Our Favorite Reactions to Cole Sprouse’s Ass

Cole Sprouse posted a picture of his ass on Instagram, and of course, he is now trending. Here are some of the best reactions.

‘Moonshot’ Official Trailer Takes Us to Mars

Moonshot, starring Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse, has released an official trailer for the movie coming to HBO Max.

HBO Max Moves Release Date For ‘Moonshot’

We’re gonna have to wait a little longer to see Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor on our TV. Their movie, Moonshot, has changed its release date.

HBO Sets Premiere Date For ‘Moonshot’

We love a premiere date – especially for something that we’re looking forward to seeing. HBO gave us a premiere date for Moonshot.

‘Moonshot’ With Lana Condor And Cole Sprouse Has Wrapped

Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor in a movie together is just what we need. And now we’re one step closer to seeing it, because #Moonshot has wrapped. 👏🏻

Cole Sprouse Signs Producing Deal With Lionsgate

Cole Sprouse is multi-talented and is everywhere. We love that the actor keeps building his empire.

Cole Sprouse Returns To Social Media After A Break

Taking a mental health break when you need one is important. Don’t take that for granted. You come first.

Lili Reinhart Tweets About Twitter Trolls And We Stan

Cancel culture is one of the most fucked up things in the world. Twitter is a vile place that can take the life out of you. It’s a place where a bunch of people sit behind their computer screens with…

Cole Sprouse Puts Some People On Their Place and We Applaud

We all have fantasies. You can lie to your friends and I can lie to mine, but lets not lie to ourselves. We all have fantasies and when it comes to a celebrity that we find attractive – let us…

‘Riverdale’ SDCC Interviews: Cole Sprouse Talks Jughead

Cole Sprouse is a really funny guy. We gotta start there, because that’s the main thing we always take away from every interview with Cole. The guy’s got charisma oozing out of every pore, and it’s incredibly easy to see…

New ‘Five Feet Apart’ Trailer Promises Love, Tears, and Risks Being Taken

From director Justin Baldoni (Jane the Virgin) comes a romantic comedy that is on the same line of The Fault in Our Stars, where you know things are going to get bad, it’s gonna hurt, but you’re still going to…

Cole Sprouse Is Going To Be In A Movie That Will Tear Us Apart

I don’t really like that this movie is being compared to The Fault in Our Stars, because that movie is timeless. Nothing will ever be like it. But we are looking forward to seeing Cole Sprouse in a film. We…

Will We Ever See Dylan Sprouse on ‘Riverdale’ At All?

What is better than one Sprouse? Well that would be two. Like you all, we’ve long been familiar with Dylan and Cole Sprouse. The Suite Life may not have been my jam, but I’ve never taken for granted the actors…

We’re Obsessed With Cole Sprouse’s Instagram

It’s funny to me that I don’t really know that Cole Sprouse was from The Suite Life, but I can’t think of him as anything but Jughead Jones. I don’t want to think of him as anything else. I think…

Riverdale SDCC 2016 Interview: Cole Sprouse

Burgers, friendships, and solving mysteries. We caught up with Cole Sprouse, who plays the classic character Jughead on The CW’s Riverdale, to talk about his version of Jughead, being the comic relief, and his friendship with Archie. Sprouse started off…