‘The Brave: 5 Things We Want From Season 2

The Brave’s first season was pure perfection! It took a deeper dive into the happenings on the front line as well as the quick thinking and decision making by the analyst in DC.

For only a 13 episode season, the show grew quite the fandom and even though a second season isn’t solidified yet, we wanted to share our top 5 hopes/questions we have for season 2.

1) Preach’s Fate – How could this be any other number than one?! As highlighted in our review for the season finale, Preach is the heart and soul of this team. He touches every member in some way and gives them hope, an uplifting speech or a laugh when they need it most. We’re still not over the team standing over his bed looking so lost. Preach has been a force to be reckoned with all season; a selfless man who wants to do nothing but protect his team, his family. If his fate is anything other than a full recovery, it will not only be devastating for the team, but all of the fans because he truly lives by the code of The Brave.

2) Director Campbell’s Job – It was clear from the moment Hoffman was discovered that he and Campbell had an interesting past. A man Campbell had long since thought was dead reappeared and with him, her future at the DIA was immediately in jeopardy. Campbell has always been one to sacrifice herself (and position) for the good of the team but this was a time when it wasn’t something she could have planned for. Seeing Hoffman alive and well was a shock and put everything into question. Even though he finally met his maker, we’re still left wondering if there will be any fall out for Campbell and her position as the director. For the sake of the team and the world, we truly hope not!

3) Repercussions for Dalton? – Like his counterpart at the DIA, Dalton took a risk and put everything on the line when he took out Hoffman. An intense stand-off that ended with a bullet in Hoffman, Dalton made a decision to protect not only Campbell and his team, but because he knew the kind of threat Hoffman was to the safety of the world. We hope that nothing comes of this for our fearless Captain but it will be interesting to see how this plays out. But no matter what happens, Dalton will take it like the amazing, stand out leader he is and move forward.

4) Even more character background – We got a taste of what makes each one of these stellar character’s tick but with a second season, we hope to see even more. After all, it’s all part of the journeys that led them to each other. Getting glimpses in the first season set the show up to reveal even more about what makes these 8 phenomenal people so, well, phenomenal and we’re so ready!

5) More amazing missions – This is something that we have no doubt we’ll get as it’s one of the best parts of the show! We’re sure that season two will pack even more heart pounding, pulse racing, edge of your seat missions like the world has ever seen! It’s what makes the show so realistic and believable and it’s what so many fans love.

We hope, like so many fans, that The Brave will get it’s much deserved second season so it can continue to change lives and show the world what really goes on for America’s unsung heroes. Remember to keep getting the word out to #RenewTheBrave. Every little bit helps and hopefully, we’ll get to continue writing reviews for this once in a lifetime series!

What are some of your hopes for season two? Share your thoughts below.


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