7 WTF Moments from ‘iZombie’s 3×04 Wag the Tongue Slowly

iZombie’s “Wag the Tongue Slowly” was admittedly a slow episode which nudged the plot along but didn’t give us any big wow moments or answers. It was used as a piece to show Ravi mourning what he did with his ex-boss, the continuing saga of Blaine and Peyton, and the growing anti-zombie threat.

As usual Liv and Clive were fantastic. And my only complaint about those two is that they are so involved with solving their case that I didn’t actually see much development between those two except Clive accepting her weirdness because he’s in on the secret.

Keeping that all in mind I thought we’d do something a little different this week. Instead of the tradition review, let’s talk 7 WTF moments from “Wag the Tongue Slowly” that left us confused, amused, and wondering about what’s coming up next!

1. Peyton inviting Blaine to sleep on their couch.

Peyton didn’t even really ask Liv if it was ok for Blaine to stay there. She assumed. Even worse she cornered Liv by offering to let Blaine stay even before asking Liv. She couldn’t text to ask? That is an acceptable form of communication in this day and age, right? Or is she too taken in my Blaine’s admittedly pretty eyes?

Either way, putting Liv in a spot where she would look like the bad guy if she didn’t agree to house Blaine, left me side eying Peyton. Who does something like that to a friend with a person who LITERALLY TURNED LIV INTO A ZOMBIE IN THE FIRST PLACE. I’m trying to understand why Peyton is doing all of this but I’m starting to come up with blanks.

2. Major giving the cure to Natalie.

I wanted to shove Natalie away and whisk Major away when I saw him offering the cure to Natalie. There’s a limited supply of the cure and this is his opportunity to be human again. But then I realized that Major is practically a unicorn in a hot body with puppy dog eyes and a heart of gold to match.

What he did was the right thing and I wouldn’t stop him or change him from the person he is. Major offered Natalie the cure because her pain was greater than his and he wanted to give her a second chance. He’s proved over and over again that he’s one of the kindest and most giving people on this show. Why change a good thing?

3. Ravi’s hair not being gloriously immaculate.

It’s like The CW is purposely trying to make Ravi less handsome. This week he guest starred on Supergirl and his hair just wasn’t up to parr. It didn’t have it’s usual life and vigor. Same thing happened on iZombie. His hair was limp as if weighed down by the guilt of what he had done with his ex-boss. It wasn’t until he started watching all those pornos for “research” that his hair starting rising up and looking like it always does. Coincidence or slightly subtle message from iZombie writers? We’ll never know!

P.S. I’m teasing. I know that Ravi is racked with guilt over what he did and one of the first things people do in a situation like his is not take care of themselves. i.e. the hair suffers.

4. Peyton chilling out in a coffin.

Our resident D.A. is getting a little too comfortable with the concept of death. I know she’s watching out for Blaine, but is it really for her friends or for herself? I’m with Liv and think that she’s losing focus of what really matters and is ignoring the fact that Blaine has killed children, Liv’s boyfriend, and turned multiple people into zombies. I’ve heard of second chances but come on. Peyton must have a heart of gold, not like Major’s, if she can look past all of that.

Back to the coffin thing. Either it’s a piece of brilliant foreshadowing where the writers are teasing you on a possible future for Peyton. Or it’s just…something people who have friends that work at funeral homes actually do. I wouldn’t know as I don’t have any of those. So, friends of funeral home owners, does this happen? Inquiring minds want to know.

5. Ravi sneaking past interrogation room to catch sight of fav porn star.

I know you’re down Ravi but…why were you creeping about and checking out the ex-porn star in the interrogation room? The thirst is real and you are looking for absolutely anything to get you out of the mess that you created.

Spoiler alert: the only thing that you can do when it comes to Peyton is to be patient, get yourself together, and give Peyton some space. Harsh, but true. These things take time and if you continue down the path you’re on now you’re just going to make it harder for anything to ever blossom between you and Peyton again.

6. Vivian isn’t behind the Anti-Zombie movement?

I knew the zombie movement was out there but…I honestly thought it was going to end up being some big zombie conspiracy perpetuated by Vivian, leader of the zombie uprising. It was just an angry family member who also happens to be into the white power movement.

As Liv and Clive start connected the dots between this angry man and everyone of the anti-zombie message boards, I think we’re gonna be surprised by the people that have joined the cause. All of the people that died at the Max Rager party had family and it’s naive to think that they wouldn’t want some revenge of their own.

7. That scream when discovering the body.

When the two women discovered the victims body I was ready to just dismiss the scene and keep moving on. Time and time again the girl is used as a tool to show how horrific the circumstances are and the scene is over or it fades to black.

iZombie surprised me by taking a moment to pause and turn to the woman who screamed. All of sudden the woman questioning her became the audience and I was connecting with a woman I’d know for a couple minutes. Kudos to the writers for surprising me and not doing what’s expected. That’s what separates the ok writers from the truly amazing ones.

The iZombie Writers Room is definitely in the latter.

Check out the trailer for next week’s iZombie:

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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