New Wonder Woman Trailer Brings All the Hype

In terms of excitement, there is no movie that I am anticipating more than Wonder Woman, which hits theaters this June.

Ever since Wonder Woman’s cameo in Batman v Superman there has been a desire for a female superhero to get her due diligence in a film genre that has been dominated by male superheroes.

But the excitement surrounding the Wonder Woman film not only shows that people want this movie, but that Wonder Woman — and other female heroes — more than deserve to stand alongside them.

Warner Bros. released a new trailer for the hotly anticipated film, titled “Origin,” that explores Diana Prince’s origins that led her to become the hero that we all know, love, and respect.

Watch the phenomenal trailer below that brings the action, emotion, inspiration, and heroism and dare you to try and wait patiently until June.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2.

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