Insult to Injury: The Tale of the Implosion of ‘Veronica Mars’

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to piss off an insane amount of people at one time, just ask Rob Thomas.

After Hulu’s early release of the Veronica Mars reboot on July 19th, Marshmallows all over the world raced to their computers and phones to witness the next chapter in the 15 year franchise…and the majority (myself included) regretted it. So many emotions have been flowing through me since I watched the reboot ranging from gut-wrenching pain to searing anger and a teeny, tiny bit of hope that maybe, just maybe there was a bigger story to be told and Logan had, by some miracle, survived. This would have been a great set-up for the next season. The new case Veronica was leaving to investigate could have been to find out what really happened to Logan. Rob would have had us hanging on the edge of our seats.

Instead, he decided to be just like a large group of small minded writers in Hollywood and push this misguided misogynist notion that in order for a woman to be strong and survive, she can’t be in love or a relationship and has to be hardened to everything in the world. This decisions proves that Rob Thomas thinks Veronica is only interesting when she’s beat down and can only thrive when she lives in her trauma. Where is the hope in that? Where is the logic in saying that if you’re happy and at peace that you can’t be the same badass you’ve always been?

Here’s the thing: It is certainly placing a big bet. And I love Jason Dohring, the person, I love Logan the character. But we really want to be able to do more Veronica Mars in the future and playing a detective series where your kickass detective has a boyfriend or husband back home is not undoable, but not the best version of the show,” Rob Thomas – E! News

Gee mister, I guess I missed the part where having someone to lean on in times of hardship is a bad thing. I’ve been married for almost 10 years and I guess I’m wrong for that. I guess I should let my husband know that he’s been holding me back from my true potential all these years. That I could be so much stronger and better if he wasn’t in the picture. Thank goodness for men like Rob Thomas that can educate a silly, weak woman like myself. Phew, dodged a bullet there!


I know that seems like an insane thing to say but this entire situation is just that, INSANE! If he didn’t want Veronica Mars to be a teenage drama then he shouldn’t have made it about a TEENAGE PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR! And if he didn’t want her to have such close relationships then why create them in the first place? What was the point of the original 64 episodes? Why create these amazing characters with such iconic stories if all you wanted was an angry, traumatized woman who needed to live her life alone with no close relationships? Furthermore, why have Logan work so hard to create a better life for himself and overcome all of the hardships and pain he endured just to demolish him FOR NO REASON?!

And it’s not just the romantic relationship, Veronica treated everything in her life like they were expendable this season. Her father was suffering from possible dementia and her top concern wasn’t his health but keeping him focused on the investigation and Mars Investigation open. Her best friend that had been there from her from the very beginning was almost a nuisance to her. He was happily married with a baby and clearly that wasn’t Veronica’s cup of tea. Throughout season four, we got glimpses of the old Veronica that we knew and loved but the majority of the season was spent with her pushing everyone away from her and ignoring the love she had in her life. She victimized herself all season long and it was horrible to see. VERONICA IS MORE THAN HER TRAUMA!!!!

While we’re on the topic of trauma, Logan suffered more agony and heartache than even Veronica herself and he almost let that destroy him. As we saw in the second novel, he was moments away from taking his life during that nine year gap but found the light in the Navy. But even though the Navy saved his life, it also brought pain and loss at times yet he still persevered. He didn’t falter under the weight of his loss and didn’t use it as an excuse to alienate everyone in his life. On the contrary, he used his life experiences to help him grow into the amazing person he had become. He used it to STRENGTHEN his relationships. He sought help when he needed it and wasn’t afraid to talk about his problems. As a huge champion for mental health myself, that was one of my favorite parts of season four. Logan was unashamed about therapy and was a true advocate and it was everything! Now tell me, why is it that Logan can be happy and thriving in a relationship AND still be a resilient amazing person who doesn’t let his past define him? Is it because Rob Thomas is a shitty writer or is it because he lives in a misguided world where women can’t function in the same manner men can?

A story is only interesting because there is conflict,” she conceded. “There’s nothing interesting about perfection. You want to see someone struggle… And you want Veronica in the underdog position,” Kristen Bell – TV Line

No, Ms. Bell, YOU want Veronica in the underdog position. We just want her to be happy and thrive and she can do that without living every second of her life in a dark, angry hole surrounded by the traumas of her past. Great message to send little girls these days. Gold cussing star!

I thought that things couldn’t get any worse than they were the moment that bomb went off and then Rob Thomas AND Kristen Bell’s post season interviews came out and boy was I wrong. Rob Thomas having the balls to say that killing off Logan was necessary to “save the show” makes me want to vomit. If Logan was such a detriment to the show then why have Veronica come back to Neptune to help him in the film? Why keep him in the books? Why use him as 95% of the promotion for the f*cking reboot? If he was hurting the show so badly, why keep him around all this time? Are you even hearing yourself, Rob?!?!

Furthermore, telling fans that while this might not be what we wanted but it’s what we needed is so arrogant and disrespectful. It spits in the faces of every single person that ever watched or read anything Veronica Mars related. How dare you stoop to the levels you’ve gone to get your reboot the attention you needed. How dare you use Logan and his relationship with Veronica as a means to get viewers and reel us in. How dare you shit on a series that meant so much to so many people. How dare you try and pass this f*ck fest off as good TV. If Rob Thomas thinks his “mysteries” will keep people watching, then he’s in for a rude awakening. His mysteries and cases aren’t the reason we watched. It was the characters he created and developed. It was the RELATIONSHIPS they had with each other and the willingness to do any and everything for one another.

This bet he’s hoping will pay off is going to blow up in his face just like he blew up Logan and this fandom. Cuss you, Rob Thomas. You should be ashamed of yourself!

Sincerely, A Former Marshmallow

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