‘Outlander’ 3×03 Review: “All Debts Paid”

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Outlander continues to bring its A-game in season 3 and we’re loving every second of it. With each passing episode we feel the weight off loss affecting both Jamie and Claire. While Jamie spends years in Ardsmuir Prison, Claire remains in her own prison as Frank pulls further and further away. In Outlander’s latest episode “All Debts Paid,” we meet a crucial character for the series, while we bid farewell to a favorite.

Let’s start by giving David Berry as Lord John Grey a warm welcome! A crucial part of the Outlander series moving forward, Lord John Grey makes his entrance in the most perfect way. Berry is already the perfect embodiment of this character. Equal parts handsome and tough. When we meet John Grey, he’s been assigned to Ardsmuir Prison where he meets Jamie. The two create an interesting relationship right from the start. Part friend, part foe, Jamie and John Grey’s relationship will help shape a majority of Outlander moving forward.

Berry and Heughan create a strong partnership from the start. Their character relationship is important and we already see it leaping from page to screen effortlessly. There are two important scenes between Jamie and John Grey this episode. Both are executed in a perfect fashion. The first comes following Jamie’s brief escape. After Jamie catches wind of La Dame Blanche possibly being involved in hiding a treasure near the prison, Jamie must see if it’s Claire. As John Grey mounts a search for him, Jamie returns and tells John Grey that he remembers him. Jamie spared John Grey all those years ago before the Battle of Culloden. Jamie kneels so John Grey can kill him, thus ending a debt made years ago. John Grey, of course, spares Jamie and solidifies their friendship.

The next scene really hinges on Heughan and Berry’s performances. When Jamie joins Lord John Grey for dinner, the duo bond over their lost loves. John Grey tells Jamie he lost someone on the battlefield while Jamie finally opens up about Claire. Heughan’s tear filled eyes seal the scene, but so do Berry’s. It’s a crucial moment for the pair and it’s greatly executed by Berry and Heughan. We can’t wait to see more from them as the seasons progress. We are ready!

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Before we jump to Claire, we have to talk about Murtagh’s return in Outlander this week In the novel’s, Murtagh doesn’t make it out of the Battle of Culloden. This is one change we’re glad to see in the TV series. Duncan Lacroix has become such a part of the Outlander family, it would be hard to see him go. Lacroix actually gives us one of the most tear-inducing scene in this episode. As Jamie and Murtagh talk in Ardsmuir Prison, Murtagh reveals he thinks of Claire often. When Jamie tells him to forget about Claire and the baby Murtagh replies: “Can I at least pray them sound?” You hear that? That’s our hearts shattering! Lacroix is a phenomenal addition to every Outlander episode and we’re so happy we have the possibility to see him in the future again! Team Murtagh forever!

Alright, now onto Claire and Frank. We continue to see their lives in Boston this week as Brianna grows up before our eyes. Frank and Claire’s marriage hits the ultimate breaking point in episode three. With Frank and Claire leading separate lives, tension run high. From Frank’s mistress showing up and ruining Claire’s med school graduation to Frank wanting to take Brianna away with him, it’s a mess. Tobias Menzies and Caitriona Balfe continue to shine as Claire and Frank are pushed to their breaking points. It’s hard to watch, but that makes it all the better.

Menzies and Balfe have created an effortless dance of sorts as Claire and Frank create so much distance between them it’s uncomfortable in all the best ways. It’s heartbreaking to watch these two characters become strangers to each other. There are several unforgettable moments between Claire and Frank in this episode, but none is mort heart-wrenching than their final scene together this episode. When Frank announces he wants a divorce and wants to take Brianna to England, this is when all hell breaks lose. Old wounds open and Frank and Claire argue delivering blow after blow. Frank even asks Claire if the reason she never forgot Jamie is because how much Brianna resembles him. Frank shouts, “Might you have forgotten him with time?” to which Claire tearfully responds, “That amount of time… doesn’t exist.”

Balfe and Menzies are the perfect sparring partners. They have flourished with every episode, but this might be one of their finest moments. It’s equal parts heartbreaking and infuriating. We hate that Claire is in this situation, we hate to feel bad for Frank and we hate to see them hurting each other.

Eventually, Frank storms out and gets in the car. Little did we know this would be the last we would see of Frank. Like a punch to the stomach, Claire gets out of surgery and learns Frank died in a car accident. Her final goodbye to him is short and sweet. She did love him. This much we all believe. We’re so sad to see Menzies depart Outlander. He gave us some of the most incredible moments of the series. Menzies work with Balfe and Heughan respectively helped put Outlander on the map and we tip our hat to Menzies and his work as Frank and Black Jack.

Outlander continues to create amazing episodes in a remarkable season three. David Berry and Tobias Menzies give breathtaking performances in the latest episode “All Debts Paid.” We watch as Jamie repays a debt to John Grey while Claire is finally set free with Frank’s passing. Outlander may have shifted from the sex scenes and large battles it was used to in the past, but it’s thriving with the subtle performances of it’s incredible cast.

Photo Credit: Starz

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