It feels like after months of a musical drought, One Direction fans are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. First Niall, then Harry release new singles, and now it seems that Louis Tomlinson is hot on their heels. His new single, “We Made It” is comingRead More →


We’re only a few days before Christmas, and I am sure I am not the only one thankful for the year that the 1D lads have had in 2017. Mainly because each have found measures of success in the solo arena, and are now able to take some time toRead More →

Well, this has been a good week in the world of 1D. As 2017 quickly winds down, the end of the year only seems to be bringing more and more for our favorite 4. So let’s get right to it! HARRY This was a less than typical week for Harry.Read More →

Another busy week in the world of the One Direction lads, with new music, new videos, and the end of one really big tour! So here is a recap for the week ending December 09, 2017. HARRY It has been a ground breaking and thrilling experience for Harry, taking onRead More →

It’s that time of week again! Time to catch up on all things One Direction as our favorite 4 take the world by storm! Just because the band is on hiatus doesnt mean there is a shortage in news, so here we go! HARRY This has been a big weekRead More →

It has been almost 2 years since One Direction officially went on hiatus, and it feels more like a million. I might be being dramatic, but I am pretty sure I am not the only fan feeling like that little something awesome is missing from my life. Sure, we haveRead More →

This has been a busy week for our 1D lads, with performances, concerts, videos and announcements galore! So we’re going to get right to it for the 1D Chronicles for this week! HARRY Mr Styles has been busy this week, announcing upcoming appearances and performances on not only the AriaRead More →

Its that time of week again! Time to get caught up on all things One Direction as our favorite four take on the solo music world! This week has some humor, some drama, some anticipation and a little bit of me being sad for missing a certain members Toronto show,Read More →

Its that time of week again! Time to recap all the happenings of the 1D lads while they conquer the solo music world and thrill fans far and wide! It is nothing new for these 4, having sold millions of albums worldwide as a group, but now all the rulesRead More →

This has been another busy week for the 1D lads, with new songs, concerts and more all over the world. It is nothing they aren’t already used to, but this time around it is all on them as individuals as they celebrate and navigate solo success. So let’s get rightRead More →

Its that time again! Time to have a look at the week in the world of the One Direction lads. Each has been busy promoting their solo work, touring the world, and releasing singles, and we are here to get you all caught up on all things 1D. Here isRead More →

The hiatus for One Direction is still dragging on, much to our dismay. But as any 1D fan an attest, that doesnt mean we have any shortage of appearances, concerts and fun. Here is the 1D Chronicles for this week! HARRY As he continues to wow on his solo tour,Read More →

The lads are all on stages and performing their solo work, and while it is sad to see them not together, playing off each other and the endless banter, it does give us 4 times the fun! With sold out tours, iHeart performances, and endless opinions on Harrys clothing, evenRead More →

With 1D on a hiatus for an undisclosed amount of time, this means that news on their comings, goings, and overall doings are hit and miss. While all 4 lads are recording, touring, and performing, they are always up to something, but news wise…it makes for a little mish-mash ofRead More →

Be honest…we’ve all had the discussion with our friends on who would bail us out if we did something stupid. Maybe it was a risky choice as a child, or a girls weekend in Vegas (this was my ‘bail-mate’ sitch) but we have all named one person in our livesRead More →

As a hardcore Directioner I have to admit this hiatus has been painful. After five years of new music, videos, interviews and tours from our fav four (previously five) lads, its been a heavy radio silence since late 2015 when they took a well deserved break from the group toRead More →

Even though One Direction has been on a group hiatus for over a year now, it didnt stop them from dominating the Teen Choice Awards in 2017. And even with the variety of projects each lad is undertaking, many of them still hit the awards stage. Harry Styles came outRead More →

Being a celebrity now days is not as easy as it once was. It is no longer all about parties, money, fancy clothes and velvet ropes parting. But with the age of social media, paparazzi who know no limits, and ‘fans’ who take fandom to a whole other level ofRead More →

Picture this for a moment… Little Freddie Tomlinson, an adorable, adventurous toddler that is the spitting image of his dad, meeting said dads bestie and band mates newest little tyke. Maybe it watches him from a distance for a moment, encouraged to go say ‘Hi’ by the adults around him.Read More →

We all have our little side fun when it comes to Fandom. Beyond the music, the concerts, the enjoyment finding out little tid bits about the stars, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesnt have something else about the joy of fandom that they take on. ForRead More →

They’ve got a whole lot of history. 7 years of it, in fact. July 23, 2010 was a date that would change music history as music mogul Simon Cowell brought together 5 hopeful solo artists during the X Factor and formed what would become the worlds biggest band. Harry Styles,Read More →