‘iZombie’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Aly Michalka and David Anders

We spoke with Aly Michalka and David Anders from The CW’s iZombie at San Diego Comic-Con on the changes coming to them in Season 4, New Seattle, and their (dead) romance.

To start off, let’s clarify something important. Their romance is dead. I’m not talking about zombie dead, where a reanimated version of itself can rise. We’re talking dead as a door nail.

According to Michalka, who plays Peyton, “The Peyton/Blaine storyline, that’s done. I think there’s definitely a regret in Peyton for letting herself get that involved with Blaine.”

If anything Ravi and Peyton is still a very real possibility.

David Anders, who plays Blaine, agrees that the romance between him and Peyton is over and that, “that ships sailed.”

It was a long con that was doomed to fail from the start even though a small part of him wanted to be that man with Peyton. “I think he really wanted to be that person and he wanted to believe that he could be that person but the short of it is that he lied.”

In short, their relationship was a long con to humanize him. And it did. We’ll never look at Blaine the same again, even when we’re glaring at him for causing trouble.

Instead of focusing on each other, both characters will be focused on the walled in city of New Seattle. One will indulge in it and become part of the problem. The other will try to make living in New Seattle easier for all it’s residents.

I’m pretty sure you can guess who will do what.

Peyton will delve deep in the lacking legal system left behind.  “No one’s really left to deal with cases. I am not, all of a sudden, put up on the stand to actually figure out, “Ok, was this human or zombie murdered. Actually a legitimate crime. Or was this a hate crime.”

And Blaine, who’s got no shame, will indulge in the finer things of zombie life. “Shady Plots has become a cemetery table restaurant called Romero’s. Where it’s like a Michelin star zombie restaurant. He’s got no shame. God bless him.”

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iZombie returns midseason 2017 on The CW.

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