5 Reasons You Should Read Daughter of the Pirate King

Books are our pathway to a different world. They keep us going. They keep us focused. They take us away from the world around us.

One book that we have been loving lately is Daughter of the Pirate King. Here’s five reasons we think you should read it.


Who doesn’t love a good pirate tale? Well, I am going to be honest with you – I never have. Pirates have so long seemed comedic for me, not as if they are the fierce sea weathering people. Maybe I think too much Pirates of the Caribbean and not enough don’t screw with me.

But Daughter of the Pirate King is not like that. It’s the type of Pirate that you don’t want to mess with. They are after a treasure and it’s not as if it’s some crap. It’s actual treasure. Only they have to piece together the map – it’s not like here it is – get to the X.

Levenseller has a new take on Pirates – at least from the stuff that I have read and seen before. There is a new take that is refreshing and I love that.


So many times in books now a days the girls in the books are just fawning over a boy and acting as if they don’t know what to do without him. It’s kind of frustrating – because I don’t believe a man should ever define you, you should define yourself. And in Daughter of the Pirate King, Alosa does just that. She’s a pirate princess, but Alosa is bad ass. She’s the girl that can be strong and vulnerable. No one defines her – she defines her. That’s something to be proud of.

What I loved the most about Alosa is that she’s strong and fierce, but she’s fair. She’s not brash. She doesn’t need to be rescued, but she also knows that she’s not able to do everything in life on her own. Alosa can work with others and by herself.

That my friends is fierce.


One of the things that I love about Daughter of the Pirate King is that it’s not a cliffhanger. Too many times, books end of a cliffhanger to get you to the next one. However, that’s not the way that this book works. It knows that it is strong, it knows that it keeps you involved. It doesn’t need a cliffhanger. It just needs to be itself and yes – the world will come back for more.


One thing that Levenseller is a master at is pacing. Guys, she writes, making you want to turn the pages and see what is coming next. She knows that the words are flowing in such a manner that you won’t be able to put the book down. I sat down to read this book and before I knew it – it was done. It didn’t disappoint.

It captivated.


I am so glad that an author finally realized that not everything has to have a love triangle. I know, I know – I love, love as much as the next person. But I also love that people can fall for one person and that love doesn’t define their whole life.

Love triangles aren’t necessary. I love them, but I also love that love doesn’t have to be a triangle.

Daughter of the Pirate King is available now.

*We have partnered with the publisher on this book, but opinions are our own.

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