‘The Originals’ 5×04 Review: “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”

Marcel teams up with Klaus, Hope’s suitor tips off our creeper alert, and we get even more terrifying revelations about Hayley kidnapping in The Originals “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.”

Let’s dive in!

Klaus & Marcel, The Parents of New Orleans


Not going to lie, at first I didn’t understand why Klaus and Marcel would team up. Klaus JUST killed a witch and a werewolf and got put down for it. It made no sense and the bad blood between them seemed to volatile despite Hayley’s disappearance being a huge factor for them working together.

Then my mother passed by and I understood.

The vampires, werewolves, and witches are like unruly children. (Stick with me, I promise this will make sense.) They have been snapping and challenging their parent, their protector, their leader, and Marcel has finally had enough. If they won’t respect him when he treats them as allies and friends well…he’s going to stop being their friend. He’s going to make the hard decisions and he’s going to do it whether they like it or not because he knows what’s best for them after years and years of experience and trials and tribulations.

This is exactly what a parent is like. They’re not here for your sass or to be your friend. They’re here to make sure that you are fed, taken care of, and alive. They give you the curfew, teach you how to deal in dangerous situations, and pull you back when you get out of line. Marcel teaming up with Klaus is him pulling back his city and getting them back in line. Do I think his delivery left a lot to be desired? Yes. Do I think Klaus stepped over the line killing that witch and wolf? Yes.

But that’s all in the past. This is the now. Marcel knows that it’s in the best interest of the city if everyone knows the consequences of disobeying and not taking Hayley’s kidnapping seriously. He doesn’t want the Mikaelsons back in New Orleans as much as Klaus does. So they’ve teamed up to do the difficult things, even if it labels them the bad guy for the time being.

I Really Don’t Care About Diamond Dust Boy


It’s not just that I don’t care for Diamond Dust Boy (DDB). It’s that I don’t TRUST HIM. There’s nothing about him that has substance or make me even think that it’s ok for Hope to be telling her secrets to. This isn’t some star crossed lovers high school situation. No girl. This is some life and death stuff and you’re just giving away all the secrets because the guy is pretty. *deep breath*

Hope will get burned for trusting this boy. Mark my words. As if it wasn’t enough that a friend got turned and then killed, she’ll know the error of her mistakes in trusting him when he turns around and stabs her in the back. Now, this might be me being cynical. It’s happened plenty of times. But take a look at this show. Nothing is done by accident or happens by chance. It’s all a tightly woven story where everything plays a purpose.

Right now, DDB’s purpose is to get close to Hope Mikaelson. And if previous seasons of The Originals has taught us, he knows who she is. He’s known for a while. He didn’t arrive in New Orleans by accident or because he was curious about the new hybrid. DDB is after power and Hope is that power. It just so happens that his weapons to ensnare her are his cheesy pick up lines, shirtless scenes, and winning smile.

Thank god Freya is near by to shake some sense into her and give her some perspective if things go south and DDB tries to trick Hope with his good looks sorcery.

Where Is My Boo, Hayley


From the first moment I saw Hayley….I HATED HER! (Didn’t see that coming did you?) She felt like a plot device to get things moving that would eventually disappear when it was all set and done. And I’m talking Hayley from The Vampire Diaries. Once she moved over to The Originals it became a different story. I fell in LOVE WITH HER!

Over the seasons we’ve watched this brave young woman stand her ground, do what she must for her family, and keep going no matter what came her way. She wasn’t perfect, she made mistakes, and it just made me love her even more. Next to Klaus, she became one of my favorite characters and I looked forward to the next step in her journey, week after week.

So that’s why her disappearance and the clues that we’ve been left, are KILLING ME!

Whoever took Hayley is inflicting horrible pain to her and her family. They tore away a part of her when they cut off her crescent moon birthmark and left a lasting reminder of the pain they inflicted on her. And sending it to Klaus was a way of inflicting pain on anyone who cares about this badass pack alpha, including myself.

Seeing where they held her down and where they smeared those words on the walls…it was horrifying and eye-opening. I don’t agree with Klaus’ methods half the time. But if it means that he’s one step closer to freeing Hayley from this pain, then so be it. Those who took her will pay dearly. And I’m not talking about the pain Klaus and her loved ones will inflict on them. I’m talking about Hayley. She will bring the pain and survive anything and everything they do to her for just a chance to get back to her daughter and destroy the enemy’s stopping her from going home.

Mark my words.

Favorite scene from “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”:


Check out the trailer for next week’s episode titled “Don’t It Just Break Your Heart”:

The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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