Agents of SHIELD 5×07 Review : “Together or Not At All”

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“Reunited and it feels so gooooodd!”..Well feels alright at least much like how “Together or Not at All” felt : A alright episode of Agents of SHIELD.

Now don’t get me wrong. I didn’t dislike this episode at all. There were parts I enjoyed very much so. It just didn’t wow me like the last couple few weeks have. “Together” highlighted the good and the bad of this season with our heroes reuniting (good) while running back into Deke (bad) and Kasius and his brother having their final family squabble (eh). So before I talk about (most) of the team reuniting, let me start off with talking about the two new faces to this season since Tess is no longer with us : Flint and Deke.




Flint and Deke. These two bring out such vastly different feelings from me. First the feeling of pride that Flint gives me is much like the one Mack and Yo-Yo get from him as well. This kid has been a great addition to the show so far. “Together” showcased why I’m a fan of Flint joining the team as his bond with Mack and Yo-Yo was highlighted here after he received the tragic news of Tess’s death from Mack. Mack goes to console the lad and you get real father/son vibes from the two. Another highlight was Flint avenging Tess’s death by killing off the Vicar with a nice rock-shaped dagger to the chest. Sure , this got him captured by Sinara but it was worth it.

The team is able to rescue Flint from his Kree captives but as they are about to go to the surface to save May, Flint makes the choice to stay. Another terrific choice as Flint shows the heart of a hero here as he proclaims that he wants to use his Inhuman powers to help save his people. Damn, that’s some Captain America-like hero thinking there, Flint. Mack and Yo-Yo decide to stay with Flint as well as mom and dad aren’t ready to see their son off to hero college by himself just quite yet. It’s going to be interesting¬† to see this trio in action in upcoming episodes as I wouldn’t mind a full episode set to these three trying to free the place from the evil blue Kree bastards. Now that I’ve spoken my peace on Flint’s story, let’s hit on someone who I’ve still not warmed up to – Deke.


Now if you are a fan of Deke’s, you can skip this paragraph. No one will hold it against you…..Okay. Now this won’t be the kindest thing to say but Deke needs to go away and not return until he has a new personality besides “Smart-ass loner who suddenly trust”. Sorry but it feels like they were wanting a Lance Hunter mixed with a Grant Ward. Two characters I enjoy but mixed together like a drink makes it taste pretty sour. Now if you think, I’m way off on this – Cool, you do you. But to me, he’s brought nothing to this season that couldn’t have been done by Tess. Deke’s interactions with Daisy give another hint that this is where they want to go but the spark is not there. Hopefully Deke can grow on me as he’s not going away anytime soon since he accompanied the team on their trip to the surface.


Now time to talk about the biggest two things of the episode : SHIELD reunited and Kasius and Sinara’s long game.


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So we got to see the whole team almost reunited for a whole episode for a change finally. At the very least, we got to see the reunion of Fitz with everybody – Mack missing his little Turbo buddy especially. Getting to this point has been a long time coming it felt like but also wish we could have got a little more time with them together before they split them up again. Let’s hope it’s not another 6-7 episodes before everyone is back together again.


However, one team member was missing up in the Lighthouse. May is stuck on the planet’s surface meeting some of those nasty bugs that populate the earth now. But thanks to some assistance from Enoch (Now we know what Fitz asked him to do for him), they fight off some of them before being captured by someone.

That someone turns out to being living in the Zephyr and is the one that got them in the mess in the first place, The Seer!! Sure now’s 70 instead of 7 but she still has the bird of hers to identify her with.¬† I thought it would be Deke’s dad or holding out hope, a really ancient Lance Hunter but this is who it needed to be if we need to get the team back home.


As for Kasius and Sinara, the main thrust of the plot for these two is that Kasius’s brother gets killed like a chump by Sinara. A chump. Sinara/Kasius sure do seem like lovers at the end of “Together” as they revel in the murder of his brother and the plan they seem to hatch to capture Quake once and for all. Now I get having soulmates and everything but Sinara can do so much better if they are a couple. SO much better.


So we are now a 1/3 through the season and it looks like we are still going to be in the future for a little while longer. A part of me is fine with this but a bigger part of me is ready to see the team return to the present.



  • So we know which Doctor is Simmons’s favorite one now. “ALLONS-Y!”
  • Not as much FitzSimmons as we would have wanted but we did get something near the end of the episode and it was a treat. From classic bantering to a little kiss at the end , it was lovely. (And like every man ever, Fitz is never going to drop that point that he proposed first)

  • Fitz gets shot in the side, no-sells it for the most part. I eat bad pizza, I’m bed-ridden for days.
  • Coulson, a flying car and a flying ship are two different things!!! I can’t stress this enough.



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