See The Cover for Richelle Mead’s ‘The Emerald Sea’

Talk about a beautiful cover.

The cover for Richelle Mead’s third and final book in the Glittering Court novel books has been released and it’s stunning. The book is entitled The Emerald Sea.

Stunning, right?

Meet Tamsin, the Glittering Court’s hard-angled emerald. Her outsized aspirations make her a fierce competitor, rising to the top of the ranks. But when the ship she boards for the New World is tragically lost at sea, she is quite literally thrown off-course.

Each book in the Glittering Court trilogy is self-standing and told from the point of view of one of three girls as they travel to and experience life in the New World, becoming enmeshed in her own adventures and romantic intrigues while also playing a role in her friends’ stories—often in ways that aren’t obvious until the series is complete in The Emerald Sea.

The Emerald Sea is set to be released June 26, 2018.

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