‘The Shannara Chronicles’ Season 2 Finale Review: Wilderun & Blood

The Shannara Chronicles two episode season 2 finale saw our favorite characters in a battle against fate and making their own choices in life. We saw Wil understand the sacrifice loved ones made in the past. Women and POC played a part in the defeat of the Warlock Lord and the reconstruction of The Four Lands. And we were left in a place where we’re just begging for more of Terry Brooks world.

Let’s discuss the season 2 finale of The Shannara Chronicles!

Understanding Wil’s Sacrifice

Wil has been struggling this entire season with what Amberle and Allanon did at the end of season 1. He couldn’t understand why Allanon would lie to him and let the woman he loved sacrifice herself. And he was desperately holding on every last bit of hate he could muster for Allanon and love for Amberle, even if he had to hurt himself with the elfstones to see her.

Now he understands. In those final moments where he saw his blood dripping into the water and purifying it from the dark magic that had taken over it, he understood. Amberle made a sacrifice because she was the only one that could do it and her people were more important than one single person or the love they held between them. Destiny has a big part to play and what happens in their lives. But they choose to take the steps to get there.

Amberle chose and Wil chose.

Seeing Amberle and the Ellcrys did help Wil get past the continuous state of mourning that he was in. But I don’t think he understood the full extent of what they had done until he was in the situation himself. And I’m so proud of the steps he took when that realization hit him. He’s always been a hero but this moment solidified it for Wil and for any viewer watching.

For so long he’s been fighting against his destiny, afraid of what it would do to him and how it would turn him into the man his father was. There is nothing to fear anymore. Well, when it comes to his destiny and his capabilities. He still has to worry about that giant winged creature coming for him.

The Queen’s of The Four Lands

For a POC and someone who identifies as queer, watching Mareth and Lyria grow throughout the season and become Queens has been a delight. You don’t see women like this on TV. They didn’t fade into the background and let will defeat the evil that was plaguing their lands.

They fought for their home and they fought for their people. That’s what makes this show stand out so much. The white male protagonist isn’t the end-all and save all of the story. He is surrounded by strong, independent, and diverse characters who can hold their own and in turn make the story stronger in itself.

Their survival and that of Eritrea and Garet Jax speaks of a change in the media that we consume and I like it. Give me more stories with queer and POC people fighting for their loved ones and their land. Give me more stories where it isn’t just the white male lead that is carrying everything and having his story told exclusively.

Give me diversity because I’m hungry for it. We’re all hungry for it.

What Comes Next

Honestly I’m very satisfied and excited for the place that The Shannara Chronicles ended their second season. The Four Lands didn’t finish off in a state of turmoil via evil red river and we got to see females and POC taking charge of their destiny and of those of their people. It’s an ambiguous and open ending that satisfies you but definitely asks for more.

Wherever Wil is he’s somewhere dark and soaked in the evil of this world. I believe he is no longer in The Four Lands but somewhere adjacent to it. For all we know it could be the version of an afterlife for magic users that he managed to slip into by accident.

I know it sounds really cruel of Wil to make this big sacrifice and then end up in such a horrible place but from a story writer’s perspective it’s a brilliant move. The Shannara Chronicles just killed off many of its characters and this afterlife for magic users is an opportunity to set Bandon on a redemption arc and bring Allanon back to life.

Just imagine Eritrea and Mareth leading a hunt to find Wil. It would be a good opportunity to see two women bonding outside of a romantic love triangle. I can already imagine the crazy situations they would get themselves into. And I wouldn’t be worried, not even for a second, because I know how strong these women are. They’ll survive whatever comes for them, whether it be wraiths or the untapped power of a druid coursing within them.

These ladies are ready to take the lead, pave their own road to their destiny, and I can’t wait to see what The Shannara Chronicles has up its sleeve next.

Favorite Scene from “Wilderun”:

This felt like a monumental moment. Two bisexual women were in a scene where one was proposing marriage to the other. Lyria got on one knee and asked Eretria to be her Queen. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to be ruled by these two!

Favorite Scene from “Blood”:

The only thing I wish for Mareth and Wil is that we had more time. Over the span of a season we’ve watched Mareth grow more trusting and badass. And we’ve watched Wil mourn and come to the realization that love can still be found after heartbreak. This tender scene was the culmination of all that they have been through and spoke of the connection that these two have, not just as characters, but as actors and cast mates.

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