‘The Brave’ 1×03 Review: Team Dynamics and Knowing Your People

“The Omega teams aren’t like any other special forces. They finesse. They manipulate. They bend the world to achieve their objective. Why? Because they know they’re the final option. You activate them; they get it done or they die trying…They count on us to make the right call.”

Falling into a groove with “The Greater Good”, The Brave’s third episode of its freshmen season continues to shine a light on the importance of what it means to be a teammate and trusting your people. Team dynamics and limits were my takeaways from this week’s phenomenal episode. Training for a mission and knowing your orders is half the battle, but knowing yourself and the people who have your back makes all the difference.


Team dynamics is more than knowing who your leader and battle buddies are. It’s knowing and understanding that everyone has an important and equal part to play in getting the job done. Once again, Capt Dalton thrived as the impeccable leader of the Omega Team. He listened to the opinions of everyone and didn’t make rash decisions. To me, that’s the kind of leader every unit needs. You want someone who doesn’t just say “jump because I said so,” you want that person that will listen to what you have to say, who values your opinion.

It’s easy to sit at the top, dictate, and tell others what you want them to do because you think its best or its “always been done this way.” What shows true strength and leadership is the person that has the guts to say “you know what? I don’t think my way is the best. What do you think we should do?” Empowering your people is what gets the job done. It motivates them and gives them an active voice and builds morale; something that is always lacking in the service. Dalton is so good at this and it doesn’t seem fake or forced. We heard everyone’s voice this week; especially Preach’s, which I loved! Preach is one of my favorite characters and I loved getting to see him shine a little more this episode.

On the other side of the world, Director Campbell displayed the same strengths as Dalton. She knew her team could handle the impossible when everyone else wanted to take the easy way out. She had no doubts and was confident because she knew that her team in Washington and Dalton’s would come through. She trusted them. You can’t have a successful team without trust. To me, it’s one of the most important facets in the service.


“The Greater Good” touched on knowing your limits in a big way with Hannah. A ghost from her days as a field agent came back to haunt her and she had to be honest about whether or not she thought she could handle the case. It’s hard to compartmentalize but it’s something that is necessary. While knowing her limits was huge, knowing how to cope with them and carry on is an even bigger feat. Hannah didn’t let her fear hold her back and she didn’t run away from the problem at hand. Campbell trusted in her judgement and was there if she slipped or needed help and it was wonderful to watch. Like Dalton, Campbell trusts in her people, knows them, what makes them tick.

Admitting fault or that you can’t deal with an issue or a mission takes strength and courage. It’s a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people and not just those in the service. Like I said in my review last week, admitting faults and when you need help isn’t a weakness, it’s a sign of strength. You’re saying to the world “I can’t handle all that’s being thrown at me and I need help.” I’d a rather a teammate who knows what their limits are while fighting by my side than someone who is too arrogant or proud and gets us both hurt because they can’t ask for help.


While it’s important to identify your limits, sometimes we’re blind to them. Hannah was strong and said she could handle this mission even with all the players, but towards the end, we saw her emotions come out and she made a decision that may have had a negative impact. Noah stepped in and helped her by pointing out that she was maybe too close to this mission. He knew his teammate, her strengths, and that she wasn’t ok. Knowing your people is half the battle.

Director Campbell actually agreed with Hannah’s decision because it was the best course of action but she also saw that Hannah had reached a point where she was using her emotions verses her head in her decision making. Her speech to Hannah (quoted at the start of the article) was so powerful. Every decision the analysts in Washington make, every mission, every call directly impacts Dalton’s team. Hannah showed true strength in my opinion with how she handled the situation. She wasn’t offended when called out by Campbell. She didn’t get defensive or disrespectful. She understood that Campbell was being honest with her to help her uncover the blind spot she had. To me, that’s a sign of true strength and grace.

It’s one thing to admit fault or a weakness in yourself, but to hear others point it out is a whole other thing. And how you react in that situation says everything! Are you going to be the person that attacks and closes up or are you going to be like Hannah and accept mistakes with grace and move on?


Campbell and Dalton continue to shine as true leaders. They know their people, inside and out. They know what motivates them, when they need tough love or a simple laugh. They trust the crew they’ve been given with their lives and it’s so powerful to witness! I see qualities in both of these characters that I strive for every day. Their leadership qualities are some of the best I’ve ever seen. I know it’s a show at the end of the day, but if I could instill even half of their strength and refinement in my daily duties as a sergeant, I’d consider myself a lucky person.

Besides the shining stars that are Dalton and Campbell, Preach was on my “badass” list this week. Preach’s plan was flawless and he wasn’t afraid to speak up and show what he had to offer the team. One of my favorite things about him is how quiet he is but when he chooses to speak, it’s so powerful! Preach is an elegant character. There is something about him that is just pure and raw. I hope we get more scenes with him taking the lead because let me tell you, this is one of those characters that is going to steal your heart in the best way possible!

The other member that made it to my list this week was the amazing Amir. When he stared down one of the most ruthless killers like a boss, I got chills! He was not afraid to show his face and make a stand. It was such a badass move and it made me so proud! He’s finding his footing with the team and even Jaz is warming up to him.

Once again, The Brave has struck gold. With a passionate, talented cast, it continues to steal the hearts of it viewers every week. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is absolutely nothing I would change because they are doing EVERYTHING right with this show. It’s that breath of fresh air the world needed.

Until next week, stay true, stay strong, and above all, stay brave!

The Brave airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.


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