‘The Brave’ 1×10 Review: Desperate Measures

“I will give you nothing.”

Once again, The Brave has me redacting my previous statement of “Desperate Times” being the best episode to date because the Monday night’s mid-season premiere of “Desperate Measures” officially takes that title. The tenth episode of this freshman season was worth every second of the wait!

Literally picking up where we left off, there was no time to mourn or freak out over Jaz’s capture. The team acted fast and proved why they hold the title of “The Brave”. They showed that there was no sacrifice too great to make when it came to saving one of their own.


Sacrifice, it’s something we’ve all encountered in our lives, some small, and some life changing. But we’ve all experienced it. We’ve all had to give up something or someone for the greater good. It’s a word that is all too familiar with the armed forces.

When you sign your name on that line, pledging your life and liberty to this country, you are making the promise that there is no sacrifice too great, including your life. Like our servicemen and women, “Desperate Measures” showcased that there were no limits to the lengths Campbell, Dalton or their team would go for each other.

Taken by a malicious, violent terrorist group, Jaz was faced with one of the scariest things an undercover operative can face. But what makes this woman such an inspiration and absolute badass is she didn’t falter. She didn’t give up her country or her team. She didn’t take the easy way out and she didn’t show an ounce of fear.

Natacha Karam can portray so much with just a look and my goodness did her eyes say everything! The moments when she was silent were breathtaking. She conveyed so much without uttering a word. She showed her pure and complete strength. Once again, Natacha’s portrayal of Jaz makes me so incredibly proud to serve.

Dalton also showed his willingness to go any lengths necessary for his team. He was confronted with a leader’s worst nightmare: the loss of one of his own. They say the men and women you lead and supervise are like your children and it’s true. You are entrusted with caring and guiding someone else’s child, sister, brother. It’s a huge undertaking because it’s not just about you anymore; it’s about them and their well-being.

The entire team was hurting and worried but you could see the toll Jaz’s capture took on Dalton especially. He blamed himself and he was willing to do whatever it took to get her back safely, even if it meant running himself ragged. Like Jaz, he once again showed why he is such an extraordinary leader.

Speaking of extraordinary leaders, enter Patricia Campbell. While Dalton and Jaz were willing to make any and all sacrifices, it luckily didn’t come to that but for Campbell, it did. She literally sacrificed her job and position for the team by outing Jaz as an American operative and she did it without blinking. T

his isn’t the first time Campbell was willing to sacrifice everything for her team and I truly believe it will not be the last. She’s a strong, fiery and fierce woman and leader. She’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and she’ll never take anyone down with her. We can all stand to be a little more like this brilliant woman.

The final portrayal of sacrifice was a tough one. Dalton’s longtime friend, Hossein Larijani, gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the safe passage for Dalton and his team. And like so many before him, he did it without a second thought, without fear or faltering. He was the ultimate hero and with him only being in two episodes, it was a hard death to witness and is a loss the team will most definitely feel.


Everyone – Like I said with 1×09, imagine me trying to pick just one person this week! From the team in Washington working tirelessly to help locate Jaz and also an extraction for the team, to the operations team in the field, everyone pulled their weight and proved why they are members of this elite team. It’s honestly getting harder and harder for me to name just one person as our weekly badass because this team has badass and tenacity running through their veins!

Also, shout out to Preach and the rocket launcher…YESSSS!!



Dalton: “No, we’re not leaving without Jaz.”
Campbell: “You may not have a choice.”
Dalton: “You know what? You’re exactly right. We do not have a choice.”

Campbell: “He doesn’t need more bad news, he needs hope.”
Noah: “Yeah, but false hope?”
Campbell: “There’s no such thing.”

Larijani: “This is madness, you know that, right?”
Amir: “This is the only way.”
Larijani: “Oh, I’m not arguing with you. I’m just stating a fact. I love madness.”

Dalton: “She’s already dead. Don’t you guys see that? She’s dead where she is, she’s dead where she’s gonna be but in the middle, we get this window where she’s alive…I say the hell with fate.”

Larijani: “These monsters killed my daughter. They don’t kill my friends too.”


In the Air Force, there is a promise, a creed that all Airmen recite at military events as a sign of unity and everything they’re willing to sacrifice and fight for. The final lines of the creed have always resonated with me in the most raw and powerful way:

“I will never leave an Airmen behind, I will never falter, and I will not fail!”

It’s not just about sacrificing yourself or giving up your life, it’s about taking care of your brother and sisters in arms. It’s about having their back and protecting them at all costs. It’s about living by the core value of “service before self”. As I said earlier, it’s not about you anymore, it’s about everyone else. This show portrays this sentiment in the most beautiful way. It inspires, it evolves, it breathes life into this country.

I say it with every review and I mean it, this show is unlike any military TV series the world has ever seen. There will never be enough words to truly capture how this show has reached people, how it has touched their souls and what it continues to do for our armed forces. I’m truly amazed each week at how this group of men and women grow and learn and support each other. They take every obstacle and roadblock and work through it as a team, as a family. Because that’s what they are: a family. Living and breathing and fighting as one entity.

I’m so happy to have this show back on my TV after the long hiatus and how NBC hasn’t renewed it yet it beyond me! It would truly be a disservice if we don’t get a second season of this phenomenal program.

Make sure your voice is heard and let them know via social media and any means necessary to #RenewTheBrave! This show deserves, nay DEMANDS, a season 2 and we the fans need to fight to ensure this amazing team’s story continues!

The Brave airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.


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