Legends of Tomorrow 3×04 Review: “Phone Home” or The 80’s baby!

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As a child of the 80s, I can admit a few things about the era that Legends of Tomorrow paid tribute to with ” Phone Home.” The biggest thing I can admit about the 80s: They were really cheesy. From movies to TV to music to fashion, the era was very wild. So it would make sense that Legends would unleash one of its zanier episodes thanks to this time period. A fun, enjoyable, but very cheesy episode of Legends of Tomorrow. (And that is saying something for this show). So let’s start our review talking about a young boy and his alien pal.

E.T. (Extra Trusting)

“Phone Home” gives us insight into the childhood off Ray Palmer and it’s not the greatest. Bullied, his mom thinks he is a weirdo and his biggest joy is playing make-believe Camelot. No wonder he clings to people like he does with his friends on the team. A good example of this is the bonding he is attempting when all of a sudden, he gets wiped from existence!

A real quick shock, Ray is back when the team finds out that young Raymond was killed in 1988. Two things are weird here: 1. As Zari points out, Ray takes dying way too casually for my liking and 2. Government agents shooting a young boy is a very shocking moment. I don’t ever want to get use to seeing something like that on TV.

The Legends go to the day before and that brings Ray back. Here is when we get to see some bonding between Zari and Ray as they keep a eye on Ray ( time-travel, everyone!)

It looks like they are pushing Ray and Zari as bantering pals right now. I liked their back and forth through the episode, as their personalities of sunny and light and dark and dreary mix well. Whether this leads to more, it is going to have to be a wait and see at the moment.

After a little more view into Ray’s home life as a kid (he loves musicals!), Zari and Atom find what Kid Ray is hiding: A baby Dominator! Named Gumball because…….not sure honestly. It likes gum? Zari tries to convince kid Ray babysitting is a bad idea, but before she can get anywhere, government agents find and capture the trio (with shrunk Atom along for the ride) However, the real surprise is that Gumball is not the only Dominator in town.


What are the other members of the team up to, you’re probably wondering? Well Stein, Jax and Mick are on a completely separate thing (more on that in a sec), Sara goes investigating but is captured by the Queen Mother Dominator. A little scan of Sara’s mind leads us to our next group: Amaya and Nate.

Early in the episode, they visit Ray’s house and Nate hits on Raymond’s mom like a freaking teenager. Well, when Nate returns later that night, it’s like he enters a late-night Cinemax movie. After some seduction and making out, Ray’s mom turns into the Mother Dominator, making Nate’s dreams of (anyone reading this review under the age of 18, skip to the next paragraph please. Thank You.) having sex with a MILF into a AILF. Oh Nate, you idiot. Only Amaya, with a badass homage line to Ellen Ripley, saves Nate’s stupid butt from being alien leftovers.

Now, how they defeat the government officials was really entertaining. Using Ray’s love of “Singin in the Rain,”  the baby dominator uses it’s powers to make the government agents sing and tap- dance while they make their getaway. However, their only means of escape are bicycles. Add in Zari’s wind powers and you have your ET homage the episode had been building up to. Cute, but will be completely forgotten by next week.

Baby gets reunited with Mama and all well’s that ends well in a fun, cheesy, but not really important episode. Don’t get me wrong, this episode is a fun way to spend a hour but I’m ready for Legends to start building to who it’s bad guys are. Cheese is good, but if you don’t get any meat or salad, you’re going to get sick of that cheese. And I don’t want to get sick of Legends of Tomorrow any time soon.

Other Thoughts: 

  • The B-story is Stein acting all mysterious and Jax/Mick investigating. Turns out Stein only wants to get back to 2017 for the birth of his grandchild. The three take the Waverider there and make it just in time. This leads Jax to realize that Stein needs to be home with his family and not the team. So at the end of the episode, Jax asks Ray if he can separate Firestorm.
  • Ronnie being the name of Stein’s grandchild was a nice touch.
  • “Get away from him, you bitch!”
  • Billy Joel reference? I see you Guggenheim.
  • Zari’s descriptions of her teammates was perfect.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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