‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 3×03 Review: “Zari”

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Adding new characters in the middle of a show’s run is nothing new. All well established shows do this no matter the genre. The hope of the show runner is that the audience will follow in love ( or at least like) with the character. Sometimes this happens easily sometimes you end up with a Poochie situation.

Now one episode does not make or break a character but it gives us a feel of what to expect from them. On Legends, we are introduced to the new character of Zari and our first impression of her so far is that we like what we have seen. From her interactions with the team together to the bond it looks like she will have with Mick, Ray and Amaya, Zari looks like she will fit in nicely on the Waverider. So let’s talk about how we first met Zari and what she now brings to the show.


Zari is front and center the entire episode (though the ep is named after her so it should be.) When we first see her, the time is 2042, she’s been transported to Seattle jail by ARGUS. The transport is interrupted by Kuasa who showcases her bad ass water powers she gets through her totem. Spoilers: she looks pretty unstoppable. Zari escapes and our favorite geeky Time Bureau agent Gary is shown observing the whole thing.

The Legends intercept Gary’s distress call and go to the rescue. I enjoy the soft spot Sara seems to have for Gary. It’s not romantic by any means (though this is the CW so never say never) but almost like the nerdy little brother Sara never had. So I have a feeling that whether you like him or not, this wont be the last you see of Gary on Legends of Tomorrow.

But now back to the girl in question, as the team finds Zari. The first meeting follows the typical trope of “I don’t trust you, so I trick you.” Zari’s version is to get Argus to go after them while she escapes. Now the Legends easily defeat the ARGUS goons but what a pain in the butt that must be.

Now, here comes a part that if this was a different show could have gone somewhere. As the Legends research Zari, they find out one of the crimes she was arrested for was being a Muslim. Apparently in 2042, religion is illegal. Now this would have been something to really dig into but besides this and a really nice Ray/Zari scene later on in the episode , it’s ignored. Now I understand why. Legends of Tomorrow is a fun-loving, high adventure carefree almost show. Digging into religion would be a vast departure from that. Could they go back to this in the future? Yes, of course but whenever they do they have to know they will be walking a very tight line.

Sorry for getting all serious there folks. Now lets talk about prison breaks, everyone.

Courtesy of the CW


So Zari is found again and after a bonding drink with Mick , she’s seems more willing to go with the team. This is interrupted by Kuasa who basically kicks ass. With some quick thinking from Sara and a bar fight distraction, the team and Zari beat a quick retreat. Zari agrees to help if they break her brother out of prison. The team accepts being the goofs they sometimes are and surprise surprise surprise there is no brother. Zari just wants her totem necklace which gives her wind powers. We get Zari escaping and it leads us to that Ray/Zari scene I mention a little earlier. Here we find out ARGUS killed her brother and she went to this site to see if her parents were alive.

The vibe I got from this scene is that we are slowly going to maybe see a Ray/Zari pairing. I have nothing against it, just hope it goes better and is more interesting that Ray’s last one on the ship. Kuasa shows up again and almost kills Atom. If not for a quick save by Amaya, things would have been really different. Though she lost this round, Kuasa looks to be a great foil for this team this season.

So as Zari is now the latest member of the Legends team, I also have a gut feeling that the ship is getting to crowded for it’s own good. This is why I think Rip Hunter was written to leave the team (that and Arthur’s continued success in England making him more in demand.) The rumors are very heavy that Stein is gone with the news of Victor Garber leaving BUT will someone else be gone by the end of this season? It is very possible. After all…..if you have some new blood put in, some old blood has to be taken out.


  • The B story is Stein and Nate trying to help Amaya with her powers. Long story short, this is all to get a scene of Nate tripping out on a root he got for Amaya to help her get visions. Sorry but the Nate stuff was so UNFUNNY. It was borderline painful to sit through. Amaya’s vision of being with her ancestor was much much better. Maisie Sellers is delivering some exceptional work this season showcasing the struggle inside of Amaya because of her powers and her fate.
  • “You guys have a ship??..Is it a big ship?”
  • We saw Agent Sharpe again as Gary ratted out the Legends to her and The Time Bureau and Legends get into a game of chicken which the Waverider wins. On the negative side, now The Legends are fugitives and threatened to be banished to the Dawn of Time…..could be worse. They could be banished to a Adam Sandler film.
  • The episode ends with a sneak peek of what to expect for next week as we’re going to the late 80’s!!! A young Ray Palmer hides from bullies in a storm pipe only to meet a new friend. His very own ET! Except this ET looks a little more eviler than the one from the Spielberg movie. Just a little though.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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