Blindspot Season 3 First Look: A Jeller Kiss and More

Blindspot fans keep getting good news (and we love it)! This time, thanks to Blindspot France we have a video with unseen Season 3 scenes and with comments from the actors about where the new season finds their characters.  Also, thanks to the same medium, we can see a new Season 3 scene between Reade, Zapata and Patterson. If you don’t want to miss anything, press play!

In the first video we see Kurt and Jane search for the rest of the team or, at least, we see them working together to find clues about their whereabouts. They also show us so much action, a JELLER KISS and THE ring; so it seems we’ll have interesting Jeller scenes, with good but also bad moments. We are preparing the tissues…

Meanwhile, Jaimie and Sullivan (Jane and Kurt) tell us a little about the Jeller situation and confirm that in the first few minutes of the episode we’ll have many answers; although, apparently, the unresolved problems in the Jeller relationship will not just disappear.

In this second video we confirm that Zapata, Patterson and Reade are kidnapped, although we don’t know where they’re being kept.

It seems that Jane and Kurt must undertake a race against time to find the rest of the team and rescue them. Can they?

What do you think of these new Blindspot scenes? Did you expect more or have they met your expectations? For our part, they have left us with a huge desire to know how this story will continue! Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below!

Blindspot returns on Friday, Oct. 27 at 8/7c (NBC).

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