A New Trailer & ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Are Just a Few of the Surprises ‘The Defenders’ Bring to SDCC

A fan of super heroes teaming up? A fan of damn good actors in a highly awaited tv show? Well Marvel’s the Defenders is the ticket for you as we get Daredevil, Jessica Jones , Luke Cage and Iron Fist all teaming-up for the first time in Netflix’s new series Marvel’s The Defenders. 

Hall H hosted the cast of the show tonight and the fans in attendance were given a great amount of treats. First Iron Fist season 2 was officially announced to the jammed packed audience by Marvel’s Jeph Loeb. (Personally hoping for a Misty Knight/Colleen Wing team-up myself)

Then fans were treated to not just a new trailer but also the first episode of the series! (Early buzz indicates that it was fantastic.)

Not only do we get Sigourney Weaver stealing every scene she’s in in this new trailer but a host of familiar faces show up. Just by my count we see from Stick, Foggy Nelson ,Karen Page, Claire Temple, Colleen Wing, Trish Walker among the many welcomed fan favorites that are back. But the biggest shock of all is the return of Elektra! What will Matt do when he finds her alongside Weaver’s Alexandra? August 18th feels so far away right now.

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