15 Times Twitter Spoke Our Thoughts About Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Music Video

You know when Taylor Swift speaks we listen. What can we say, we’re fangirls and we’re not ashamed. Tonight Taylor Swift dropped her music video for Look What You Made Me Do and we don’t even have words. Now, that opening – have to admit, at fist I was like did I somehow stumble onto the Disney Channel? But, nope. That wasn’t it at all. Because it took all of five seconds for us to realize as usual this shit was epic Taylor.

We had a hard time even putting what we thought into words, but luckily we have Twitter peeps that say exactly what we would want to say.

Game of Thrones is gonna have to wait a second, cause Queen Tay beckons.


Channeled that sh*t into your own narrative. YASSS QUEEN!

What, wait, what? OMG – this is all so epic. OMG what she must have gone through.

Doormat no more!

She hears every word that the world says about her and she’s still got the balls to be herself.

I wanna be as boss as she is.

Need to watch that again.

Old Taylor. New Taylor. FUCKING LOVE THEM ALL.


Fangirl Down! I repeat, FANGIRL DOWN!

Need to keep watching…

Go big or go home!



What did you think of Taylor’s video?

Her new album, Reputation, releases November 10th!


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