12 of the Best TV Moments of 2017

For all the heartbreaking and tear inducing moments outlined in our previous article, there are just as many uplifting, beautiful, blissful moments that take our breath away. This year most definitely didn’t disappoint and gave fans some amazing on-screen moments as well as behind the scenes victories that proved just how powerful a fandom’s voice can be. Let’s take a look at our list of the best TV moments of 2017.

1. Jamie & Claire’s Reunion, Outlander – 3×06

A love that literally knows no time or space, Jamie and Claire have proven over and over what it means to truly be soul mates. The end of season 2 left us all anticipating the reunion we knew was coming and for the first 5 episodes of season 3, we waited (im)patiently for that moment. It all came to fruition in 3×06, “A. Malcolm” and it was the best reunion that fans could’ve asked for. From shuddering breaths to scorching kisses, Jamie and Claire set fan’s worlds on fire and all we wanted was more and more! Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe brought these two characters and Diana Gabaldon’s beautiful words to life in such an organic and raw way. It was a reunion for the ages and will live in the hearts of fans of this beloved series forever.

2. Mon-El’s Return, Supergirl – 3×07


183 days…that’s how long fans waited for the return of the adorable space puppy that is Mon-El. From the moment he left in 2×22, our hearts broke along with Kara’s for the man we had all come to know and love. After a whirlwind comic con, fans were reassured that Mon-El would return and that it would be one of the main plots of the series third season. Armed with that news, fans waited patiently and it was worth every second! And even though the Mon-El that has returned seems vastly different from the naive innocent man we once knew, his return has definitely set things in motion for what’s the be an amazing second half of season 3. As we move into 2018, we have faith that we will get back some of his innocence we saw in season 2 and that of course, our Karamel will be reunited and be stronger than ever! (And a damn suit!!)

3. Weller & Jane’s Wedding, Blindspot – 3×01

From the moment Jane and Kurt met each other, it was clear there was this undeniable spark that fans fell in love with. They fought for each other and even when the world was falling apart around them, they always found solace and comfort in the other. The road to wedded bliss most definitely wasn’t an easy one for these two sensational characters but it was a road well worth it. In the season 3 premiere, fans of this couple were rewarded with a beautiful look into their newly wed life. To see Jane and Kurt have that slice of normalcy for even just a moment was such a beautiful sentiment and well worth the angst it took to get there.

4. Arya & Sansa’s Reunion, Game of Thrones – 7×04

We’d gotten some Stark reunions before (who can forget the way Sansa and Jon hugged for ages), but none of them felt as charged as the reunion of Arya and Sansa Stark, sisters who never saw eye two eye, and who we can even say never truly liked each other when they were together. But, as Arya herself says when she finally comes face to face with the person she thought she hated the most when she was little: “our stories aren’t over yet,” and these two women who thought they had nothing in common and would never truly feel the bonds of sisterhood, didn’t just reunite in Season 7, they finally saw the best in each other and learned to appreciate that.

5. The day we time traveled with the cast & crew of Timeless

A fan favorite from episode one, Timless showed viewers that history could be fun and exciting. With an extraordinary cast and group of writers, this show captured the hearts and minds of its fans. Each week was a new adventure and mystery and the show managed to develop an amazing plot without hitting any roadblocks or dry spells. We, like many fans, felt a renewal was 100% guaranteed…or so we thought.

NBC shocked the #TimeTeam when it cancelled our beloved show. Fans took to social media protesting the decision and voicing their concerns and desire for this amazing show to be renewed. Even co-creator Eric Kripke made his opinion known and fought to get Timeless picked up by another network or even via online streaming. But as we saw in each episode, history can be changed and sure enough, three days after announcing its cancellation, NBC renewed Timeless for another well-deserved season! The power of social media, ladies and gentlemen!

6. The Brave

FOR GOD & COUNTRY — Season: Pilot — Pictured: (l-r) Mike Vogel as Michael Dalton, Noah Mills as Joseph J. McGuire, Hadi Tabbal as Amir Al-Rasani, Demetrius Grosse as Anthony ?”Preach?” Carter, Natacha Karam as Jasmine “Jaz” Ervin — (Photo by: Jeff Riedel/NBC)

Over the years, there have been many shows about the military and the struggles that service men and women everywhere endure but there has NEVER been a show like NBC’s The Brave. From the first moments of the pilot episode, fans were drawn into Director Campbell (Anne Heche) and Captain Dalton’s (Mike Vogel) world in the most organic way. The Brave isn’t just a show, it offers fans a view into military life in a way that has never been done before. Each character has a purpose and has a voice. Each mission is life or death and takes not only courage but tenacity and ingenuity; traits that this team has in spades!

But it’s not just the characters and the stories that makes this show one of the best TV moments of the year, it’s the cast, crew, and writers. With creators/writers like amazing Dean Georgaris and tech advisers like the badass Mikal Vega, The Brave has created a show that is a true tribute to the armed forces and pays homage to their sacrifices as our unsung heroes. If this show doesn’t get renewed, we shall riot!

7. Josh Segarra as Prometheus, Arrow, Season 5

The Green Arrow has faced many a villain over its 6 seasons but last season, Oliver was met with hands down the best baddie to ever grace the sensational vigilante series: Adrian Chase aka Prometheus. Josh Segarra portrayed this character in the most brilliant way. Fans were truly heartbroken when it was revealed that Oliver’s new colleague and friend was none other than the deadly Prometheus and we felt betrayed just as he did. But what Segarra did so well was also make you root FOR him. We knew he was bad, we knew he was destined to be defeated by the Green Arrow but we couldn’t help but love him. With seemingly invincible plans and always being 10 steps ahead of Team Arrow, Chase proved to be Oliver’s most formidable foe to date.

Anyone else still hoping Adrian Chase has a twin brother out there somewhere so we’ll get more Segarra in the future?

8. The Phenomenon that is This Is Us

The world knew when the pilot episode aired of this extraordinary show that NBC had found a true gem. Each week, fans everywhere tuned in to see what would happen next for the Pearson family, both past and present and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. With a show that makes you feel EVERYTHING, This Is Us opened our eyes and our hearts and everyone could relate to at least one or more of these amazing characters. As predicted, ratings soared and the cast, crew and fans celebrated. But what no one expected was that this beautiful piece of heaven would get renewed for not only one, but TWO more seasons before the first season even ended!

As we move into the second half of season 2, we have all the faith that This Is Us will continue it’s remarkable journey and we are fully prepared for it…Kleenex and all!

9. Captain Hook & Emma’s Wedding, Once Upon a Time – 6×20

Once Upon A Time fans waited for years for this moment, not just because it was the culmination of a love story they’d invested in, but because it was beautiful to see their hero, their Emma, finally get her happy ending, that happy ending that isn’t just about the love of one man, but the love of family, the one that surrounded her on that beautiful day, the one that sang with her and the one that stood next to her as a curse was coming. The lost girl had finally found her home. Plus, the Once Upon A Time Musical gave us a hell of a lot of good songs. We’re still singing!

10. The Season 1 Finale Twist, The Good Place – 1×13

In every show, some twists and turns are predictable and some catch you unbelievably forking off guard and through you’re a loop! The season 1 finale of The Good Place did just that! All season long, viewers saw Eleanor struggle with coming clean about her being placed in the “good place” vs the “bad place”. We saw her grow and change for the better. But what we didn’t see coming was that they had all been in the bad place all along and that Michael, their lovable leader, was a lying sack of shirt (but in the best way possible).

The second season of this hilarious show has proven to be even better than the first and we couldn’t be happier! So bring on the shrimp cocktail and chowder because we’re in it for the long haul!

11. Kai Parker’s Return, The Vampire Diaries – 8×12, 13, 14

Logic will tell you that you shouldn’t root for a psychotic sociopath but when it comes to Kai Parker, logic doesn’t apply! In its final season, The Vampire Diaries brought back everyone, EVERYONE and fans were elated to see the return of their favorite siphon turned heretic. With his return came the same sarcastic, iconic quotes and moments that we all missed dearly since season 6. He even brought back his signature wave and introduced us to his Twitter page, @CobraKai1972. It was a joy seeing the amazing Chris Wood back on the cult classic and even if it was only for two episodes, he packed the same charm and charisma he always had with the character.

Heading into the last season of The Originals, we wouldn’t be mad if a certain heretic broke out of a certain prison world and wrecked a little havoc on good ol’ New Orleans.

12. Watching The Handmaid’s Tale

Watching The Handmaid’s Tale was hard. It wasn’t a happy story, and at times, it hit way too close to home to even be called entertainment. And yet we pushed through, because it was the kind of storytelling we might not love – but we needed. Especially in the current political climate. TV can make us feel many things, but TV can, sometimes, also serve as a warning, and this show felt like just that, and in the moment we needed it most.

2018 better be ready to bring it because these moments made our year and will definitely be hard to top!

What were some of your favorite TV moments of 2017? Share your thoughts below.

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