Louis Tomlinson Announces He Wants To Open A Music Management Agency

We love dreams and definitely putting them out there into the world makes them possibly come true. See what Louis Tomlinson is manifesting!

Louis Tomlinson Announces 2021 Tour Dates

Louis Tomlinson rescheduled his tour for 2021. See the new dates here.

The Most Anticipated Concerts Of 2020

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Introducing The 1D Chronicles: Week Ending 9/16 Edition

With 1D on a hiatus for an undisclosed amount of time, this means that news on their comings, goings, and overall doings are hit and miss. While all 4 lads are recording, touring, and performing, they are always up to…

6 Reasons We’ve Accepted The ‘One Direction’ Never Ending Hell-atus

We’ve always used the term “hell-atus” referring to when our favorite shows go on a break. But why can’t we use that term when it comes to music. No one says we can’t. We’ve been dealing with One Direction on…