‘The Shannara Chronicles’ 2×01 Review: Druid

The Shannara Chronicles returns one year after the events of season one and throws us right into the lives of Wil, Eretria, and the rest of the survivors of the Dagda Mor and the path of destruction he paved.

The shows move to the Spike network by no means has taken away from what we love about this world and it’s inhabitants. If anything, there’s a sort of freedom in it’s second season. We are no longer bound by the Ellcrys and the story of the elves. The Four Lands is an incredibly diverse and unique world and we’re finally going to get a chance to explore it.

Wil and Eretria, despite the distance are still drawn to each other and feel the pain of not being at the other’s side. Unlike other shows where they brood and wallow for a while, it hasn’t stopped them from living their lives. Wil is learning all about healing and Eretria has become more comfortable with the person she is. When they reunite they’ll have some things to work through but they’ll be better equipped for the fight coming.

The enemy our heroes faced last season was one of magical means. Now Wil and Eretria are fighting a battle on two fronts. One is a magical fight tied in with the events of season one and those they knew in the past. The other is a fight against humans and those who were unfortunate hurt or had their lives destroyed by the fight against the Dagda Mor. In my eyes, the former might be a fierce foe but the latter is more dangerous.

Defeating a Warlock Lord is going to be a piece of cake in comparison to changing the hearts and minds of the people who believe that magic users are wrong and should be eliminated.

So without further delay, let’s talk The Shannara Chronicles “Druid”!

Wil Hiding From His Destiny

Wil is living in Storlock as a kind of penance for what he’s done. He doesn’t want anyone else to suffer because of who his family is and what power runs through his veins. Plus he’s mourning the loss of Amberle and Eritrea, the former to the point where he’s using the elfstones in a vain attempt to see her again. As a viewer it’s painful to watch because we know his time of mourning is going to be cut short any second now.

I give him props for trying, because that’s something many don’t do. And if anything, he’s learned some valuable skills for the future and what’s to come next. Because now is the time to stop hiding, waiting, and stagnating. He’s meant for bigger things in this world and Mareth knows it. Her arrival acts as a wake-up call for Wil.

The world isn’t going to stop just because he’s alone and in pain. And there are people killing magic users out there as an example to the rest of The Four Lands that such “otherness” will not be tolerated. It’s persecution at its ugliest and we know for a fact that the Wil from season 1 is still in there. He will fight to protect The Four Lands from those trying to destroy it or cleanse it.

Eretria’s Past and Present

It’s kind of shocking but beautiful to see Eritrea so comfortable with Lyria. This isn’t your stereotypical lesbian relationship where the focus is on them being two women who occasionally make out. They’re partners. Where one goes the other follows and they support each other no matter what. And honestly, out of everything that we saw in this episode, I’m most excited about how their bond is going to be tested.

As for where Eritrea has been, it’s kind of a let down. Season one Eritrea didn’t know how she was sold or where she got the brand on her shoulder blade. But now all of a sudden she knows this man from her childhood that vowed to protect her for her family? It’s kind of messy and makes no sense. Was she lying to Wil and Amberle all along? I want to say no but this episode makes me have doubts.

Setting all of that aside, Eritrea thought she was safe in San Francisco. She thought she was with someone who cared for her and that Wil, the one person who saw her as more than a rover, was a liar. It ended up being the opposite and that’s why she left her new home. Like Wil, she’s not meant to be hiding in the shadows.

They’re heroes. And heroes are on the front line taking on the biggest challenges and succeeding because they are at each others side when things get tough. That’s why I can’t wait for these two to reunite. Not because I want there to be some sort of love triangle between Eretria, Lyria, and Wil. Been there done that.

I want to see them together once more because they are heroes who complement each other and have the greatest chance to grow while having each other’s back.

Bandon, Allanon, and the Rest of the Four Lands

When the episode wasn’t focusing on Wil and Eretria, they were giving us small glimpses at what’s been happening to the rest of The Four Lands. The elves are no longer in the position of power they were before. The events of season one have lost them favor, status, money, and given birth to a terrorist group who slaughters magic users for being…magic users. Simple as that.

Bandon, as I suspected, isn’t completely evil. There’s a part of him that remembers who he is and sadly, doesn’t care. He feels like he was sacrificed to something bigger by Allanon. The actions he’s taking to raise the Warlock Lord will make it so no one ever has the power to do that to him again. He’s broken and Allanon’s attempts are pretty much useless.

As for Allanon, I don’t think he’s going to stop. He will shift his focus to working with Wil and stopping The Crimson and the Warlock Lord. But he sees a bit of himself in Bandon and is weighed down by guilt the size of the Ellcrys. He will try again and again until he’s proven 100% wrong that the scared young magic user is gone.

The Shannara Chronicles airs Wednesdays on Spike at 10/9c.

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