Timeless Roundtable: Why NBC should #RenewTimeless

There were many great new shows in the past TV season, but if there’s one that stole the hearts of us here at Fangirlish – in a rather surprising way – it was Timeless, the time-travel extravaganza with common sense, great characters and …gasp, consequences!

With the show not assured a second season (yet, right? Right?) we thought it fitting to discuss why the show should definitely continue, what sets it apart from the competition and why it made such an impact on us.

Joining me for this roundtable are Alyssa, Lyra, Erin, Sarah, Lindsay and Charles. Join us as we discuss what we hope will be a favorite of us for years to come: Timeless!

Timeless - “Space Race”

Let’s start with the most important question – why should NBC renew Timeless? What makes this show something that we need to have on our TV screens?

Lizzie: First and foremost, Timeless is a good show, with compelling characters and a well-thought out drama, a show that doesn’t just do time-travel without consequences, but one that takes care to present stories that are rooted in common sense. If it were only because of this, it would deserve a renewal. But there’s more. There’s the fact that Timeless presents a diverse cast of real characters, the fact that it allows women and minorities to have their own stories and not be secondary players and – of course, the fact that it’s populated with characters that break away from stereotype and feel real. And all of those things combined – the good writing, the good plot, the great characters …are the reason why, in a world where shows like Kevin Can Wait are still on our tv screens, we need Timeless to be renewed.

Alyssa: I knew Timeless was special from the moment I watched the pilot. It wasn’t perfect after the pilot (what show is), but I saw the potential. And the show far exceeded my expectations. It became a must-watch-live, which there aren’t many of those for me this season. Timeless is a television show that’s so much more than a television show. It uses time travel to bring prejudices and issues to the table in a smart and insightful way. There are so many time travel shows on television these days, but Timeless manages to stand apart from the rest. Sure, the time travel is part of its quirk. But the heart and soul of this show is the characters,  which this show has managed to create, progress, and push the limits with. Timeless is kind of the whole package: it has action, time travel, romance, and also manages to be the coolest history lessons we’ve ever seen.

Lyra: NBC should renew Timeless because it’s the smart, complex, reliable, and respectful writing we need in our lives. They don’t dumb down what they’re doing as if doubting our intelligence. They know that their audience loves and appreciates the respect they give to their core cast, the timelines they visit, and the relationships that are blossoming between its characters. I need Timeless to be a ringing example of what it means to write a diverse show that brings to life storylines that matter, stays away from stereotypes, and doesn’t add drama for drama’s sake. NBC, if you’re reading this, please give Timeless a chance to flourish, spread it’s wings, reach it’s full potential, and maybe even inspire other shows to be like yours.

Erin: I didn’t expect to like Timeless, if we are being honest. I hate time travel, because it doesn’t ever seem to make sense to me. But that’s the thing about Timeless – it’s smart, it’s complex, it answers questions. It makes you feel for the characters. It makes you take an interest in history. It doesn’t add drama for the sake of drama. You can tell that everything is calculated, there is a well thought out reason for everything. And it’s just the beginning, they have barely scratched the surface. My life stopped each week to make sure that I was watching Timeless and I regret nothing.

Sarah: The list of reasons NBC has to renew Timeless is long, and not for nothing. Timeless is one of the most unique and consequently well written time travel ensemble adventure shows I’ve seen in a long time, if ever. Its rare honestly to see a show embrace so many aspects of storytelling. Starting with sending three people back to various time periods and truly hones in on their bond and what they’ll do to save each other and accomplish their mission and keep that balance. On top of which we actually get to “see” history and moments that all of us read about growing up and emphasize diversity, relationships across the board not just between the trio but the supporting cast as well. Not to mention it avoids painful cliches by showing consequences to their trips not just to history, but to themselves grounding it in reality as much as possible. To sum it up, I believe Timeless is the kind of show that if given the chance could become even more amazing than it is now and that can only be good for the people who love it and NBC itself.

Lindsay: I put my hands up, the real reason I started watching Timeless? It was to see Sean Maguire in it. So I watched it, loved Sean’s episode but… these characters. They stay with you because they are beautifully written. They feel real. Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus the trio that can change the history, and the present. I haven’t enjoyed a show this much in a while. Every week we visit another part of history but it still adds to the plot – how many shows still do that?! 😉

Plus – you can’t leave it on that cliffhanger. I’ve only just stopped screaming.

Charles:  NBC has multiple reasons why they should renew Timeless but I’ll just mention a couple. One – It is a fun time-traveling show. It feels like those are a dime a dozen sometimes but the chemistry of the three leads rise it above the rest. Two- The cast. Led by Abigail Spencer, this cast is one of the best ones on tv. Also the diversity of the cast is a wonderful thing to see too. And the last one I’ll mention is- It has many more stories left to tell. Besides the Rittenhouse plot, we still have unanswered questions about Lucy’s sister or Wyatt’s wife among others. We need these answers!!

Timeless - “Karma Chameleon”

What was your favorite thing about Timeless Season 1? If you had to pick just one moment – what would it be and why?

Lizzie: My favorite thing is the OT3 they gave me and the fact that Rufus, Lucy and Wyatt were equal partners in all their adventures. Probably my favorite moment, if I had to pick one, was Wyatt asking Rufus to help him save Jessica/Wyatt – because it was real, because it underscored the connection these 3 people had, because it wasn’t cliche and because it was the defining moment for their friendship. These are the kinds of things you do for the people you love – ill-advised things.

Alyssa: No doubt my favorite thing about Timeless’ first season was the dynamic that the show created with Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus. It’s the reason that I love this show as much as I do. These characters are smart, witty, vulnerable, and unique. I can find a piece of myself in each of them. They’re incredibly strong in different ways — whether it’s brute strength like Wyatt or intelligence like Lucy and Rufus. But the amazing thing is that these three make each other stronger. They have a natural rapport that flows seamlessly. It feels very genuine. I know fate is something that’s often discussed on this show. And I know that some of these characters don’t believe in destiny. But if there’s one thing that was destined to be on this show, it was Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus.

Lyra: My favorite thing about Timeless Season 1 is the effort they put into transporting us into the past. Timeless puts great love and care into the clothes, the buildings, and even the hair. It’s the small details that count when you’re trying to immerse a viewer into an episode and Timeless knows that. As for my favorite moment from Timeless, it’s got to be when Rufus was shot. Not that I hold ill will against Rufus or enjoy his pain, but I loved that Lucy and Wyatt were there for him and how Rufus’ main concern was getting them all home. They carried him every inch of the way and believed in him. And without each other, they wouldn’t have made it out of there alive. God, I’m giving myself OT3 feels.

Erin: It’s really hard to narrow it down to one moment. See the thing with Timeless is everything flowed, from the first moment to the last. I didn’t question things, I embraced them. But I think that has to do with not only the writing, but the magnificent casting. The actors brought these characters to life. I believed every moment, I believed that I was getting a peek into these people’s lives. I rooted for them, I cried for them, I loved them. I felt like these characters were my friends. Everything in Timeless is so meticulous and I appreciate that about the show. I loved how much care and thought that was put in this show. I loved the relationship between Wyatt, Lucy, and Rufus. It’s an amazing thing.

Sarah: My favorite part, and this will expose the history nerd I am, is how alive they made each time period Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus traveled to. It was wonderful to see all three of them wear period clothing from 1800’s Civil War garb, to the 1930s in the pilot. All of the actors they cast in famous historical figures we have all known or read about come alive on the screen, was eye opening to me in a way and especially to see Lucy, Wyatt or Rufus (or all three at times) lose it in excitement over who they encountered puts the biggest smile on my face every single time.

Lindsay: The characters are my favourite thing, I might repeat myself here but I genuinely care for them and what happens to them. The time team were thrown together in strange circumstances, they have got to know each other and even fall out. As they continue on this journey together they come to rely on each other. They’ve all been in danger, yet they support each other. It’s such a well developed and organic thing.

Charles: My favorite thing of season 1 has to be just the bond between the team – Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus. It feels like a family almost. They argue and fight but always stick up for one another. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. If I had to pick one moment, it would be when the team was stranded in 1754 and had to reunite together to get out of there. It showcased the smarts of the show and the heart in seeing the team forgive each other and fix the bond they have with one another.

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