‘iZombie’ 3×13 Season Finale Review: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2

iZombie’s “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2” has completely changed the show and set it on a path that I’m thrilled to be finally on. The people of Seattle know about zombies and nothing will ever be the same again.

Quite frankly, I was sure that iZombie would find some sort of way to keep the zombie secret on the down low. They’ve done some extraordinary things this past season but I didn’t believe that they were brave enough to actually let the secret get out. And now it’s out!

The season finale wasn’t perfect, I’m talking about Liv making overused excuses for her actions, but it was better than expected. The zombie secret is going to revitalize the show and introduce so many new aspects to Liv & Co’s lives. I’m looking forward to how the zombie secret has affected Seattle, what new professions will emerge because of it, and what it does to the relationships we know, love, and wish to see more of.

Let’s dive into iZombie’s season finale “Looking for Mr. Good Brain, Part 2” and start looking forward to Season 4!

Wrong About Chase Graves

From the very moment that we met Chase Graves I was on the alert period I was sure he was just like Vivian and that he had a hidden agenda for Fillmore grades. Turns out I was wrong the one with the real plan two have the rise of the zombies was his assistant. And I have to give him kudos for the way that he dealt with it.

Sure, he went ahead with a plan that infected people with the zombie virus. But that was already going ahead and ending their plan, as hard as this is to hear or say, would have been the wrong move. He’d lost the confidence of his people and his company already, and would’ve been overthrown quite easily. Chase took control of the situation to make sure that there weren’t hundreds of thousands of zombies but enough that the government and its people wouldn’t want to destroy them or feel too threatened.

The plan that ‘evil assistant’ had for Seattle would have been worse. And with a man like Chase at the forefront of these changes, I believe he can stop something like this from happening again. I don’t mean the zombie secret. That’s already out. I mean someone trying to overthrow Fillmore Graves. It’s an amazing position of power and in the crazy times ahead they need someone strong, just, and beautiful ( his face sells) to keep people calm and stop them from freaking out in fear of being bitten, scratched, or eaten by a zombie.

Liv’s Excuses

While I didn’t particularly like Justin and have never eaten as many brains or a brain like Liv Moore has, I’m with him when it comes to resisting brains. Her excuse that sleeping with Chase Graves was solely on the brains that she ate was a weak excuse. It’s one that we’ve been seeing her use for a while.

In previous seasons she’s used the brains to teach her things about her life and the world around her that she had missed during medical school. Before she was still in control of herself and  but she was being influenced by these different people. All season long and in this episode she’s basically lost herself to the brains and I don’t think she knows who she is anymore. In many ways I feel like she’s thrown responsibility out the window and is using the brains as a crutch.

Moving forward I’d like Liv to start working on some of her issues so she can move forward and take control of her life once more. With zombies now out in the public eye there will be opportunities for her to see a zombie therapist or some sort of counseling. She needs someone who can understand what she’s going through and that she doesn’t have to hide from or lie to.

If she’s ever going to go back to the Liv Moore we know and love, or move forward into a woman we can be 100% invested in again, she needs to do these things for herself. She’s been so invested in the brains and the show has spent so much time on other character journeys, that Liv has gotten lost. She needs to find herself and I hope the writers realize that and bring her journey into the forefront of the show once more.

Major’s New Family

In a not so surprising move, Major Lilywhite is a zombie again. For too long Major has been lost. His engagement fell through, he lost his job helping young adults comma got embroiled with a company turned him into the chaos killer comma and became such a recognizable face that everyone knows who he is in Seattle. There was no Escape.  until Fillmore Graves came around.

When the secret came out that he was human, Major was ready to be disappointed and thrown away again. But those men didn’t. They celebrated with him and we’re happy to be his friend despite their different statuses. They proved to him that they were his family and someone attacked them. Now he’s going to take it upon himself to protect the rest of this community  that accepted him in any way that he can.

Going forward into Season 4 I’m really looking forward to how this is going to put Major and Liv in different positions. Major has accepted that being a zombie is the right thing for him and the right kind of life he wants to lead. And Liv still wants the cure despite acknowledging to herself that being a zombie has changed her life for the better. Their bond is strong, it is always has been, but I don’t know if it’s going to survive what comes next.

Favorite Scene from Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2:

This scene between Clive and Dale was heartbreaking, intimate, and still gives me the feels. *must look away* When Dale found out about zombies I expected her to be angry and drag on the issue forever. Instead Dale was understanding and told those tropes to go to hell. It’s sad to see her going through this change, but I’m glad she cleared things up with Clive and that they have each other during her transition and this long hiatus til Season 4.


What did you think of the season finale of iZombie? Let us know in the comments below!

iZombie has been renewed for Season 4.

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