‘Blindspot’ 3×06 Review: “Adoring Suspect”

Blindspot has done it one more week! In “Adoring Suspect,” they present us with a very complete episode where we have fun, but we don’t forget at any time the seriousness, tension and mystery so typical of this show. New plots have been introduced while others already known were developed. The pieces of the game are being moved to leave them  in the right place so that everything explodes when the time comes. Let’s analyze everything! Here we go!.


This week Blindspot introduced us to the ins and outs of Hollywood. What we  see is how many of our favorite shows and movies are made and it’s always good to go to the back room to see what’s behind the magic.

On this occasion, what was behind was a producer owned by a terrorist, who uses the company and shooting locations to buy and sell really dangerous weapons. And he’s planning to attack New York.

Roman leads them to the case and Kurt infiltrates as an adviser, to try to get information from the terrorist. This one tries to kill his protagonist of the show that they use as a cover, because he attracted the press to his business. Kurt manages to lure him into the FBI and interrogate him. Thanks to this they discover that the manager of the locations is an accomplice of the terrorist.

Following this track, everyone, including the actor, who is fascinated with the adventure, are involved in a shooting. They get to locate where they keep their weapons and when they arrive the weapons are nowhere to be found, but they end up in the middle of a shooting anyway, with the actor and Rich present. The actor is injured and while Kurt goes behind Jane to neutralize the terrorists, Rich stays at his side, saving his life. In the end, it’s Rich who gives the final blow to the bad guys and saves the day. The actor recovers from his wound and Kurt says goodbye to him in the FBI.

BLINDSPOT — “Adoring Suspect” Episode 306 — Pictured: Misha Kuznetsov as Niko Popov — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

While all this is happening, all except Reade, plan a parallel investigation to try to discover Hirst. For this, they need to analyze Jane’s tattoos, to avoid falling into any manipulation by Hirst. And, after some problems, Tasha gets the piece of metal they need to activate the new tattoos.

On this occasion, the case hasn’t been as closely linked to the characters as we are used to. Or so it seems. Because Roman wanted the team to investigate this case specifically and there has to be a reason for that, one we still don’t know.

However, the case of the week has been equally interesting, despite not having the added component of being related to any of the characters. And we were introduced to a very funny new character that I liked a lot: the protagonist of the cover series. He was fascinated with everything he was living and eager to live adventures. In addition, he proved to be a good person who wanted to help as much as possible. I liked him very much, and that last scene with Kurt was awesome.

His scenes with Rich have also enchanted me, he was a super fan, but the actor didn’t pay attention to him until Rich saves his life, and then he hugs him and treats him like a friend. Rich’s reactions to this were hilarious. I hope we see him again!.


Reade and Hirst

I knew I couldn’t trust her! Reade has secrets, but I never doubted they were for a good reason. Hirst is different, everything about that case and not explaining her connection to it smelled very bad. And it has all been confirmed.

Although I have to say that I was surprised that Reade faced Hirst in this way. I took it for granted that he trusted her so much that he was blinded, or that he knew why she had hidden such relevant information. But Reade has surprised me for good when he listened to Zapata and Patterson and investigated Hirst. Indeed, he discovered that she had a relevant connection to a previous case and hadn’t reported.

Reade is brave and decides to confront her and see what she says. She makes excuses and he leaves … for the moment. But he isn’t stupid and doesn’t believe anything of what she says – well done!  He continues to investigate and confronts her again with his discovery that she still had a connection with the family of the accused. It’s here when everything takes a dangerous turn.

Hirst realizes that Reade is investigating and discovering things that are bad for her. So she threatens him quite directly with destroying his career if he keeps investigating. There Reade confirms – to his disappointment – that Tasha and Patterson were right and she is dirty.

BLINDSPOT — “This Profound Legacy” Episode 305 — Pictured: (l-r) Mary Stuart Masterson as Director Hirst, Rob Brown as Edgar Reade — (Photo by David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

Wow! Only wow !. Calm down, Hirst! Nobody talks to my baby like that or threatens him. And you don’t know him at all if you think that threat is going to stop him. Now more than ever he’s going to go after you, and I’m glad. What is Hirst hiding? Do you have any theories? I don’t know what it will be, but I am sure that, unlike Reade, her secrets don’t have a good explanation. She has shown it by becoming so defensive and threatening Reade so coldly.  Her expression changed and the warmth with which she always spoke with Reade disappeared.

Also, we can’t forget that Reade and Hirst share a secret in regards to that agent of the state department. Hirst can use that secret against Reade … and he has to explain what he’s hiding. So I hope that he tells the team as soon as possible and explain why he has been hiding it.

This looks good!. And the best part is that it has just started. There is still a lot to discover about this and … I can’t wait!.


Assured that Hirst is not clean, Tasha and Zapata tell Jane and Kurt everything. And I love this. It’s all I asked last week, to include Jane in this duo formed by Patterson and Zapata and they have done it. Not only trusting her – and Kurt – with all this, we have also seen throughout the episode how Patterson has proven to be a true friend for Jane. Good job, Blindspot!

It’s very important that Tasha and Patterson haven’t hesitated a second to tell them everything they have discovered. They don’t have any kind of doubt about them and that fact, considering everything the team has experienced, is really vital. I loved how Tasha defends Reade like a beast when Jane opens the possibility that he is involved. As Reade asked, she is blindly trusting him. She knows that Reade is incapable of betraying them all.

BLINDSPOT — “Upside Down Craft” Episode 303 — Pictured: (l-r) Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata, Rob Brown as Edgar Reade — (Photo by: Jeff Neumann/NBC/Warner Bros)

And she’s absolutely right, Reade already suspected that everyone else was investigating Hirst on his own when he found the device that Zapata had managed to sneak into the FBI so they could scan Jane’s tattoos again. And, as soon as Reade realizes that Hirst is dirty, he goes to them to ask them to investigate her. That is when he joins everyone, ready to overthrow Hirst and expose her. Pay attention to the look and satisfied smile and pride that Tasha shows when she sees him. It’s like in the old days! The team against the corruption of the FBI!.

Jane and Rich

Rich Dotcom and Jane have never been good friends. His acid humor and his sometimes inappropriate comments aren’t to Jane’s liking. Many times he exasperates her, although I think that, deep down, she likes him. Rich on the other hand, has liked her from the beginning. That is why he has often given her comfort and advice, even if he tried to conceal it. This clash of characters is always magical, every time we see it on the screen.

This episode hasn’t been the exception to that. I love how they have made Rich a part of the team, and they are doing very well because humor is sometimes difficult to fill in the episode but they do it in such a way that always brings out a smile and a laugh, without the episode losing its usual tension. And the reactions of the Team every time Rich speaks are wonderful!

In this episode we notice once again the good work they are doing. But, apart from the comic vein that this character always has, they have also shown us a more serious side, when he spoke to Jane.

He heard all about Jane’s decision regarding her daughter and wants to help her. And he said something that I loved: “Before I was a bad guy, and now I’m one of the good guys thanks to you.” This is very significant. We always saw how Ritch loved Jeller as much as we did, and how he liked to “tease” Kurt and Jane a bit with his comments. But we never deeply analyzed what it meant for Ritch to meet Jane and this episode gives us the option of doing that. And the result is impressive.

BLINDSPOT — “Adoring Suspect” Episode 306 — Pictured: (l-r) Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

Kurt was an FBI agent with whom Rich couldn’t identify with, but Jane was different. Jane was a bad person as Remy, Shepherd’s manipulation led her down that road. But she changed. We could say that she was reborn as Jane and changed her whole life. She went from being one of the bad guys to being one of the good guys. To saving lives instead of taking them.

This was an inspiration for someone who always lived in the shadows like Rich. He’s a hacker, but he was never a bad person, he never enjoyed and wanted to hurt anyone. Only … his world was the shadows and when you live so long in them, you don’t see a way out. Rich saw it in Jane. In her he saw a person who had lived in the shadows, but came out of them – even when the shadows didn’t stop stalking her – and used her skills to help people.

She was his inspiration to do the same. The living proof that it was possible and the one that helped him, even without knowing it, to take that step. And I love that Rich has confessed it to Jane to make her understand that it’s true that she carries a lot of baggage,  but knowing her doesn’t mean that her daughter’s life is going to change for the worse. Her life can change for the better, as it happened with him. Knowing her can be a very good thing. It can be a lifeline.

But Rich goes on and tells Jane that she deserves her happy ending and he’s right. After a life full of secrets, manipulations, violence and lies, if someone deserves to have a happy ending it’s her. Rich already got it because of her, because Jane inspired him to take that step, what perhaps he would never have dared to take if he didn’t get to know her. And now, he just wants to help Jane find her happy ending, whatever that happy ending for her. I want to hug Rich and Jane. Strong. 

I LOVE RICH ! Really, I know I’ve said it many times but I’ll never get tired. Not only for the conversation he had with Jane, but for all his comments, his humor, his jokes … and for saving the day in this episode! Wonderful to see him with that fire weapon, killing all the bad guys. I want a lot more of him!.


OMG how I love this couple! I love watching them like in this episode, fighting as a team, together. My definition for them is: BADASS. Blindspot perfectly shows how married couple that saves the world every day. Good job, guys! Although everything that glitters is not gold … Kurt keeps hiding secrets from Jane and that’s wrong.

At the beginning of the episode, Roman has returned to communicate with Kurt to indicate the exact tattoo that they should investigate. And that conversation seemed interesting to me. Kurt claims that the story of Jane’s daughter has come to light and Roman replies that his “deal” was about Berlin. This means we haven’t seen everything about Berlin, fam! There is still more we don’t know. Besides finding Jane’s daughter, something else happened there. I thought we had finished asking this question but … WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN BERLIN?.

Whatever happened, Kurt is terrified that Jane will find out. As he tells Roman “if she discover it, it would destroy her”. And Roman touches a nerve when he replies “her or her love for you?” This is very important. Kurt is afraid, he’s very afraid.

BLINDSPOT — “Adoring Suspect” Episode 306 — Pictured: (l-r) Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

He’s afraid that Jane will discover the secret for two reasons: he knows that it would hurt her, as he says, it would destroy her. And Kurt loves Jane with all his soul, there’s no way in hell he wants to see her suffer. This makes me think that Kurt doesn’t say anything to Jane in large part to protect her from the truth … but that is only going to be worse.

The other reason Kurt is terrified is because he fears losing her because of that secret. Jane has made it clear that she is fed up with secrets and they have gone through many problems related to secrets and trust throughout their history. Now they have a relationship in which they supposedly don’t hide anything … but Kurt is doing it. When Jane learns that, it will be a very hard blow for them as a couple. A blow difficult to overcome.

Of course, they will manage to overcome it, of that there is no doubt. They will find their way back to the other. Although, as I told you last week, I don’t rule out a break between the two when Berlin comes to light. But only temporary, I don’t doubt that, after this, Jeller will be stronger than ever.

That said, Kurt should tell Jane the truth as soon as possible. I think a lot of hiding the secret is to protect her from something that will hurt, but when everything explodes, it will be worse the longer he hides it. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Kurt may well mean not telling Jane about Berlin, but he’s just making the problem worse and it’s going to explode in his face.

As I mentioned last week, although I think that Kurt should tell Jane the truth as soon as possible and I don’t like he’s lying to Jane, I do like this role reversal between them. On this occasion, they will put themselves in the shoes of the other. Jane will live what Kurt felt when he discovered her lies and Kurt is feeling what Jane lived. All this will make their relationship stronger and unbreakable. Even if we have to suffer to achieve it, it will be worth it.

Apart from this, the issue of Jane’s daughter has been something that has had the couple in suspense. Kurt is divided, on the one hand, he’s afraid that Jane will discover more about her daughter because, as he has told Roman, that will inevitably lead her to discover what he hides about Berlin. But, at the same time, he would never manipulate her or do anything that she didn’t want so he is willing to take that risk if Jane wants Patterson to investigate more about her daughter.

As for Jane, she tells Patterson that she has decided not to investigate further and not to upset her daughter’s life, to leave her alone. Patterson doesn’t agree with this decision but knows that the decision is Jane’s and, like a good friend, she makes her see the other side of things. What if her daughter wants answers and has been looking for her all this time? – as she really has been doing.

BLINDSPOT — “Enemy Bag of Tricks” Episode 302 — Pictured: (l-r) Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: David Geisbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

It’s clear that knowing Jane will change her life, but it’s a risk that Jane should take and give that girl a chance to know her mother, and give herself the opportunity to connect with her own daughter and try to be a family. Patterson understands that Jane feels that way, but also tries to make her see that the risk can be very worthwhile.

And I love this, I love that Patterson behaves like a great friend with Jane and gives her all the options, even talking to Kurt, her husband, to give him the option to tell her the clue she has discovered. She knows it’s a two-person thing and that if anyone can reach Jane it’s Kurt. That’s why she’s there, staying in the background, but having Jane’s back.

This is why Patterson tells Kurt about Jane’s decision and tests the ground. Kurt is Jane’s husband and wants to make sure that she has all the options and that if she discovers something, Kurt is going to tell her. His behavior is interesting to me … Kurt tries to evade the subject, says that knowing nothing of her daughter is what Jane wants and that she can hear what they are talking about, because they are on a covert mission. In other words, he tries by all means not to talk about the subject. And it is all the result of fear and division that he feels within himself.

At the end of the episode, Patterson, as a good friend, has not given up and has found an important clue. She knows where to pull the thread, so to speak, and she gives the information to Kurt. He has the paper in his hand, undecided … but in the end he makes a decision and goes to tell Jane what Patterson has found. And that is the right choice.

But then Jane interrupts him with a kiss – a kiss that has given me LIFE – Kurt is surprised by that passionate reception, and then Jane tells him something precious. She has been talking to Rich and he has told her that he wants her to find her happy ending but … she has already found it. Can there be something more beautiful? Kurt is Jane’s happy ending. The person who loves her, who completes her, the love of her life. Her happy ending. I’m in tears of emotion at this magical phrase.

This makes Kurt not tell her anything about what Patterson has found out, he stares at the paper. And it’s another secret he has. Another one. And, as with Berlin, it’s something he should tell Jane. It’s she who has to make the decision to do something with that information or not. Kurt can’t take that right away. And I don’t think he does, I assume he’s going to tell her. I trust you, Kurt!

My babies are so precious … but they are making me suffer a lot with so many secrets from Kurt among them. It only comforts me to know that they will get through everything even if we suffer before they get it. As Oliver Queen – another of my favorite characters – once said: “nothing worthwhile is easy”.


This week Roman’s story is more special and closer to me than ever. He was in Barcelona! It’s my country and although I don’t live in that city it’s really exciting to see such a beautiful part my country on my favorite show, and acting as background in such an interesting story like this.

Roman has continued with his particular plan with Blake. He hired a detective to watch over her. Once he knows her schedule and routines, he launches the attack. He puts himself in the right place and time to pretend a casual encounter with her and to make sure that it was precisely Blake who saw him and approached him.

From there, Roman has been weaving his particular spider web and has been attracting Blake more and more. She opened with him, she told him thousands of things about her life, her childhood, about herself. Including personal and intimate things that I’m sure she hasn’t told anyone before. But Roman has played his cards perfectly, making her trust him. She already liked Roman, but he has made it turn deeper.


She has seen him as someone she can trust, a good person to whom she can tell everything. The enchantment that Roman has brought to light has made Blake fall into his trap and, little by little, tell him very personal things, entering the mouth of the wolf without knowing it.

Roman has even played the hero when he has “saved” her from the thief who stole her purse. To dazzle her more and see him as her savior and someone who is capable of putting his life at risk for her. Blake falls completely into the trap and gets carried away, kissing him.

But Roman doesn’t mean well with her. We don’t know yet what he plans, but it has become clear that he is capable of everything to approach her so it must be important. I think Roman’s interest is not focused on her in particular, but on her family. Besides, do you think that apart from the interest, he feels attracted to Blake? I think so, that she attracts him, but his mission is more important to him than that. I guess we’ll see it in the next episodes and I can’t wait!.

A part of this is that Tori is a great actress, like Luke, and the chemistry between the two is exceptional, explosive and when they are together there are sparks. The chemistry of the actors helps us to live through the screen the attraction their characters feel. I think they have chosen Luke’s partenaire very well so that the story they are telling us – both the fact that they are love interests and the mysterious interest that Roman has in her – is solid and very credible.


In conclusion, Blindspot has managed to stay at a high level for another week, and we were given an episode as entertaining as it’s fun. At the same time, they also introduced stories that will be developed little by little and advanced some others, leaving us with a desire for more and feeling like we can’t wait to discover all the secrets that are still hidden, waiting for their moment to appear and explode in the face of the characters we love.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back next week with episode 3×07 “Fix my present Havoc.” And here’s the promo for the next episode.


Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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