It started like any other love story: Boy meets girl. Girl doesn’t know boy exists. Boy swoons from afar. It seemed hopeless for our heroes at the beginning but this love story took time to build and man, was it worth every. single. second! Stiles and Lydia will always beRead More →

A Million Little Things usually leaves us feeling emotional in a good, healthy, cathartic way. This past week though? We’re left with seething anger and annoyance and it’s all aimed at one person and one person only. A lot of bombs were dropped this week and moments that had ourRead More →

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America doesn’t just save the lives of innocents when fighting forces of evil but he’s been saving us all since the very first time he graced our screens in Captain America: The First Avenger. Here are ten times his delicious derriere proved why it deserves theRead More →

The fourteenth episode of A Million Little Things had me going through the emotions faster than a menopause hot flash! We finally reached the opening of Regina’s long awaited restaurant and what should have been a joyous night was quickly tainted with traumas from her past. We saw Gary’s “Mr.Read More →

TV series cliffhangers. We’ve all been a victim to this horrible disservice at least once in our TV watching years. That evil moment when a show is cancelled and you never get to see what happens to your favorite characters. There should be a law against networks cancelling a TVRead More →

A Million Little Things “Unexpected,” the title of the sixth episode of this sensational drama, definitely described every bit of it! So many unexpected things happened and I’m still reeling. A part from the pilot, this was one of the most emotional episodes for me to date. Rome’s breakdown to ReginaRead More →

The Brave’s first season was pure perfection! It took a deeper dive into the happenings on the front line as well as the quick thinking and decision making by the analyst in DC. For only a 13 episode season, the show grew quite the fandom and even though a secondRead More →

“Maybe hell is the perfect memory of everything that we’ve ever done.” There are episodes that we see on TV that are fleeting, episodes that we see but don’t remember or never truly reach us. Then there are some that stick with us forever. Episodes that no matter what happens,Read More →

“You’re a born liar and a master manipulator.” “Close To Home: Part 1” is one of the first episodes where I wasn’t left breathless and I think that was done on purpose. With the start of The Brave’s two part finale, I think the writers are setting us up forRead More →

“You know what, in our line of work, I think experience…it comes at a pretty steep cost…I lost sight of what made me better than them. I don’t know if we have to have a dark side to do what we do, Jaz, but I know that I met mine.Read More →