‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 3×13 Review: “No Country for Old Dads”

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It’s funny that in a episode with a trip to the 60’s, a new Legend, a returning Legend,  a really terrible wig and meditation visitations, the relationship between a father and daughter is the main focus of “No Country for Old Men.”  Now, no one will say Damien and Nora Darhk are the normal family unit, but there’s a lot to relate to here for both the parent and the child. Well besides the kidnapping of Ray Palmer and a cold-fusion creating Professor but let’s be honest: It’s not even the weirdest father-daughter-ish thing happening in the Arrowverse this week…..

(Pour one out for Quentin Lance and whatever the Arrow writing staff has done to that man this season)

Damien just wants what’s best for his baby girl. Sure, having a demon connected with her is not the most healthy thing for a person, but to Damien that connection to Mallus has let him reconnect with Nora. As for Nora, she just wants to show her father that she’s not a little scared girl anymore. Kids always want to show their parents that they are grown-up. Through the season, we have seen this dynamic and it comes to a head here. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Darhks are evil and they deserve a lot of pain, but Nora has gone through a lot and to see her bonding with her dad was pretty nice at the end. Except Nora ends up being even more corrupted by Mallus, and it shows by the big scar on her head as she enjoys her hot chocolate.

Through the episode, Ray tries to get through to Nora as he’s first tortured to repair the fire totem and then goes on a forced adventure to get a 1960’s professor/inventor of the cold fusion mentioned earlier. Ray ends up helping Nora show more independence to her father, like the angsty boyfriend every dad loathes to see on his doorstep. However in typical Legends fashion, Ray ended up getting his crush? and her daddy back on the same page. Add to that Nora now has Vixen’s totem working for her, and it’s all ending up snake eyes for Ray Palmer.

Credit to Courtney Ford as well as even with all the stuff Nora has done and continues to do, Ford’s performance has made us still want to root for Nora to turn it around. She won’t, but we still hope.

Also I have to mention it: The main problem for Ray and Nora when they go to pick up the 60’s Professor is a world-famous assassin. Problem is this assassin is none other than Damien Darhk. Now, Darhk isn’t using that name, but I can’t remember the name he uses because……HE IS WEARING THE WORST WIG IN ARROWVERSE HISTORY.


Okay , I just needed to let that out. Sorry.

Courtesy of the CW


Now, the other big thing happening in “Old Dads” is Wally West officially becomes a Legend. Rip brings him aboard the Waverider, and at first everyone is apprehensive towards the two (Well more Rip but eventually everyone gets over it because you can’t stay mad at Arthur Darvill. Just not possible.) Wally tries to bond with the team by helping Amaya and Zari with their meditation, but after inadvertently calling Amaya “A basic bitch” Wally is back to square one.

However, the one thing Wally has that the Legends need badly is his super speed. Not only does Wally save Raymond for certain Darhk doom, but also is able to swipe the fire totem from Damien as well. That has been more than the whole team has done against Team Mallus all season long. So it’s no shock that Sara is actively recruiting Wally to join and after a little persuading and a blessing from Rip, Wally is on the roster!!

I’m so glad too because Wally was being wasted on The Flash. Here on Legends, he has the chance to shine. And shine he must as even though the Legends have the advantage right now, Mallus is lurking just around the corner. Stalking and ready to strike.


  • Sara and Ava’s relationship is still in the hot and heavy stage, until a Gorilla Grodd attack on the Time Bureau gives Agent Sharpe a promotion to Director Sharpe! AvaLance is strong but now can it stand distance apart just as they were growing closer?…..Yeah, probably.
  • Rip Hunter is back in the good graces of the Legends and a member of the Time Bureau again! But what is the secret Rip told Gideon to erase about Ava? Rip thinks he’s doing it to save Sara/Ava’s relationship but why do I have a feeling it might just shatter it instead?
  • ‘I’m going to have to kick my ass!!” Neal McDonough was on fire tonight as he was as witty and funnier and made Damien Darhk damn more enjoyable than ever before.
  • Some married couples have no on-screen chemistry. Thankfully Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford do, and it translates well on the TV screen.

Legends of Tomorrow airs on Mondays on The CW at 8 pm.


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