A ‘Gossip Girl’ Star Is Heading To ‘Dynasty’

We’ve always been huge fans of Gossip Girl and the entire cast. One can’t blame us for our addiction to that show. Now we’re growing to like Dynasty more and more – hell after last weeks episode, we even felt bad for Fallon Carrington.

Every time that we think we’re going to give up on Dynasty, our asses get drawn back in. And this time, it’s because our favorite Upper East Side Mom is coming to Atlanta.

Kelly Rutherford, is making her way to Atlanta to appear in an episode as Melissa Daniels, the wife of a United States Senator, who seems to have the worlds greatest marriage, but you know – that’s too good to be true. Shit’s gonna go down. She’s a lush and Cristal’s about to get a lesson in what it’s like to be married to a powerful man.

I mean I would automatically think it’s a big headache.

But we’re stoked to see Kelly Rutherford on the small screen. Are you?

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