6 Reasons We’ve Accepted The ‘One Direction’ Never Ending Hell-atus

We’ve always used the term “hell-atus” referring to when our favorite shows go on a break. But why can’t we use that term when it comes to music.

No one says we can’t.

We’ve been dealing with One Direction on a break, as much as you all have and sometimes it’s really hard. As much as we enjoy all of the stuff that comes, we also wonder when the hell of them being on a break will end.

However, here’s 6 things getting us through.

Solo Music

Several different albums versus one. We’re all for it. Though, we have to admit – it’s one of those things that we have to wait for – we’re about it.

When Niall came out with Our Town – our hearts filled with joy. Then Louis, Harry, Liam – it felt like Christmas over and over again. Getting more music is always a good thing. Seeing what the boys really love, seeing what they are all drawn towards, makes it feel like we are getting something new every time we turn around.

That is exciting. Sure, we’d love a 1D album – but we’re really excited for all the individual ones first.

Harry’s Tour

I can’t even with this one – because this one has been a blessing and a curse. It’s been a pain in the ass trying to get tickets, but Harry has done everything to make sure that the fans know – they come first. The tour, the tour that got extended, the pop up shows – oh Mr. Styles, you’ve made us fall at your feet.

And we regret nothing.

His album has us drooling. His career has us at our knees. We love Harry Styles. We love it so much.

He’s made us expect the unexpected and we’re about it.

Niall is front and center

We love, love Niall. But he always seemed to be in the background and now he’s front and center. He’s always felt like – well at least to us – that he’s some what in the background. But we’ve always been intrigued by the Irish lad and how easy going he seems. Niall has put out some pretty amazing solo music.

And we’re about it.

But we’re also loving him telling us more about him. We feel like in this hell-atus we’re getting to see a different side of him and that’s exciting.

We’ve forgotten about Zayn ever being in the band

We know we’re gonna get shit for this one – but the truth is – ever since Zayn left, we’ve kinda been mad at him. Sure we enjoy his solo music, but it always feels like we’re cheating on 1D.

But somehow, this hell-atus has made us focus on Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall. We’ve forgotten about that shock and pain of him saying goodbye.

We’ve moved forward. That’s a good thing.

Something is always happening.

Seriously. Sure, something was always happening when the boys were together, but now -we get 4 something happening at one time. It feels like we’re getting so much more.

Now, if 1D announced that they were getting back together tomorrow, have no doubt, we’d be selling our soul to follow them everywhere and praise the fact that they exist. Cause we would.

But until that happens – we’re getting a lot more social media, news, songs, life events than we got before.

And we’re about it.

It just feels as if all the men of 1D are letting us in a little more. They are growing up and they are keeping us informed.

That is magic.

We’ve Finding Out Who The Boys Are – Musically.

Sometimes it feels like we have gone through the Twilight Zone when it comes to Liam, but we’re figuring out that isn’t a bad thing. Hold on – before you get mad at us, we still love him. However, we’ve kinda gotten over our crush on him. Now, as each of the boys goes their own way, things were bound to change. Liam kinda just feels like he’s gone a different way and his first single kinda rubbed the wrong way.

Look, we don’t pretend to think that we know anything at all about what the boys went through together – the way that their ideas were probably put on the back burner and the way that they had to conform.

But Liam seemed to draw a line in the sand and it made us wonder – with the line – “used to be in 1D (now i’m out, free)” – did he want to be free from us fans also?

The truth is that times change and we’re okay with that. We actually look forward to it. What remains to be interesting is that together – we all seemed to think we knew who One Direction was musically. Apart, we’re learning who they truly are. It’s an interesting journey that takes us on a ride.

We’re ready for it.

We’re anxious to see what the future holds.

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