‘Blindspot’ 3×03 Sneak Peeks: “Upside Down Craft”

After almost a week, we are on the verge of a new episode of Blindspot! There is very little left till 3×03 “Upside Down Craft“. Are you as excited as we are to get into the wonderful world of Blindspot one more time? As an appetizer, here’re the sneak peeks for the episode.

Here we go!



Nothing too remarkable happens in the first sneak peek. Except that, at the beginning, Zapata worries about Patterson. Our poor unicorn has seen death too many times, and now it’s happened again with Stuart and I love that they show us Tasha’s concern for her friend and small moments of friendship that always leave me wanting more.

In that small exchange they show us that Patterson, although she continues to take refuge in the work so as not to break, has gotten better at facing problems since the previous season. And I say this because we see her accept that she isn’t right and open up a bit with Tasha and we didn’t see that in season 2. I love this! The problems must be externalized by letting go, especially with friends. When we keep the problems to ourselves it never ends well.


The second sneak peek is much more interesting. We see a call between Roman and Jane and their conversation is quite significant. Roman makes it clear that he feels that Jane betrayed him and wants to make her suffer while making her discover who she “chose” before him. Jane at first thought that Roman’s intentions were to protect her, but he hastened to clarify that he only wanted her to suffer little by little, that she would tear herself apart so that nothing would be left of her.

Jane wants to make him see that she already suffers, Roman is her brother, she wants to have him in her life, to find a way to overcome what they went through, together. But Roman replies that she really doesn’t know what it means to truly suffer … and he will be in charge of showing it to her and enjoying it.

The harsh way in which Roman speaks, ever cruel, but at the same time that almost broken voice that he has, which shows the deep pain he feels due to Jane’s betrayal, clearly shows the duality that makes this character so interesting. And Luke Mitchell gives strength and fragility to the character that makes us not only see that duality, but feel it. I’m so ready for this episode!

Are you excited about what’s coming? Do you want it to be Friday to watch this episode already? We can’t wait to see it! Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below!

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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