‘Arrow’ 6×03: ‘Next of Kin’ Roundtable

Arrow is Arrow again! Hallelujah! We didn’t really think we’d be here, not after the travesty that was Season 5, but here we are and this almost feels like a celebration.  We care again! We can do something other than complain! Trust us, we’re just as happy as you are.

Our Fangirlish writers Alyssa, Lizzie, Lyra, Sarah, Kayla, and Jade are breaking down the third episode of Arrow. Here we go!

Describe your thoughts about “Next of Kin” using just six words.

Alyssa: Nice to say good things again.

Lizzie: Common sense has returned to Arrow.

Lyra: This isn’t that bad, go figure.

Charles: Fantastic moments lead to good episode.

Sarah: Arrow, it’s good to see you.

Kayla: Well rounded – well written – good episode

Jade: At last, things fall into place.

Describe your thoughts about “Next of Kin” using a gif.





Sarah: Image result


We saw Diggle struggle with the Green Arrow mantle in this episode – and we saw the team react in different ways. What did you think about that? Did Diggle’s struggles strike you as believable? Could you understand/relate with Dinah’s reaction? Rene’s?

Alyssa: I feel like Diggle’s struggles were both believable and not. Perhaps the stress of what he knows is going on with himself — using drugs to get rid of his tremor — was the driving force behind his uncertainty in the field. Because Diggle isn’t someone that we’ve ever thought of as not being able to hold his own out there. He’s had to lead this team before without Oliver — twice: when they thought Oliver was dead (in season 3) and when Oliver and Felicity left (after season 3.) So don’t tell me Diggle can’t make these decisions as the boss. So for me, it comes down more to the fact that Diggle knows that the severity of the secret he’s keeping from the team has the potential to hurt them at any time — should something go wrong — and it got inside of his head and made him second guess himself.

I have to admit that I like how Arrow has tied Diggle and Dinah together with this issue because I feel like it’s something that — of the other newbies — Dinah can relate to most. She’s smart; she’s level-headed; and she also appreciates loyalty. But she’s also someone that cares enough to the point where she’s going to get in their face and tell them how it is, as she has with Diggle. Dinah has every right to feel the way she feels. She’s putting her life on the line every night going out there. And if she feels as if she can’t trust Diggle — or worse, if the others feel like they can and they end up getting hurt in the process — then the situation is not ideal.

Then you have someone like Rene, whose reaction I could not stand. He was whiny, rude, uncompassionate, and downright annoying as he went and whined to Daddy about Diggle. Be a man, Rene. Talk to Diggle directly. Don’t go behind his back and start talking crap. God, just when I thought I’d started to like Rene again…

Lizzie: I’m not exactly sure I buy what Arrow is trying to sell here, especially with Diggle’s leadership issues. I mean, yes, it could all be a result of his physical problems, but as always, Arrow expects me to fill in the blanks so the story they’re presenting makes sense, and in this case, I just can’t. Diggle is an experienced soldier – now he’s freezing on a somewhat routine mission and letting Rene yell at him without so much as saying anything back? Yeah, no, Arrow. That doesn’t compute.

As for people’s reactions, I’m not saying they’re not believable, they are, but boy, are they frustrating. Rene, in particular, who I’ve grown to not love yet, but at least stand, was getting on my last nerve. He constantly acts like he’s not part of a team, like he knows better, like HE should be the one making decisions. It makes it harder for me to like him.

Dinah is a different matter, and I sort of appreciated that she was judgy but still steadfast in her loyalty. That I can deal with – she’s sort of got reasons to be judgy, but she was supportive at least, when Diggle probably needed it the most, and he proved that he deserved that trust.

This is, of course, all going to go bad sooner rather than later, but it was nice that the show took this moment to prove that Diggle is just as capable of being the Green Arrow as Oliver is. That’s the takeaway here.

Lyra: Diggle’s struggles didn’t strike me as believable because the entire time I kept thinking, “That boy got nerve damage and he’s trying to lead a team? Start a countdown until someone dies!” Of course no one died in this episode, but the thought stuck in my mind the entire time and made it so I couldn’t sympathize or respect his decision. As for Dinah, I understood what she did because she wanted to make the team stronger. She wanted Diggle to tell Oliver to avoid any casualties. But now that Oliver is gone and Diggle is the leader, she’s making do with what she has. And if she’s got a back Diggle then I think she will. Someone’s got to make sure he doesn’t overexert himself and get someone killed. As or Renee, he jumped off the Diggle train 2.5 seconds after Diggle took control and went to rat him out to Oliver. I understand his concerns but wish he would have waited a little longer before jumping ship.


Charles: Diggle’s physical problems are leading to some other things as well. The lack of confidence. As for believable, yes I really do believe it was. He’s gone through a lot through the years and this nerve damage is the breaking point. He’s struggling and now using drugs to compensate for that. Trust me when I say that is going to lead to some bad choices.

As for the team, yeah they reacted exactly as how I suspected. Dinah was concerned but also touchy about it. She and John have really bonded since her time joining the team. It’s lovely to see. Rene acted how I thought he would : like a loudmouth jerk who should have confronted Diggle man to man instead of running to Oliver. Sorry to all those who like him now but I’m still not a fan of the dude.

Sarah: Honestly it didn’t surprise me the way everyone reacted to John and his current, to say the least dilemma. Rene running his mouth off is the least surprising part of the entire thing, but either way it’s an exercise is keeping your eyes open so as not to drown in the what ifs. For Diggle his reluctance to tell anyone other than Dinah about his nerve damage and tremors I knew wouldn’t lead anywhere good.

His choice to step up and take the Green Arrow’s mantle is much harder on him than I believe he anticipated. His refusal to admit it will end up making things even worse for the “Green Arrow,” but at the end of the day it’s going to take a lot to get Diggle there.

Kayla: Diggle taking on the role of the Green Arrow from Oliver is tough for him. I think he feels honored that Oliver trusts him enough to hand it over. However, I still believe that he should be honest with Oliver about his nerve damage, because Oliver knows something is off with Diggle not shooting any arrows.

I do get why he didn’t though. What’s Star City without the Green Arrow? I think the members of the team that know about the nerve damage all acted like I expected. There’s obvious concern from Dinah, who I feel wants Diggle to just tell Oliver. Rene knew something was wrong and went right to Oliver, but never told him the full story.

One of my favorite parts of the episode was when Oliver talked to Diggle. I do find his struggles to be realistic, but to resort to the drugs, Diggle. Not even Dinah knows about that. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite Diggle in the ass.

Jade: I think everyone’s reactions make sense, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating at times. Oliver wants to take a step back and focus on being a father, which is probably one of his most admirable actions over the course of the entire series. It also shows tremendous character growth. But this means Diggle needs to step into the role of Green Arrow, just when he’s least able to do so. I definitely understand and sympathize with his desire to do so, but if he isn’t at his best, Oliver needs to know. Dinah is right; he isn’t alone in this, and those who depend on him need to know what he’s dealing with.

Nerve damage doesn’t mean Diggle can’t be a hero. It doesn’t even mean he can’t be Green Arrow. But it does mean that there will be things he can do and can’t do while he heals, and the people whose lives depend on him need to know – both so they can help him when he needs it and so they can be safe themselves.

I really hope Diggle will come clean sooner rather than later. Resorting to drugs (in secret, no less) is hardly the answer.

Oliver got to be the one giving the pep talk this time, as he reminded Diggle that he was the reason the Green Arrow even existed. What did you think about this scene between Oliver and Diggle and what does it mean to see how far these two have come?

Alyssa: Definitely one of my favorite scenes not just of this episode but in the past couple of seasons. It’s moments like this one — where we really get to see the love and respect between these brothers — that reminds me why I fell in love with Arrow. Sure, I love superheroes. But I love human stories more. I live for the relationships. And Oliver and Diggle’s relationship has been one of my favorites on the show for years. And this scene reminded me why. Here we had Oliver and Diggle sort of playing role reversal. Diggle usually served as Oliver’s voice of reason in times of need — and those were by the dozen, back in the day. Now, we have Oliver doing the same when Diggle needed it. He reminded him that he’s one of the main reasons that he’s the hero that he is today. If it wasn’t for Diggle — or Felicity — Oliver would’ve remained a vigilante, fighting without a just cause. And it probably would’ve gotten him killed. Diggle saved him. Diggle, himself, it a hero. Always has been, always will be.

Lizzie: Probably my favorite scene between these two in years – this is why, back when Oliver was an unlikeable broody wannabe hero, I still stuck with the show. This. So much has gone on and so many relationships have evolved and yet we can’t forget that, like Oliver said, back at the beginning, this started because Diggle believed in him, and because Diggle joined him. And now Oliver is proving that he trusts Diggle just as the other man once trusted him. It was the right emotional chord to struck in an episode that sometimes failed in common sense – and in the end, I will always forgive Arrow for the lack of common sense if they can, at least, make me feel.

Lyra: The scene between Diggle and Oliver was kind of sweet. It’s crazy to think that they’ve come so far and gotten to this point where the once bodyguard/driver is taking over the Green Arrow mantle from that young man that disappeared for 5 years and suddenly popped up back again in Star City. This conversation shows how much they trust each other and how, despite the show sometimes forgetting that their friends, they’re very close, and almost like brothers.

Charles: It was a long time coming for both men. I liked the scene a lot and how much it affected both men. Oliver giving the pep talk showed how much he had grown from season 1 where he would have just growled to Diggle to suck it up. This Oliver talks to his brother and tries to help him with ordering him around.

Diggle’s injury was affecting his confidence and he needed a boost. Sometimes the person who inspires you sometimes needs inspiration themselves. The bond of these two men should always be highlighted and I’m glad that this episode put it on display.


Sarah: This kind of scene made my heart soar, for Oliver and Diggle’s friendship. The reversal in this situation was heart warming as Oliver historically has been the one who needed some advice, and to watch him be there for his friend when he needed him reminded me of another reason I missed seeing the show like this in seasons before last year.

If we get more scenes like this one while Diggle is wearing the Green Arrow mantle then I welcome all the bromance scenes.

Kayla: As I said above, it was one of my favorite scenes in the entire episode. I do like that Oliver mentioned that he should’ve thought about Lyla and JJ before handing the Green Arrow mantle to him. As you remember, I slammed the show for forgetting that Diggle is father too. So, I’m glad they remembered that.

The friendship between Oliver and Diggle is amazing, and this scene proves how much trust is between them. I love how Oliver was like, “Oh, I’ve seen this before. I’ve been here before.” It was very touching.

Jade: Having just rewatched the first season within the last month, I was really struck by how true his words are and how far these two have come. Before the team – even before Felicity – it was Oliver and Diggle. Oliver started off thinking he could (and should) do it all alone, and Diggle was the one to make him realize that he didn’t have to be. Without Diggle’s help, support, and encouragement, who knows if Oliver would have taken the chance to open up to Felicity and the rest of his friends and family. Their friendship is the bedrock of the series, and this scene was a lovely reminder of that.

What was your reaction to the Olicity kiss? Use a gif.





Sarah: Image result for super excited gif scrubs



Oliver and Felicity are back together! Hallelujah. Talk about your Olicity feels. Does it feel earned? Are you just relieved it’s finally happened? Why is the show better with Oliver and Felicity together?

Alyssa: Like Lizzie says, I don’t think earned is the right word. It’s more of a combination of relief and satisfaction because it’s something that we should’ve had a couple seasons back. Arrow was so desperate to craft unnecessary drama in an attempt to make this CW show as CW-y as possible, that it ended up losing itself in the process. It’s like they don’t realize that watching a couple work through their issues is just as entertaining as watching the “will-they-won’t-they” tap dance. The producers said they put Olicity together too quickly. But there were better things to do than what they did with the couple in season 5.

With that said, for me as a fan, this is earned. This episode made me feel feels again. For the first time, in a long time, I’m excited about Arrow. And I’m not ashamed to say that Olicity is a big reason for that. They — along with OTA — were the main reason that I started to give a damn about Arrow years ago. So when Arrow attempted to add some drama in separating them, it made the show less enjoyable. So, yes, Arrow is a better show with Oliver and Felicity together. Felicity made Oliver a relatable, likeable hero. Without her, perhaps we wouldn’t have seen Oliver as a sympathetic character. And who wants to root for a hero like that?

Lizzie: I’m not sure earned is the right word – but boy, is this overdue. They broke up for stupid reasons, to up the drama quotient, and they should have probably gotten back 57 years ago, because there was no reason for them NOT to be together at this point, but the show is indeed better when they’re not throwing contrived plot devices at them, because then the show can actually focus on the hero’s journey. So, hallelujah, praise the Lord. I’m glad this happened.

I ship Olicity and have shipped Olicity for a while, but I have to add here that I absolutely hated Season 5 and my level of excitement has waned, yes. This is 100% on the show and it’s up to them to get me back there. And I’m not even asking for the 3 or 4 conversations they rightly should have for this to actually feel earned, no, I know that’s asking too much of Arrow, I’m just asking for them not to mess this up again just for kicks. That’s really ALL I’m asking. We can have a hero in a happy, fulfilling relationship. IT IS POSSIBLE.


Lyra: Just when I was about to cancel Arrow and my love for it, it reels me back with something they should have done a while ago. It feels like the show has finally stopped playing games and admitted that this is what is right for Oliver and his journey as the Green Arrow. There’s no take backsies now. This is the permanent kind of couple that you can’t back out of and they’re on the train two Married-ville and becoming a Family-ville. Unless I’m reading it wrong and Arrow is just going to trick me down the line but I think they’ve learned their lesson from last year.

I’m excited that they’re back together again and I can feel the chemistry alive and well between them. I’m just going to need a little more. So give it to me. Show me this couple working together like they did in the past. Show me what I loved about this couple and how it’s different now with William in their lives. I’m willing to sit here and watch the journey you’re going to take them on because the show has always been better with them as partners.

Charles: I do feel it was earned by the fans at least for surviving season 5! Olicity is the soul of this show and it has been shown these first few episodes by how much the show feels better with them together. When you have two actors with this much chemistry, you have to embrace not run away from it.It looks like the Arrow writers have finally learned their lesson.

Sarah: Hell yes it was earned mostly by the fans after the pain of season five, but still. After the pain of crappy character writing last season the fans and frankly these characters deserved to find some happiness *cough decent writing* again. I’m relieved they are back together because if we are being honest, it wasn’t anything but contrived drama keeping them apart. Olicity isn’t the center of the show but I do believe it’s a big part of the heart. So thank you Arrow writers for finally screwing your heads on straight and FIGURING OUT WHAT WE ALL KNEW.

Okay I couldn’t resist that one, but having Oliver and Felicity together follows the story path of these characters that’s been building for years. Throwing it out the  window didn’t singularly ruin it, but it sure as hell didn’t help it. I’ve been an Olicity shipper since they met in season one and even after last year proud to say I still am.


Kayla: For the longest time, I have said I didn’t ship Olicity, or anything else on Arrow, however during the Olicity scene at the end of the episode, I definitely had what I call feels. Not quite shipping, but yes, a non shipper had OIicity feels.

Is it earned? Absolutely. If there’s a couple whose earned their stripes, it’s Olicity. They’ve been through too much. They definitely deserve this. The shippers deserve this.

I am relieved. Yes. I was feeling so sad (especially for the shippers) that it had been that long since Lian Yu, and they hadn’t really talked, but I do get why. It’s been a long wait, and relief (even for me) is felt.

I believe the show is better when Oliver and Felicity are together (because while I can’t yet say I ship them), I can see how they complement each other. Now, writers no more unneeded angst, ok. Let them be.

Jade: I have been conflicted for a while, because Olicity is what actually got me watching the show (I kept seeing gifsets and thought they were too cute). But the unnecessary drama just wore me down. Maybe I’m just getting too old, but I’m very much of the mindset that if a show wants to show two people belong together, they should just put them together and let them be happy. Drama can come from many, many other places outside of putting people together and breaking them up over and over.

As for whether it’s been earned…there are probably a couple of conversations (at least) that I’d have liked to see first. But I’m happy enough that they’re back together and are putting the drama behind them that I’m more than happy to forego my personal preferences to get there.

And the show is better with the two together for a few reasons. Good superhero stories can’t just be about people putting on tight spandex, leather, or armor and fighting injustice. Fleshing out the story of the man under the mask gives the hero depth and puts real stakes on the story. Arrow isn’t just the story of the Green Arrow; it’s the story of Oliver Queen. His story is more interesting when it includes the people who help him be a hero, and a story about two people meant to be together is only really strengthened by having those people…you know…together.

We got a glimpse of what Oliver/Felicity/William could be like as a family. Did you get family feels? Is this something you want the show to explore more – not just Oliver’s role as a father, but how Felicity fits into this family? Are you happy William is around?

Alyssa: I’m not the biggest fan of William, but I got a severe case of feels watching what Oliver, Felicity, and William could be as a family. I feel like the intrigue lies in the possibility of where this dynamic can go. We don’t know enough to know that this is a storyline we’ll end up liking. We’ve only had a few minutes of it. But the potential is there, and it’s an exciting one. Plus, Felicity is going to make such an amazing mother. And I loved getting to see her smoak yet another Queen man.

Lizzie: Honestly, I am on record as hating the William plot device and not being very fond of the idea that somehow Oliver can’t be in a relationship cause DANGER but kids are fine? That being said, yes, I got the family feels and though I can’t say this is my favorite thing ever yet, I wouldn’t mind to see it being explored more.

Lyra: Honestly, I’ve never cared for William. He was bland to the point that if he were a spice, he’d be flour. And even with Oliver in the picture I couldn’t connect with him. Then Felicity came around. She felt like the missing piece that brought this family together. As cheesy as this sounds, and I love cheesy, she brought a breath of fresh air into their home. And if that scene with them doing homework together is a sign of what’s to come…I’M DOWN FOR IT! Family feels are the best kind of feels and I can’t wait to see how these three grow together.

Charles: Yeah it did have that family feeling to it and especially to Oliver it felt like what his life could be like if he embraces his happiness. Felicity and Oliver’s talks were also perfect as they showcased both the lovely side of Olicity and the bond these two have.

That being said, I still don’t like William haha.


Sarah: Oliver trying to parent William, and then Felicity helping him with his math homework was the kind of story I wish they’d done all along instead of last years debacle. That being said it definitely gave me a blended family vibe, and I loved every second of it. I’m hoping we get to see more of Felicity and Oliver getting to know William and that William gets to be a more fleshed out character instead just a plot device.

Kayla: I loved the scenes with Felicity/Oliver/William. I definitely got a family vibe. I loved Felicity helping William with his math – something Oliver admits he can’t do. It was very touching and I could definitely see Felicity becoming a wonderful step mother for William. I definitely want to see more of this dynamic. Sign me up! And, yes, I am happy he is around. Despite his introduction to the show causing a lot of Olicity drama, I am happy William is around.

Jade: The one tutoring session taking William from a C to an A was a bit convenient, but I did enjoy the family vibe – and Felicity’s words of wisdom. Of course, I assumed from the moment Samantha was introduced that she’d die one day and Felicity would become William’s stepmother. It would have been nice if they hadn’t done the obvious in that respect. However, William brings out a new side of Oliver that’s good to see, so I’m glad to have him around. And I did enjoy the Oliver/William/Felicity dynamic.

Describe your reaction to Diggle keeping the secret of his nerve damage from Oliver and the team with one gif:





Sarah: Related image



The FBI investigation into Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow: is it even a blip in your radar at this point? Are you worried? Do you think this season will end with the whole of Star City knowing that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow, a la Tony Stark and Iron Man?

Alyssa: I feel like Arrow is doing everything it can to introduce the threat of the FBI investigation but in a way where fans don’t feel it’s an immediate threat. And I definitely feel like that’s done on purpose. There’s so much other stuff going on with these characters — whether it’s Oliver stepping down as Green Arrow, Diggle’s nerve struggles, Felicity and Curtis starting a company, Oliver as a dad, etc. — that something like a little FBI agent isn’t necessarily going to stick over everything else. But the worry exists. It’s only a matter of when the threat becomes viable. And we might not see it coming.

Lizzie: Oh, yes. We’re going full Tony Stark, I’m sure. Not that I care about this right now, I didn’t even remember it till I read the question. It’s probably end-of-the-season stuff, since midseason will be crossover problems. So I’ll worry when I have to.

Lyra: Wait…you think he’d go full Tony Stark and tell everyone he’s the Green Arrow. Dude. Honestly, I didn’t of that. I just thought we’d be on the same merry go round where he gets discovered as the Green Arrow and someone takes his spot for 2.5 seconds until he returns. But…I guess him coming out makes sense. At this point who doesn’t know he’s the Green Arrow? I bet there are fanclubs, fics, and fangirls keeping an eye out on Oliver and his green leather fetish. (Smallville throwback!) P.S. Not even worried about FBI. Next!

Charles: Yes I do and I wish the FBI storyline was getting more traction. I really enjoy the actress playing the FBI agent as she is taking none of Team Arrow’s crap and I love that.

Sarah: I don’t think it’s something to be ignored, but knowing this show it’s going to rear its ugly head at the worst possible moment for Oliver and company. If Oliver ends up with his back against the wall because of this investigation it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest for him to have an Iron Man Tony Stark moment and admit he’s the Green Arrow to put the focus on him. How it’s going to go I can’t begin to guess but that FBI agent won’t give up so easily.

Kayla: This investigation into Oliver and the Green Arrow definitely has me worried. This woman has gotten closer than anyone else ever has. It could very much turn into a Tony Stark-esque moment at the end of the season. Especially if this is the last season. (SHHH! I shouldn’t be saying that.) However, I could see them ending it like that.

Jade: I hate to say that it’s more of a back-burner issue for me right now. Obviously, it’s a storyline that’s building at this point, so it will be more of a concern as the season develops. Since this isn’t the first time Oliver’s had to prove he’s not the Green Arrow, I could definitely see it going the other way this time, with him outing himself at the end. It would certainly add drama and put a different kind of pressure on the dynamic with those closest to him. Of course, that bell – once rung – can’t be unrung. So the question is whether the show runners would want to commit to it for the remaining duration of the series.

How long do you see this ‘Diggle as the Green Arrow’ thing continuing? How many episodes till Oliver is back in the hood, and what will drive him there? Speculate a little.

Alyssa: Realistically, I don’t think this “Diggle as the Green Arrow” storyline will last longer than another couple of episodes. Obviously Oliver is going to take on the mantle once again just in time for the annual crossover, so the fact that we know it’s coming takes away the suspense of “Is Oliver never coming back as GA?” As for what drives Oliver back in the hood, I definitely think it has something to do with Diggle and his “secret.” And I don’t think it’s going to be Diggle telling Oliver. More like Oliver is going to be forced back into duty, as a result, and he’s going to be upset more than just because Diggle was keeping this massive secret. Then again, it could be a combination of things, including Diggle, Felicity, and William.

Lizzie: I’m gonna give it a few more episodes, but I think William will change his mind and be like “Dad, this is who you are” or some predictable bullshit like that and Oliver will go back to it, probably because Diggle reveals his nerve damage, because I don’t know that Oliver would do it if he thought Diggle had it. Either way, before midseason, if not, what’s the point of the crossover?

Lyra: It’s like Lizzie is reading my mind. I say we launch a full investigation into how she knows me so well and steals all my answers. But to answer your question, I think Diggle will be the Green Arrow for a couple more episodes until A) the crossover happens B) William is like, “Dad…this is your destiny.” or C) Felicity gets hurt. All could bring Oliver back.

Charles: I’m going to guess a little while as Oliver seems dead set on this new “retirement” right now. Now obviously Diggle won’t be the Arrow forever but I could see it lasting to perhaps the mid-season finale where something happens to put Oliver back in the suit. My guess is something to do with Felicity and Helix.

Sarah: If I had to guess it’s going to be at least a few more episodes but I don’t see it lasting past the winter finale. I can’t see Diggle doing this all season with his nerve damage struggles, but despite that I think Oliver will choose to take the Green Arrow back for reasons that include Diggle and Felicity likely. I understand why Oliver won’t go near it right now, but I’m hoping he can find his way back to the entire person he truly is and a part of that *is* the Green Arrow.

Kayla: I don’t see many more episodes with Diggle under the hood. I think what will push Oliver back into it is William. It has to be William telling Oliver that he realizes that being the Green Arrow is just as much a part of Oliver as him being a dad or the mayor of Star City. I say this because William was the reason Oliver handed it over. I has to be ok with William that Oliver takes the mantle back before it will ever happen. As to what pushes this revelation, I can’t say. I don’t read spoilers, so I only get info from pictures and press releases. I definitely think William will be the push. Maybe Felicity helps William understand that being the Green Arrow is part of Oliver.

Jade: I agree with Kayla, in that I think William will be the impetus for Oliver taking back the mantle of Green Arrow sooner rather than later. As for what will cause him to do that, I think it will likely be something more dramatic than a conversation. I would say that William will be put in danger and this will cause him to realize the importance of the Arrow. But I wonder if it will actually be Felicity being in danger that would cause William to realize that the Arrow is worth the risk – and that Oliver can be a hero and still not break his promise, to never leave William alone.

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