‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 3×05 Review: “Return of the Mack”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — “Return of the Mack” – Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

We all have that old friend that you see on occasion. The one that, while you have grown through time, they are still stuck in their bad habits. No matter what you try to do, they are stuck on the path they are on. You love seeing them, but eventually they do something to get you so angry at them that you never want to see them again…….till you do again.

Rip Hunter has become that friend for the Legends and that sucks.

“Return of the Mack” continue the uneven trend of this season of Legends of Tomorrow. A trip to 19-century London gives us a nice little vampire adventure and brings in a few characters to the show – one new and one we are very familiar with. Mix this in with some very questionable choices made and Legends leaves you feeling a little happy but also a little ragey too.

Twilight: Breaking Darhk

So I’ll hit on the Rip Hunter stuff in a moment, but the big moment of the episode was the return of one Mr. Damien Darhk to the world of the living. Thanks to Mallus, Eleanor Darhk (Courtney Ford is now trapped in the CW with her husband- You’ll never escape!) and a big fuck-up by Rip, Damien is resurrected and now back to haunt Sara Lance and the rest of the Legends. After getting rid of the Time Bureau redshirts like they were nothing, it only takes a timely intervention by the Legends to save Rip from death.

(Side note: Sara’s new White Canary outfit: ? ? ? ?)

So it seems we are finally getting somewhere as far Mallus making his move. Looks like it will be Legends vs. Team Mallus. The next question is now who joins the team of evil as you know they won’t just stop with Damien. Who’s next???? And can the Legends stop them? Well thanks to some bad character moments and writing, they will be one ally down.

Fright Night

The moral of this episode is written that Rip Hunter is a selfish prick. While I do think he is in some ways, I didn’t like how he was written off. I enjoyed seeing Rip with the team again and it brought back warm fuzzy feelings. Those feelings got crushed, however, when Rip betrayed the team to get at Mallus. Sorry, but I wasn’t a fan of that. I get why it needs to be done, but dammit is this the best way to have Rip off the show? By this ruining his character for his fans? I wanted to see him maybe just ride off into the sunset, still a ally of the team.

Instead what we got was a man who is rated and distrusted by not just the Legends but his own creation “The Time Bureau” (who, by the way, so far has been the most useless thing in the Arrowverse since Susan the reporter in season 5 of Arrow) Rip Hunter deserved better than what happened to him and how he’s been written this season.

Legends writers, you can make with the funny but sometimes you have to make with the respect.

Other Thoughts

  • Arthur Darvill would be a great Sherlock Holmes.
  • We got more insight into Zari, as Eleanor is able to summon her brother for a little seance time. Apparently he blames her and she blames herself for his dying. Hence why Zari asked the team to go back to save him. Of course, Sara shot that down quickly.
  • Laurel is never far from Sara’s thoughts and I’m glad for that.
  • Ray tried to separate Jax and Stein via a little formula magic. It leads nowhere but to some okay jokes about memory loss.
  • Me to Nate every episode now: You are tacky and I hate you.
  • Mick: The vampire slayer.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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