There Is A New ‘Fifty Shades’ Book Coming From Christian Grey’s Point-of-View

Opinions. We have a lot of them. One of those being that we’re happy and okay with the fact that E.L. James has not let Fifty Shades go yet and is coming out with another book.

See, when Twilight came out and when we were teased with Midnight Sun, we were excited! The possibility of getting more from a different point of view? Count us in for the greatness. But Midnight Sun was never completed, and our hearts felt a little let down.

So we’re thrilled that E.L. James has written another Fifty Shades book from Christian’s point of view. She released the cover for Darker, which is Fifty Shades Darker from Christian’s point of view.

“The inside of Christian Grey’s head is a fascinating place to be,” E.L. James said in a released statement. “In Grey we got the first glimpse of what makes Christian tick, but in Darker we go deeper, into his most painful memories and the encounters that made him the damaged, demanding man Ana falls in love with. Writing this novel has been a journey of discovery, and I hope readers will find what I’ve learned as compelling as I did. Finally, it’s always a joy to work with the great team at Vintage.”

We’re excited to read more of the story from Christian’s point of view.

Darker hits bookshelves November 28th.

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