave with them, but it was high time Barry got really called out for the massive amount of consequences that followed Flashpoint. As I said I enjoyed their reason for coming wasn’t just to cause destruction, but out of a legitimate concern over metahumans and the damage they could cause with Barry as a focal point. At the end of the day though it was good to see it all come out into the open, and just nice to see the show(s) hit the nail on the head of what has been a sore point since the beginning of Flash’s third season.

Arrow’s 100th episode was part of this crossover event. There was a lot of negative feelings before this aired because we weren’t sure it would fully honor Arrow’s four-plus seasons worth of work and accomplishment. Now that you’ve seen it, what do you think?

Alyssa: I admit that I feel a lot better after watching the Arrow hour of the crossover event because seperately it could serve as its own entity away from the crossover event. Arrow’s 100th episode was a love letter to the fans in how it brought back familiar faces that have long gone or how it paid tribute to significant relationships, like Oliver & Felicity and Oliver, Thea & their parents. It was a complete departure from the Arrow we’ve seen in season 5, which basically hasn’t felt like Arrow at all. Arrow’s 100th managed to capture the balance of action, heart, and storyline that we’ve come to know. Overall I was beyond satisfied and impressed.
Lizzie: I can’t say I loved it. I didn’t hate it either. I just felt like it didn’t have the emotional resonance it should have had. Maybe it’s because this season has felt so AU to begin with, or maybe because I’ve had to detach emotionally from the show to be able to stand it. Either way, it just…. didn’t do anything for me. It was a nice message, I appreciated seeing some characters back, and yet…no tears, no overwhelming feels, nothing.
That being said, I liked Hallucination Oliver, Felicity and Diggle more than Season 5 ones. Can we keep those?
Lyra: Can we stay in the AU world? I shouldn’t feel bad for saying that but I do. The AU/Hallucination versions of everyone from Arrow felt the closest to the people we’ve come to love for 4 seasons and miss in the 5th. Plus we got to have Oliver’s parents back. You best believe they’d whip him back into shape and make him into more than this mere shadow of himself that he’s been in Season 5 so far.
At the end of it all, this wasn’t a love letter to the fans of Arrow or resonated with the 100 episodes we’ve seen so far. It was a letter marking what they could’ve had if they didn’t kill everyone we love and a goodbye to what they once were; fascinating, dynamic, and entertaining.
Nora: I was SUPER skeptical about Arrow 100 going into the episode. I was one of those people who were very unhappy about it being lumped into the 4-part crossover. I still think it could’ve been a little more extensive if it stood on its own, but it was a pretty good 100th episode. The alternate reality was a great way to pay homage to past characters, their relationships and storylines. I loved the glimpse of Olicity and seeing Oliver and Thea’s relationship. I really loved Oliver’s journey in the episode, which is saying something considering I haven’t enjoyed him at all this season. Oliver seeing his parents again and making the brutal decision to leave them once again was heartbreaking. Even with the jarring inclusion of Lauriver, I enjoyed the episode overall. I also think it was a great way to give Laurel the goodbye she deserved. I was NOT a fan of her ending the hospital where she admitted she loved Oliver because I think she moved on from him a long time ago. Laurel went out with a whimp as opposed to a bang. So, I liked that Sara and Oliver got to say the goodbyes they wanted to. It was the proper closure for her character. I wish there was more OTA in the alternate reality though and I think that also goes back to Felicity being all but absent.
Sarah: It was the first Arrow episode this season where I didn’t finish the hour pissed at how the characters were acting so that immediately gave it a step up in my book. For the 100th episode though I really loved how they honored all the characters that have been on the show over the years in a “What might have” scenario. After everything they’ve been through especially Oliver it was I’ll admit really nice to see the happiness even if I knew it wouldn’t last. Seeing Laurel, Sara, Moira, Robert, Thea and Oliver interact like a whole family was an experience I’m grateful I got to see, but I’m also glad despite this they made the choice to go home. Out of all the goodbyes that were said the biggest one was in the choice to let go of the false reality to go back to the world they know. It’s harsh and a lot has happened, but it’s real and worth fighting for.

Overall, where does this crossover event rank in regards to the previous two?

Alyssa: This was definitely my favorite crossover of the three. It just felt like an actual crossover event where each installment leads into the next while also maintaining its own unique story and feel of the respective show. There was a natural progression that the other two lacked. The first crossover event still holds a special place in my heart, but last year’s was weak given the villain they chose to create it around: Vandal Savage. This crossover event — even with the aliens, God, the aliens — felt like the most natural one. Bringing together so many incredible heroes from each of these four shows and getting to see characters interact that we never thought would was a real treat. No doubt getting to see all of these heroes together was amazing. But getting to see how each installment was true to the nature of the show and also managed to progress this storyline was very well done. So this was definitely my favorite crossover event. And no doubt viewers agree with me given the dramatic spike in ratings across all of the shows.
Lizzie: As far as crossovers go, it was the best one because it was seamless and because the characters meshed well. As far as the emotions behind the episodes – I still sorta like the last two better, because I liked those versions of the characters more, ESPECIALLY first crossover and Part 1 of last year’s crossover Oliver and before-Flashpoint Barry.
Lyra: Alone, I’d rate this crossover as a B- for a seamless and not so overwhelming storyline that ran across four shows and didn’t leave you feeling lost. BUT if we compare this crossover to the rest I’d give it a D+. My people weren’t there. Those loveable, messed up superheroes, who we cheered on, just haven’t been there on screen for me anymore. Looking at you Arrow. It’s noticeable in every move Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity make that they aren’t the same people anymore for some reason only available to the Arrow writers and Marc Guggenheim, the overlord of DCTV who can’t admit that he’s wrong for fear of looking weak or at a loss on what to do next for the world he’s helped create. Newsflash, those who admit they’re wrong and try to change are the bravest people of all. Mull on that for a bit and get back to writing those people we used to love and cheer on.
Nora: This was my favorite crossover they’ve done. I did enjoy the first one because it was all new and shiny and I loved it. Last years, I didn’t enjoy. I think during the 2nd one they were trying too hard to set up Hawkman/Hawkgirl and their feud with Vandal Savage. I wasn’t engaged and I just think it wasn’t the best premise for a crossover between The Flash and Arrow. This 4-part crossover had a great progression. With each episode we learned more about The Dominators and it brought the teams closer together. This one didn’t feel forced like the others have. All the heroes blended together perfectly. I loved all the character dynamics and in terms of The Flash and Arrow, I saw the characters I loved in the past and I hope they carry over now into their respective seasons. This was my favorite crossover overall. There were some flaws, but I think it was a great undertaking to be celebrated. Congrats!
Sarah: I definitely rank this crossover being my top favorite out of all three overall. It improved on so many elements, between making the story cohesive and seeing all the characters come together and interact on a scale we hadn’t seen before. The only part that made me like the other crossovers more was in previous years I was more invested in what happened to the characters so the emotional resonance was good, but not as strong or meaningful as it was in the past. That made me sad, but overall the writing made it pretty top notch.

Time for some quick rapid fire:

Favorite dynamic?

Alyssa: Felicity and Cisco.
Lizzie: Felicity and Cisco.
Lyra: Felicity and Cisco. Two people who need more screen time and deserve their own show DCTV show called Tech Support. I’d watch it.
Nora: I loved #TeamTech! Seeing Felicity and Cisco travel back in time was GOLD.
Sarah: Felicity and Cisco, hands down.

Favorite new interaction?

Alyssa: Oliver, Barry, and Kara.
Lizzie: Oliver/Kara/Barry.
Lyra: Mick and Kara. He’s a little shit who can get his ass kicked by her. Somehow he likes it and I like it. Delete him calling her “skirt” and we’ll be aces.
Nora: Oliver, Kara and Barry. That trio was everything I wanted. I also loved Sara’s one liners towards Kara.
Sarah: Oliver & Kara.

Interaction that you didn’t like?

Alyssa: Kara and Mick.
Lizzie: Nothing stands out. I mean, other than Cisco and the alien.
Lyra: Oliver and Kara. More on Oliver’s side of things. Woe is me, aliens scare me so please stay away from me. :p
Nora: I really liked all the dynamics. There are people I wished interacted more, but other than that I enjoyed all the dynamics.
Sarah: Truthfully there wasn’t any interaction or dynamic that I didn’t really like. Mick made me roll my eyes with the skirt thing but other than that I liked all of it.

Most emotional moment from Arrow’s 100th episode?

Alyssa: Oliver saying goodbye to his parents in the fake reality wrecked me up real good.
Lizzie: Oliver saying goodbye to his parents was as close as I came to actual emotions.
Lyra: Oliver apologizing to his parents, hugging them, and totally smelling them one last time before they disappear once more.
Nora: 110% Oliver hugging Moira and Robert goodbye. Some of Stephen Amell’s best work I think.
Sarah: Oliver saying goodbye to his parents and the “happy” false reality.

Favorite Easter Egg or joke?

Alyssa: The double Easter Egg joke where Felicity said it’s “like looking into a mirror” when looking at Kara, and Ray saying Kara “looks like my cousin.” I’m still dying. (Although I’m still cackling over the Tommy is a doctor working in Chicago line. That was perfection.)
Lizzie: The Ray/Kara “cousin” joke.
Lyra: Ray/Kara “cousin” joke.
Nora: I’m a huge fan of Chicago Med, so Tommy being a doctor in the alternate reality made me squeal. Also one of the big easter eggs I enjoyed was the huge fight sequence during Arrow. I love how everyone fought the villain that harmed them the most. Ray fought the Mirakuru soldiers, Sara fought Darhk, Oliver fought Deathstroke, Diggle fought The Ghosts and Thea fought Malcolm. I really liked that they got to avenge their loved ones in a way. It was very meaningful.
Sarah: I literally cracked up when Ray made that comment about Kara looking like his cousin. That was a super meta joke worth waiting for.

Favorite episode of the crossover event?

Alyssa: Arrow’s hour no doubt, but Legends of Tomorrow was a close second.
Lizzie: The Legends of Tomorrow episode.
Lyra: Legends of Tomorrow episode.
Nora: Arrow 100th episode for nostalgia purposes, but Legends of Tomorrow was my favorite portion overall.
Sarah: Legends of Tomorrow for bringing the crossover to epicness, but Arrow was the hour that struck the most emotional chord with me.
What were your thoughts on the DC Crossover event?

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