Cole Sprouse Is Going To Be In A Movie That Will Tear Us Apart

I don’t really like that this movie is being compared to The Fault in Our Stars, because that movie is timeless. Nothing will ever be like it.

But we are looking forward to seeing Cole Sprouse in a film. We can’t wait, because he is our favorite part of Riverdale (no offense KJ Apa).

The actor has been cast in CBS Films’ romantic drama Five Feet Apart. The story is centered around two people falling for each other, but they are both living on borrowed time. They are both dying.

We’re not prepared for the pain, but we love a movie that causes us to feel all the feels.

The film will be directed by Justin Baldoni with the script by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis. The movie is due to start filming in the spring (we’re assuming April, since Riverdale films through the end of March).


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