Why It’s Time For The Arrowverse To Have An All Female Team Up

We’ve been living in the Arrowverse for almost six years now and there’s still something missing. Something fundamental that hasn’t dawned on the writers of our favorite CW superhero shows. It’s time for an Arrowverse all female team up. We’ve seen the big team ups each year in the crossover episodes, but this is different. It’s time we get an episode where the female characters we love come together. And, we think that time is now!

Felicity Smoak. Kara Danvers. Caitlin Snow. Iris West. Alex Danvers. Thea Queen. Sara Lance. Black Canary. Cat Grant. Dinah Drake. Lyla Michaels. Lena Luthor. Nyssa al Ghul. Amaya Jiwe. Maggie Sawyer. These are just some of the strong female characters that inhabit the Arrowverse. From Arrow to The Flash to Supergirl to Legends of Tomorrow, these shows have given us some incredible women to root for. On their own, each character stands out and fight alongside the best of them. So, why is it that when crossover season approaches, we forget about them?

Last year in the first four-part crossover, we seemingly forgot that these female characters are important. Iris and Alex didn’t even make appearances outside of their The Flash and Supergirl episodes respectively. Kara/Supergirl led the charge for the females in the crossover and while that’s a step in the right direction, we need more. Even Felicity, who is the main female character of Arrow, was left behind in Arrow’s 100th episode.

At this point, it feels like the Arrowverse only dusts off some of our female characters when it’s important for a male character. Don’t get us wrong, we love our OTP’s as much as the next person, but we want to see our female characters thrive outside of those duos. They can handle themselves on their respective series, so why is it that when a crossover episode hits, they are hidden in the background?


The biggest perpetrator of this is The Flash with their treatment of Iris. Iris has been the main female character since day one, but it seems she can only be around when Barry needs her and to be one half of the main OTP. While she’s the main female character, she’s been absent from the last two major crossovers. It’s a crime. Iris has undergone some of the biggest character development on The Flash and we want to see her shine alongside the other characters.

Over on Arrow, Felicity Smoak also isn’t utilized to her full potential. In the crossover episode last year, that also served as Arrow’s 100th, Felicity was all but absent. She was left home while the rest of the team dealt with an alternate universe. How can you create a 100th episode that’s an homage to the series without including Felicity? Yeah, we’re still trying to figure that one out. Don’t we realize that Felicity can hang with the best of them? Heck, she’s more useful than Wild Dog ALL THE TIME.

Let’s also not forget that the Arrowverse seems to have an aversion to female friendships as well. Thea and Felicity barely share scenes together, Iris and Caitlin have barely spoken two words to each other and Amaya had more scenes being thrown into a random relationship with Nate than she did with Sara. Supergirl is the only show that seems to be doing female friendships/relationships correctly. We’ve got Kara and Lena, who are swiftly becoming are favorite BROTP on TV and Alex and Maggie are one of the best relationships on TV, period.


News flash Arrowverse, we LOVE female friendships. We thrive on them. Other newsflash, a lot of your viewership is female, something you sometimes forget. We want to see our female characters interact, lift each other up and help each other when they’re down.

With the new seasons of all our favorite CW superhero shows approaching, we think it’s the perfect time for an all female crossover episode, for a number of reasons. For starters, The Flash recently announced that episode 4×05 will be titled “Girls Night Out” and Felicity will be making an appearance. Great, we’re one step closer, now let’s just add some of our other favorite female characters and we’re in business.

This upcoming TV season is the perfect time for an all female Arrowverse team up. Every single show is setting up killer seasons for 2017/18. Each series ended in heartbreaking, but great places for each series to start strong seasons. Arrow finally got its footing back at the end of season five by focusing on our original characters once again. The Flash has left Iris in charge in Barry’s absence and it’s PERFECT. On Supergirl, Kara will rise up in the wake of losing Mon-El and Sara Lance will continue to be the perfect captain on Legends of Tomorrow.

Every female character is holding her own and becoming the best version of themselves. It’s time to see them all together, fighting. We’ve waited long enough to see our female characters involved in a crossover, so why not have one with all the ladies? Felicity can hack like the best of them, Alex can kick some serious butt and Caitlin can handle anything science throws her way. We’re ready for the Arrowverse to do these ladies justice and give them an episode devoted to how kickass they are.

We live in a world where Wonder Woman was the highest grossing summer movie, it’s time the Arrowverse does their female characters some justice and do an all female team up. It’s just time.


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