‘The Brave’ 1×13 Review: Close To Home – Part 2

“Maybe hell is the perfect memory of everything that we’ve ever done.”

There are episodes that we see on TV that are fleeting, episodes that we see but don’t remember or never truly reach us. Then there are some that stick with us forever. Episodes that no matter what happens, we feel them in the depths of our souls and The Brave‘s “Close To Home: Part 2” is one of those instances.

As I have said in my reviews all season, The Brave has touched us all in some kind of way and nothing holds more truth than Monday night’s finale. If you weren’t left breathless or in tears, you weren’t watching the same show because this episode brought everything we had seen all season to head and it was a piece of cinematic gold!


Coming off last week’s episode, we knew that the finale was sure to be explosive and it was, it most certainly was. Within the first five minutes, we saw Campbell make a decision that not a lot of people would be able to make. She chose country over self and did what was right even when it was hard for her personally. She proved again why she is the stellar leader that we know and love.

Even when face to face with her past, she still held her ground and did what was right. She continued to fight for the greater good against all adversity. It would have been easy to take Hoffman up on his offer to serve as an Intel agent but Campbell has never been one to take the easy way out. And while her strength is something that is an admirable trait, it can also be a weakness at times. Having Dalton there to protect her, even when she was ready to face her fate, is what makes their dynamic so thrilling and pure.

While we saw doubt last week and concern from Dalton, with what was happening with Campbell, he ended up trusting his instincts and his history with her and chose to help her fight. He went with his gut, which continues to be a positive force. As I continue to say, the trust he has in his team and the analysts is what makes this operation work. He’s quick with a plan and isn’t afraid to change it as needed or when his team feels like something is fishy. He always has the right amount of skepticism and it keeps him on his toes, which is what you need when you’re leading a team like this one.


The team downrange is used to the pressure of last minute changes and in your face missions, but to the analyst, this can sometimes seem distant as they are feeding the information to the team. But the finale saw Noah and Hannah in just as much of a high stakes situation as ever. Left at the helm yet again, Noah persevered with the support of his wingman, Hannah.

They fought together to save a crew of 150 and to protect technology from the hands of our enemies. He didn’t falter or give up and like Hannah said, he kept hope alive which is sometimes all you can do. The world can be crashing down around you and the smallest sliver of hope can be what saves you. I have loved watching these two grow all season. They, like Dalton’s team, are that same well-oiled machine that keeps on ticking and chugging along. They back each other up yet aren’t afraid to question the other when the time is right.

Finally, the highest stake of the night…our beloved Preach. We knew coming into this finale, based off the promo, that someone might not survive and while everyone is currently alive, Preach is injured to the point that we don’t know if he will recover. Like we saw in 1×05, Preach put himself in the line of fire without a second thought. He didn’t hesitate when Hoffman set his plan into motion, he simply acted and it saved Campbell’s life. I’m in tears just thinking about it because he, in my opinion, has always been the heart of this team and even this show.

As touched on in my interview with the sensational Dean Georgaris, Preach is a man of faith who finds peace and solace in his faith. It’s not something he struggles with and he helps the team with his kind words of wisdom. He is always there when one of them falls or is struggling and he always seems to know the perfect things to say. Seeing his teammates around his bedside broke me. They all looked so lost; like the light had gone out in their eyes and I feel like without Preach, that is true. Preach is that guiding light for them and this is something they are going to feel for a long time.


Everyone – Again, I can’t imagine making this decision. Watching Dalton’s team work like that well-oiled machine we’ve come to know and love was a beautiful thing and Campbell not giving up and fighting to make amends and right past wrongs. And even in DC, Noah and Hannah killing it and saving the day all while giving hope and inspiring others to keep fighting. It just further proved why we love these eight people. But I would be remise if I didn’t give a shout out to Preach because without him, we more than likely would have lost Campbell.


Dalton: “Yeah but you know how this works, Preach. The guy wraps himself in a flag, he walks out the door, and he does things that jeopardize everything you and I fight for. Just like a rabid dog, with a guy like that, you do one thing: you put him down. I don’t think she’s here to put him down. I think she’s gonna take him back and so, liar or not, he’s still right…now does that seem right to you?”
Preach: “No. It does not. But we’ve been doing this long enough, Adam, to know that right doesn’t always win.”

Campbell: “I know very little in this world, less it seems every day, but there is one thing I know. You are too dangerous to be free.”

Jaz: “Did you just take my shot?”
Dalton: “Whoops.”

Verina: “Sometimes, to build a better mousetrap, you just need the right kind of cheese.”
Noah: “Sounds good……what does that mean?”

McGuire: “You know he’d (Preach) have something to say right now, right? He’d be like, ‘McGuire, baby, you know it’s always darkest before the dawn.’”
Dalton: “No he wouldn’t. It makes way too much sense. It’d have to be a little more cryptic. You know, like, ‘the sun and the moon are twins.’”
Amir: “Trials are the precursors to triumphs.”
Jaz: “The river of life runs through rapids we call adversity.”
McGuire: “Man, where does he even come up with this stuff?”
Amir: “Certainly not from books.”
Dalton: “Nope, he’s tapped into something else entirely.”


As the dust settles on this epic finale, we are left with so many unanswered questions. What will happen to Campbell and her position at the DIA? Will anyone learn of Dalton’s actions with Hoffman? And most importantly, will Preach recover? We are prepped for a season two that is sure to be even more explosive that the first and I pray we get that chance to see this story continue.

These last 13 episodes have been life changing in the best way. I have read so many comments on social media about how many lives this show has touched or changed for the better. Those qualities that Mr. Georgaris fought so hard to bring to light have transcended to his audience and we are all better for it.

I don’t know what the future will bring and whether this show will get a second season but I do know one thing for sure: this show, these eight characters, they will live forever in the hearts and souls of every writer, cast and crew member, advisor and fan of this show. We will never forget this team or their mission to keep the red, white, and blue flying high and proudly. We will all see the world a little differently and that’s a beautiful thing. It has been an honor to write reviews for this stellar show and I hope I can continue to do so with a second season.

Until we meet again, stay true, stay righteous but most of all, stay BRAVE.

Even though the season has ended, keep fighting for your voice to be heard and let NBC know via social media and any means necessary to #RenewTheBrave!


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