'The Flash': The ABCs of WestAllen

Barry Allen and Iris West are synonymous with endgame. While that’s certainly proven true in the comics, it wasn’t always a guarantee on The Flash. Certainly, it was the intention. But as writers, you have to learn that if something isn’t working, then you move on. Like another DCTV show.
But from the start, Barry and Iris have flourished as that slowburn romance that we always had faith was meant to be. That’s in part to the beautiful way their dynamic is written on the show, but also how Grant Gustin and Candice Patton manage to breathe life into such an epic couple. Their relationship is based on trust and friendship. While it took some time before the two were equally ready to explore the romantic side, that time finally came last season. And it was worth everything.
We’ve put together a list of ABCs that reminds us of all the things we love about Westallen. The only downside is that there aren’t more letters in the alphabet – because we have so much more left to say!

A is for Always.

While it took Barry and Iris some time to find each other as romantic partners, they have always been meant to be. They’ve always been meant to be a part of each other’s lives. It doesn’t matter if it was as friends or significant others. There’s no Earth without Barry and Iris in each other’s lives.

B is for Belief.

When it comes to encouragement and believing in one another, Barry and Iris are the definition of support and belief. Barry as The Flash is dependent upon Iris being there to be his emotional support. Her belief in him propels him to new heights. And the same goes with Barry believing in Iris.

C is for Chemistry.

Barry and Iris can steal our breaths just by standing next to each other. A single look conveys unspoken words that set our hearts on fire. You can’t teach that kind of chemistry. Sure, Barry and Iris were meant to be in the comics. But it’s Grant Gustin and Candice Patton’s chemistry that has made that true in the television show, as well.

D is for Desire.

Given Barry and Iris’ love story took some time to develop, the first two seasons were wrought with angst and desire that made it worth the two-year wait. They weren’t both on the same page until season 3, but it made for some great scenes of longing and desire that is the kind of angst we love.

E is for Earth-2.

Westallen exists throughout the entire multiverse. I can guarantee whatever Earth you visit, there’s sure to be one constant: Barry & Iris. But of course we’ve only seen Westallen one other Earth than the one the show exists on: Earth-2. Before Westallen were a thing on Earth-1, they were married on Earth-2, which Earth-1 Barry got a taste of.

F is for Friendship.

Barry and Iris’ relationship is built upon the strong foundation of friendship that they’ve cultivated since they were young children. They’ve been friends for more than half of their lives, and that’s the central foundation of their relationship. They’re couple goals. When people say, “marry your best friend,” this is what they’re talking about.

G is for Gaze.

The first two seasons of The Flash were filled with countless longing glances and gazes that left us short of breath. A look can really say a thousand unspoken words. It’s almost as if Barry and Iris’ eyes are magnetic. They find each other in a crowd, in a time of need. So much said in a single look.

H is for Home.

Home is where the heart is. And Barry and Iris’ heart and home are with each other. We’ve heard Barry and Iris say on multiple occasions how they are each other’s home. It wouldn’t matter where they are or what they’re doing, all that they need is each other to feel safe, loved, and at home.

I is for Iconic.

Sure, Barry and Iris are iconic in the comics. But they’re even more iconic on The CW’s The Flash proving that it takes two incredible characters and two dynamic actors to actually make what’s iconic on paper iconic on the small screen.

J is for Jealousy.

Has another ship made jealousy so. Damn. Cute? Before Barry and Iris took their relationship to the next level, we’ve seen both Barry and Iris be bitten by the jealousy bug that is far cuter than jealousy ever intended to be. Barry and Iris are meant to be together. Anyone else just feels wrong.

K is for Knowing.

As in, we know that Barry and Iris are the ultimate OTP. As in, we know that Barry and Iris are meant to be. As in, we know that Barry and Iris have the power to take our breaths away and get our hearts racing. But also, Barry and Iris know pretty much everything about one another. There’s this innate sense of knowing when something’s wrong, when something’s good, or when they need to be with each other.

L is for Love.

Barry and Iris’ relationship spans most of their lives. Long before Barry even knew what love was, he loved Iris. Love seems like an even more powerful word when associated with Westallen. Their love runs deep and strong. Their love is everlasting. And we love to love that kind of love.

M is for Marriage.

From one swoon worthy and romantic proposal to a second proposal to what looks poised to be a beautiful future, we’re ready for Barry and Iris to tie the knot already. We’ve suffered enough this season with the pain, including that finale. But we know that Barry and Iris will always find each other. And we know they’ll be exchanging vows in the (hopefully) immediate future!

N is for Natural.

When it comes to Barry and Iris, there’s this sense of a very organic relationship. They never have to try too hard as characters or as actors to portray that very natural dynamic between Barry and Iris. It’s something that makes them very easy to ship and root for. It’s that sense of relatability that makes it great as a fan.

O is for One & Only.

As in, one and only. There is no one else for Barry. There is no one else for Iris. They is only one Westallen.

P is for Patience.

Being patient is probably one of the more difficult things in life. Having to wait for the right moment or the right person. For Barry and Iris, it was the former. For the first two seasons, Barry and Iris were pretty much at different points — one ready, one dating someone else. But they were willing to wait. Because that’s how important that love is.

Q is for Quiet.

One of the most beautiful things between Barry and Iris are the quiet moments they share together. Moments where they’re just sharing a moment together. When they’re at home on the couch just talking about their day and being romantic as hell.

R is for Respect.

Respect is something that sounds simple enough. But it’s something else entirely in action. Luckily, Barry and Iris have a deep sense of respect for the other. Even though they might disagree, they still respect that the other is coming from a good place. Relationships aren’t perfect. People disagree, they argue. That’s okay. As long as they’re able to respect the other’s decisions.

S is for Safe.

There’s a definitive sense of safety when it comes to Westallen. Barry and Iris both know that the other will always have their back. Whenever they’re in danger or they need a moment of comfort, they are each other’s safe place.

T is for Trust.

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Trust doesn’t always mean agreeing with every decision your significant other does. But it means having faith in them that they’re coming from a good place. Barry and Iris definitely have that trusting foundation in their relationship. They literally trust their lives with the other. But they also trust each other’s instincts.

U is for United.

Individually, they’re strong. United, they’re even stronger. Barry and Iris have always been this united duo throughout the time we’ve seen them on the show, and presumably before. They stand by each other’s sides during the good times and the bad. They’re just better together.

V is for Vocal.

One of the elements in a healthy relationship is having it out with the other. Disagreements and arguments are not only to be expected, but they’re encouraged. That’s how you work out your issues. That’s how you grow stronger as a couple. And while Barry and Iris have had countless heart eyes at each other, we’ve seen them have those tough conversations where they’ve had to speak out about something uncomfortable or difficult.

W is for Westallen.

Do we need to say more?

X is for X’s and O’s.

While we’re the biggest fans of the emotional side of Westallen, we’re not going to lie when we say every time they share a passionate kiss or a meaningful hug that we’re not feeling all the feels. We had two kisses between Barry and Iris that technically never happened in our time. But thankfully, Barry made up for that tenfold this season. They’re hugs are comforting, and they’re kisses are beyond passionate.

Y is for Yours.

When it comes to Barry and Iris, there’s this understanding that they’re meant to be with each other. For Barry, Iris is yours. For Iris, Barry is yours. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Z is for Zealous.

Barry and Iris are two people that support each other without thought. They show each other strong and passionate support that just shows what a strength that is in their relationship. It’s not just support. It’s passionate support. And that’s something we’re passionate about, as well.
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