Our Favorite Female Friendships of 2017

2017 is coming to an end! Time flies, we’re already in December and just five minutes ago we were trying to cross out some goal of the usual list that we do every year – and almost never fulfill. But the truth is that this year is about to end and, to prepare for the most colorful and festive time of the year, we’re here to review our favorite TV female friendship on our screen. Here we go!.

Patterson, Tasha & Jane ~ “Blindspot”

These three characters created a friendship so deep that it has managed to survive the secrets and mistrust that have sprung between them over the years.

After the lies and the anger, now they’re a united trio, capable of facing anything together. They have managed to forge a bond where loyalty is more present than ever.

That bond has been tested many times. There have been times when Tasha and Patterson looked suspiciously at Jane and couldn’t even stand working with her. Moments in which Jane didn’t know how to act in their presence because she felt ashamed and hurt. What Tasha and Patterson felt as a betrayal seemed irreparable. Until it wasn’t. Forgiveness came with time, with life or death situations in which the true loyalty of each one was amply proven. The forgiveness and the understanding arrived with some sincere conversations and a few drinks between partners.


And now they can’t be more united. There are no secrets between them and they work as a cohesive team. They fully trust each other and are able to defend themselves tooth and nail. Blindspot has done a great job showing the clear evolution of the friendship of these characters and we aren’t tired of them. We will never tire of them!

Clary & Izzy ~ “Shadowhunters”

Having to save the world from supernatural threats is a difficult and tiring job. But it’s also the ideal place for friendship, brotherhood and loyalty to be born in the most real way possible.

Izzy moves in a world of men – her three brothers – and of high expectations set by her parents. It’s a place where there is no room for insecurities or weaknesses. But the reality is that, although she’s strong and secure, she also feels fear and tries to make sure nobody ever finds out.

Then Clary appears in her life, a girl who is like them, but who has been raised in a totally different way. She didn’t have to endure an overly strict mother who set the bar too high nor the weight of duty. She was freer. But she has also just discovered her true origins and needed a guide to teach her to move around this new world.

This is how these two disparate characters come together and teach each other. Izzy teaches Clary how to survive in a strange, unknown and hostile world while Clary shows Izzy how to free herself and accept her fears and insecurities, giving voice to what she feels. Creating an unbreakable link between them.

Maze, Chloe & Linda ~ “Lucifer”

Although at the beginning the common bond between the three of them was Lucifer, they found their own way to create a Trinity always willing to have a good time, tell their sorrows and … criticize Lucifer!.

It is a curious trio between a demon – Maze -, Lucifer’s psychologist  – Linda – and his partner – Chloe – but with such a strong friendship that they’re able to confront the devil himself to preserve it.

Linda, as a good psychologist, is empathetic and knows certain secrets that sometimes need a drink … or two. She is always willing to help her friends find their way.


Maze is a demon that doesn’t like humans and thinks that it all seems boring. Especially Chloe, which represents the opposite of her way of life. But little by little Linda becomes someone as important to her as Chloe does, although she seldom shows it and tells her. She is, however, someone who will kill for her friends …literally. 

And Chloe is perhaps the most reluctant to this new friendship. The truth is that until she found them she didn’t know what it was simply to talk to her friends, relax and let off steam. And although her personality is different from that of Maze and Linda – especially that of the first – she connects with them at a deep level.

This strange, groundbreaking and wonderful friendship deserves to be on our list!.

Missandei & Daenerys ~ “Game of Thrones”

A queen also needs friends. That’s what happens to Daenerys Targaryen, the First of Her Name AKA Dany, the Queen of Westeros. Or one of those that aspires to be. We have seen this friendship develop for years, but in 2017 we saw it all come together in the best way possible.

Missandei was a slave and Dany gave her what she craved the most, and what she thought she would never be entitled to: freedom. Staying close to Dany was her decision and she did it because she saw a strong, determined, fair, good and tough woman, one that could make a difference. She saw a queen. As Missandei herself said, she trusts Dany and is by her side by choice. She doesn’t serve her, she accompanies her. Dany didn’t put chains around her neck, she always gave her a choice. And Missandei chose to stay with the one she sees and feels like her Queen.


Dany, meanwhile, found in Missandei a woman who values ​​not only for her knowledge, but also for her courage. She is one of the few in her inner circle who Daenerys knows will always tell her the truth, without any fear. Dany knows that in her she will always find a helping hand and absolute sincerity.

A crown is a huge weight, especially if you must fight to have it, but Dany is aware that she can always count on Missandei and Missandei will always be not a servant, or a counselor, but a friend.

Lorna “Polaris” & Sonia “Dreamer” ~ “The Gifted”

In a world where mutants are persecuted and the resistance to which both belong is fighting a war to try to achieve a fair society, it seems that there is no space to establish deep friendship bonds. But nothing is what it seems.

The two have lived together for a long time under the same roof and have taken charge of organizing the resistance. That has made a bond between them grow little by little. And, while it’s true that the series already shows us this friendship when it’s already formed and doesn’t have a development as such, we’re able to see that they are capable of doing everything for each other. Even if that means endangering their lives or even others. They always have each other’s backs.

While “Dreamer” is not my favorite character – sorry, I’m Team Blink – I can appreciate the genuine connection Dreamer has with Polaris and I think that makes them worthy of being on this list.

Maze & Trixie ~ “Lucifer”

Who could imagine that the friendship between a demon and a kid could be so cute and adorable? I think no one until we saw Lucifer. Maze – a demon – and Trixie are a perfect duo.

To Maze humans seem insipid and even pathetic on some occasions, but a kid like Trixie made her start to appreciate them. That kid surprised Maze. She’s sweet, innocent but also mischievous, cunning and funny. Trixie is clear about what she wants and goes for it. She always gets it. And she has an “evil” side that is very much like Maze. But, above all, she isn’t afraid of her, not even seeing her real form.


Maze is used to fear, terror and even rejection when someone sees her. She’s a demon and is terrifying. She loves to be. But Trixie doesn’t feel that when she sees her, she’s just a funny and badass girl who likes her and needs a hug from time to time, even if she doesn’t like them. That’s new for Maze, and it makes her realize that maybe humans are not so bad.

Thus, an unexpected friendship is born that leads Maze to have more and more ties with humanity and to find her place in a strange world. And Trixie can’t have a better time with her.

Jess & Cece ~ “New Girl”

Two people so different can sometimes complement each other perfectly. Jess is a dreamer, tender, adorable and a little crazy. Cece is more realistic, but she and Jess always have some eccentric plan to carry out. As I once heard in one of my favorite shows – Modern FamilyDreamers need realists not to fly too high and realists without dreamers might never take off.” This friendship is the living proof of that phrase.

Jess is sometimes too crazy and needs Cece as the voice of conscience. And other times Cece needs Jess’s madness to live adventures that otherwise she wouldn’t live. The way in which both support each other in difficult times is wonderful and realistic. They’re the friends who are always there, in  good and bad times, to give you a package of handkerchiefs and listen to you while you vent or make you party so that you forget everything during one crazy night.


The friendship that they have went from small is palpable. And they have continued to have that friendship for years, together every step of the way. We can perfectly reflect on the friendship of these two great characters, both in their crazy moments and in their fights. For all these reasons, they deserve to be on our list.

Lena & Kara ~ “Supergirl”

For someone like Kara, who’s not of this world, and someone like Lena, who’s always been a Luthor first, a human second, the friendship that they’ve managed to develop has meant so much more than words can express. It’s meant support, loyalty and unshakable faith. It’s meant always having someone on your side, even when the world is against you, even when all seems lost.

And that’s something that both these women needed, and something the show gifted us with despite the fact that Lena’s introduction seemed to be all about introducing a foe into Kara’s life. But Lena has proven, time and time again, that she’s more than her last name, she’s more than what people expect of her. She’s a hero in her own right – and she’s, above all other things, Kara’s friend.

Likewise, Kara has proven that Lena is more than a convenient tie that makes it harder to guess her real identity, Lena is one of the few people that actually knows Kara Danvers, someone that chose her, and keeps choosing her – not Supergirl. The DCTV universe has failed at female friendships time and time again, but in Lena and Kara, they have finally given us what we’ve been asking for all along: women supporting each other.

Paige & Happy ~ “Scorpion”

Dealing with a genius is difficult, and more so when it’s hard for them to relate and have a deep understanding of our most human and emotional side. That can be proved by Paige, a member of the Scorpion team and responsible for making a group of geniuses more human and less “machines.” Happy is one of the most difficult people in the group, she’s a brilliant engineer and the opposite of Paige.

At first, Happy didn’t see the usefulness of Paige in the team. She was a waitress and wasn’t a genius. For that reason, it took her a while to accept Paige. But Paige with her sweetness, her empathy and her good ideas managed to prove to all the team, especially Happy, her worth.

Little by little, she managed to accept her and Paige got Happy to open up a lot more, face and overcome her fears and demons, the fruit of a complicated childhood, where abandonment was the daily bread. That emotional connection caused Happy to find the love of her life and her happy ending. That fact is something for which Happy, although she doesn’t say it, will be eternally grateful to Paige.


This friendship was born in the middle of a hostile terrain. Happy was a person who didn’t know how to relate to people, uncouth, didn’t let anyone approach her personally. But Paige managed to sneak into her heart and go disarming the shell that Happy had built around her. And Happy found herself appreciating and loving Paige sincerely, being much more emotional than she ever thought.

All this created a special link between them that although neither of them recognize aloud – Happy doesn’t like to talk about their feelings – is there and is very strong. That’s the reason they’re on our list.

BONUS: Max & Caroline ~ “2 broke girls”

We couldn’t finish this list without including these two mythical friends who made us laugh and enjoy for six years and, unfortunately, this 2017 was the last one they could do it.

They’re like water and oil. At first sight incompatible. A rich girl come to less – Caroline – and another girl with a difficult childhood and adolescence who has never had anything – Max. But they’re perfect together.


Max teaches Caroline how to survive in her new life, totally away from the wealth to which she was accustomed and Caroline manages to show Max that, sometimes, letting your guard down is the right choice and brings good things. And both make the other learn what’s a sincere friendship. So much so that Max’s dream becomes Caroline’s and they fight together to achieve it.

All their follies and the messes that they lived will always remain in our memory, engraved by fire … and with a click, we’ll be ready to laugh again with them. See you soon, girls!


Agree? Disagree? Do you miss someone on this list? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

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