Shadowhunters Theory: Who Will Die in ‘Day of Wrath’

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So let’s talk next weeks Shadowhunters, because stuff is about to go down. We know from the preview and Shadowhunters social media accounts that Alec is going to do something and that someone is going to die.

Now the thing is, someone dying isn’t high on our list of things we want to see, but we pretty much think we have figure out who it is. Let’s break it down.

We have the core seven – Clary, Jace, Alec, Magnus, Izzy, Simon, and Luke. We can easily deduct that none of them are going anywhere. Here’s our thought process behind that.

Clary – She’s the protagonist. This is her story. Getting rid of her would serve no purpose, but to kill the story.
Jace – He’s coming into his own and his story has just started. The whole Valentine story has been centered more around Jace than Clary.
Alec – They would have to be stupid to get rid of one half of the couple that is driving their social media presence.
Magnus – See Alec.
Izzy – Her story hasn’t developed, but she’s going no where. How do we know she isn’t going anywhere though? The showrunners said that there would be conflict between her and Clary. That hasn’t happened. This too, is another reason that Clary isn’t going anywhere.
Simon – They said that it’s a Shadowhunter that dies. He’s a vampire.
Luke – They said that it’s a Shadowhunter that dies. He’s a werewolf.

So who is going to die? Here’s our theories.

Aldertree – Though we have seen his storyline (remember when Lydia came last season) – we have the feeling that he’s a shady son of a bitch. Sure, it would be easy to transition back to Maryse being the head of the Institute, but if there is one thing that we are sure of – it’s that the writers are trying to up their game this season. We know that the shows moving forward are after the departure of former showrunner and we’re holding out hope that it’s not going to remain the comedy that it has been up until now.

But we digress – Aldertree isn’t going anywhere. He’s been doing a “good job” (ok, not really, but by the standards the show has set) running the institute and just brought Jace to the City of Bones.

Valentine – The storyline is focusing around Valentine, we can’t get rid of the big bad. He’s safe. 

Jocelyn – Jocelyn is supposed to be asleep. But here’s the clues that she’s the one that is going to die. 

  1. Her story line has been beefed up lately.
  2. Her remaining asleep offered a motivation for Clary to keep going, but since she’s awake – they have to find a way to fix it. There is too much conflict with her and Clary that needs to be fixed.
  3. Maxim tweeted that she was doing press this week, which means that she has a big part in this weeks story. Knowing that someone is going to die, this is a clue.

Maryse – I mean not gonna lie, kinda forget she exists at times, cause where has she been for the past two episodes? But nope – not gonna be her. We think that she’s gonna end up coming back to run the Institute after they get rid of Aldertree, cause he’s gonna do something. We feel it. 

Lydia –  She should have been gone, but though we think she’s gonna go soon – we don’t see it being her, because she hasn’t had a big part of this season. They’ll want to beef up a storyline before they get rid of someone – otherwise it’s anti-climatic. So sure, it could be her, but if so it’s a secondary death that we won’t really be invested in. 

So, who do we think is going to die? Well that would be Jocelyn. And if we are judging by the trailer – one of two people killed her – Valentine or Alec. However, by the blood on his hands, we are guessing Alec.

What are your theories?

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