Natascha McElhone Leaving ‘Designated Survivor’?

The news is as surprising to us as it probably is to you, but we have to report on it: Natascha McElhone is set to leave Designated Survivor to star in Beau Willimon’s The First Hulu Series, according to Variety.

Does that mean we’ve seen the last of Alex Kirkman?

Common sense indicates yes – actor changes are not a thing audiences react well to, in general. And yet, will the audience react well to the show potentially killing off the First Lady?

And, how does Designated Survivor even look without her? Yes, she’s had less of a role than we expected, but she’s still the linchpin for the President’s family life. If she’s gone, will we even see his kids again or will we go full-on politics? And, gasp, will they …introduce a love interest?

The questions are giving me a stomachache.

But I guess there’s nothing we can do but wait and see. If Designated Survivor has done one thing with what it’s shown us so far is earn the benefit of the doubt. But hey, that doesn’t mean we’re not ready to call the show out if it deserves it.

Ball’s on your court, Designated Survivor.

UPDATE: THR is reporting that McElhone’s schedule will allow her to continue as a series regular on Designated Survivor even while undertaking this new role. The actress herself has not confirmed anything.

Designated Survivor airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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