ABCS of Ships: Hayley and Elijah of ‘The Originals’

If there is one couple we’ve been holding out for on The Originals it’s Halijah. We love these two. We know that they have issues. We know the road to get there won’t be easy, but we’re holding out hope for the future.

So as we wait, we’re breaking down the ABC’s of their love.

A is for Always and Forever

Always and Forever. Sure, sometimes we are all like bullshit, it doesn’t exist. But it does. When you love people, when you love life, when you love your family – always and forever is more than a phrase. It’s a way of life.

The Mikaelson’s believe in always and forever. I don’t think that they would ever know another way of life. Hayley is part of that family. Elijah is part of that family. They are always and forever.

B is for Baby Daddy Issues

You think your life is complicated? Try being in love with your brothers baby mama. Ya, ya – we’ve seen Maury. We know how it goes. But Hayley and Elijah are supposed to be together. We know that their love is complicated, but Klaus Mikaelson being Hayley’s baby daddy makes it all the more awkward. Yet, they rise above those issues and we love seeing how they are able to do that.

C is for Calling it Like it Is

Bluntness is a strong suit for both of them, just like avoidance is. But they get that and through that. They tell each other the truth – eventually. Sometimes it takes a moment to get there, sometimes they evade it, but they always get there.  It doesn’t always have to be words, sometimes its actions, but they get to calling it like it is – for the benefit of themselves and those around them.

D is for Destiny

You don’t have to believe in destiny, but we do. And for Elijah – he’s gone centuries having journeyed through pain that we can’t even imagine. But the thing is that as he’s gone through all of this he’s stayed as strong as he can. But with Hayley he became vulnerable. He allowed someone through the pain.

Sure, shit didn’t work out perfectly. But what is perfect? Destiny has a way of working itself out.

E is for Everything

Everything in life can be complicated or uncomplicated. Or hey, there is an in between. I get that. We all get that. But Hayley and Elijah make you want to believe in everything. They want to make you believe in the good and the bad. They want to make you believe in everything. And that my friends – is something to treasure. That is everything.

F is for Family

Family comes first for the Mikaelson’s. We know that they are the most important thing to them and we admire that about them. Family is everything and that’s a valuable lesson we can learn from all the Mikaelson’s. It plays a big part to the relationship that Elijah and Hayley have.

G is for Giving Up

We all want to give up at some point in our lives. It’s part of who we are. Being positive is hard. Never giving up is hard. We have to find strength in who we are. So sometimes giving up isn’t exactly giving up. Sometimes it’s being on that path – that letting go moment that makes everything make sense.

H is for Hope

Hope is the glue of this family. Sure, they have always been tight, but when Hope was born – she changed everything for the family. She gave them a new sense of purpose. But she also united Elijah and Hayley in a way that we saw unfold. She knew that Elijah was going to protect his niece. Hayley knew that he was not only going to love and protect her, but he was going to love and protect Hope.

Hope gave the Mikaelson’s well… hope.

I is for Immortal

Immortal. Forever is a long time. For people who can’t die, for people who will live forever, it’s a lot to place their love and devotion into each other. Hayley and Elijah aren’t going to have it easy. They are going to have a road. They’ve always had a road. But they have forever or you know – at least until a white oak stake comes.

J is for Jackson

Some say that giving up the one you love and watching them be with someone else, is one of the hardest things that you will ever have to experience. But Elijah loved Hayley enough to let her go – to watch her marry someone else, because he knew that was what she needed and wanted. He let her go. She married Jackson and they were perfect together. Jackson loved her in spite of the fact she was in love with Elijah at the same time of being in love with him.

K is for Klaus

Klaus relies on Elijah. He’s Klauses everything – they are each others rock. Hayley is Klaus’s baby mama. But the thing is Klaus is part of the reason that they are together – partly, in my opinion. He’s a jackass, sure. But ultimately, he wants nothing more than for them to be happy. He wants them to feel safe. He wants whatever is best for Hope and I think even he knows that they are better together than apart.

L is for Love

Love. You feel it when you look at the two of them, you see the way that they look at each other, the way that they light up in each others presence and you know that they are meant to be.

Find yourself a man that looks at you the way that Elijah looks at Hayley.

M is for Memories

We all know that Elijah has been trapped in his memories ever since finding out about the red door and why he likes to be in a suit. It’s the memories, the repercussions of what he’s done that have changed everything. But Hayley still loves him in spite of all that, she just knows that they can’t be together for the sake of Hope. The memories are a part of the past, but the change the present. Kinda thankful for Elijah being compelled to not know/remember everything, because at least then there is a fighting chance.

N is for Needing Each Other

We all need people in our lives, but we all know that being vulnerable and admitting that is hard. Elijah and Hayley need each other. Sure, they can be alone, but when they are in the same room, when they are close to each other, when they are in the same vicinity, you can tell that there is an electricity – a need for them to be close. They remind us that it’s okay to need someone else. It’s okay to feel that much lobe for someone else.

O is for Obvious

What is obvious to us that these two are meant to be together. It’s obvious to everyone around them also. They are great when they are together, great when they are apart, but they are obviously meant to be together.

It just goes to show that sometimes what is obvious to us, isn’t obvious to others. But whether or not they end up together – these two were full of angst and passion. And that we love them for.

P is for Promises

Promises aren’t always easy to keep, but these two keep their promises. When Elijah had to be put into his coffin and put down to survive, Hayley stopped at nothing to save him and the rest of the Mikaelson’s. She made a promise to not only her daughter, but to all of them. For her, the promise of forever with the man that she loves was a big motivator.

The promise – the under written promises of love give us hope again. I love that these two make us believe in more.

Q is for Quaint

Quaint is what we imagine that these two could have if their life wasn’t so complicated with all of the vampire drama. They would have a great life, with kids and the white picket fence. Their lives right now – anything but quaint. Their lives right now are just chaotic.

But we want more for them. We want them to have the dream.

R is for Reluctant

As great as Hayley and Elijah are together, even they were hesitant to fall for each other. They were hesitant to act on their love. They needed to know that they could and that they would minimize the hurt of those around them. At least that is our interpretation. But that slow burn helped us get to where we needed to be.

And then they returned back to reluctancy. And we miss them being together.

S is for Suits

Sure, Elijah wears suits to have that control – to keep things nice and tidy after just how many crazy things he’s done in his past. But that aside – those suits are sexy as fuck. We fall for him and his impeccable hair every week.

T is for Tantalizing

We want their love – it’s enticing. It’s strong. The looks that they give, the tension that radiates off their body. We know that all we want is that kind of love.

U is for Unafraid

These two are not afraid of anything together. They can take the world head on. They know that they are strong, full of love, full of drive to do what is right. We want that fearlessness. That feeling of being unafraid of love.

V is for Vampires

Hey it’s a family of vampires. We get that. So self explanatory.

W is for Werewolves and Witches

Hayley is werewolf and Hope is a witch. Again, these things run in the family.

X is for X’s and O’s

Live for these twos kisses. Can’t get enough of them. They feel like they could set the world on fire.

We’re about it.

Y is for Yo-Yo

Sometimes with these two we feel like it’s a yo-yo. Back and forth, up and down. It’s confusing, it’s hard and sometimes frustrating. But we love this yo-yo, so even when the cord gets tangled, even when you can’t get the string to wrap around on its own – we’re in for the long haul.

Z is for Zig-Zag

We’re going to be watching them zig and zag and trying to avoid a million things, but they figure it out. We get dizzy sometimes. We get frustrated, but we’re hanging in there. Hayley and Elijah are end game – no matter the issues we have to zig and zag to get there.

The Originals final season airs midseason on The CW. 

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