‘Timeless’: The ABC’s of Lyatt

There are ships that grow on you, ships that sort of you catch you unawares, and then there are ships that have you committing to the journey from the first “ma’am.” Lyatt is one of the later ships, for us, and we’ve been all in since we got to screen to Pilot, more than a year and a half ago.

But the beauty of Lyatt is not that the chemistry between the actors convinced us early on, no, the beauty of this ship is that the writing followed through, that the actors fulfilled the promise of that very first interaction, and that this show, more than perhaps any other show on TV, truly knows how to take characters on individual journeys before they can bring them together.

So, with Season 2 right around the corner, let’s take a look at why we love this couple, as we embark on, what we hope will be, their journey together. Here are the ABC’s of Lucy and Wyatt:

A is for Adventures

Because if these two have shared anything, it’s adventures. The fun kind, the breathtaking kind, the dangerous kind. These are two people who really know each other, because they’ve had to live through way more than people do in two lifetimes, and they’ve had to figure out how to get out of some pretty tight jams – together.

B is for Banter

The good kind of banter, a playful and fun exchange of teasing remarks, not at all meant to hurt or even to chastise – just two friends having fun with their different ways of seeing the world, and two people comfortable enough in each other’s presence to never hide who they truly are, but revel in it.

Timeless - ’The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln’

C is for Choice

If fate had its way, Lucy and Wyatt would probably not be together. He’d be with Jessica, maybe, and she’d surely be with Noah, or some other interchangeable Rittenhouse loyalist. But Lucy and Wyatt are not fate, not meant to be, not in the way we think about the word. Instead, they’re something more important, they’re a choice. A choice she made. A choice he made. And isn’t that better than some preordained destiny?

D is for Dependable

They’ve both lost everyone and have found themselves having to make a new family out of the people they met in Mason Industries. Lucy lost her sister, and in a way, her mother too. Wyatt lost Jessica. But they found Rufus, they found Jiya, and most importantly, they found each other. And they know, they absolutely know, that when the going gets tough, they can count on the other to be there, be it to help, to comfort or just to listen.

Timeless - “Red Scare”

E is for Ease

Lucy and Wyatt’s ease comes from the knowledge that they can be themselves around each other, truly themselves, without any judgment, without any recrimination, and most importantly, without the other person leaving. And that is a true gif that not everyone gets.

F is for (Never) Forgetting

One of the drawbacks of time travel is that things happen in the past that change the present as we know it. But Lucy and Wyatt know the same story, remember the same things, and they will never, ever return to find that they have disappeared from each other’s lives. They will never forget each other. And, in the world they live in, that’s the greatest reassurance ever.

Timeless - Pilot

G is for Glow

Because, let’s face it, they glow around each other, that glow that comes from the inside and that means you are not just content, but happy, because someone understands you, someone has your back, someone cares for you, really, truly cares. That glow that means that you have interiorized that, no matter what happens, you are not alone.

H is for Honesty

Lucy and Wyatt don’t lie to each other. Even if he’s stealing a time machine to go save his ex-wife, these two are always, always honest. That’s the foundation of their relationship. They respect each other enough to always be truthful, to know that lies are never the way to move forward. And that leads to a real understanding of who the other person is and what they’re feeling.

Timeless - “Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde”

I is for Intimacy

And I’m not talking about physical intimacy, not really, but about the intimacy that comes with knowing someone, with trusting that person completely, with being willing to, for lack of a better comparison, leap without looking, because you know that person will be there to catch you. That’s what Lucy and Wyatt have, and it’s a rare and beautiful thing.

J is for Journey

The journey of live, the journey of love, and, of course, the journey towards stopping Rittenhouse once and for all. Whatever the journey the might find themselves on, one thing is for sure, Lucy and Wyatt will travel the only way they know how – together.

Timeless - “Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde”

K is for Kiss

For that instant when their lips touched, just a cover, and the world suddenly shifted, so that when they drifted apart a little bit, she looked like she’d just realized that life held more than just work and family, while he looked like he’d just been hit with the knowledge that love wasn’t a finite thing, and that, no matter how hurt and angry you are, it’s always possible to love again.

L is for Laughter

Whether they’re laughing at Rufus’ antics, or sharing jokes, Lucy and Wyatt are anything but a morose pair. They might argue, and they might not see eye to eye all the time, but they know how to laugh – not at each other, but with each other, and that’s something you need to have if a relationship is going to last.

Timeless - “Stranded”

M is for Ma’am

Because, even though Lucy doesn’t really like being called that (no woman ever does), and she will complain if Wyatt does it, that’s still a thing between her and Wyatt, and no one else, especially not random replacement Wyatt, can dare call her that.

N is for Natural

Because they relationship has developed in the best way possible, from acquaintances to friends, from trust to having that trust broken and working to rebuild it, from awareness to actual, quantifiable attraction, from friendship to love. Here’s to so much more developments!

O is for OTP

Because who else but Lyatt totally encapsulates the words: One True Pairing?

Timeless - “Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde”

P is for Possibilities

The word that has come to mean everything, that has come to mean …well, taking a chance on each other. Lucy uses it first, as a way to remind Wyatt that yes, Jessica is gone, but that doesn’t mean the world ended. And Wyatt brings it back eight episodes later, when he finally gets it, when he finally understands he can take that step – and he wants to take it with Lucy.

Q is for Quotable

Because these two have so many good lines, so many quotes that have touched our hearts and drawn us into this journey with them, for example:

R is for Respect

An encompassing type of respect, one that involves not just respecting each other’s abilities and knowledge, but respecting each other’s space, and each other’s feelings and reasons for said feelings, even if they happen to disagree – especially when they happen to disagree.

S is for Support

Whether that is actual physical support, a shoulder to cry on or just the knowledge that they’re there for each other, Wyatt and Lucy are a team, and they support each other, no questions asked.

Timeless - “Atomic City”

T is for Trust

This is the foundation for everything. Because they trust each other, because they’ve worked hard at that trust, that’s the reason why they can support each other the way they do, and the reason for their ease, and the intimacy. Trust is the pillar that makes these two OTP.

U is for United

Isn’t it amazing to go through life knowing that, no matter what comes at you, no matter what changes, no matter what people say, there’s always someone who’ll be there and face it all by your side?

V is for Vulnerable

When a couple is as good as these two are, all of these things blend together, and in this case, Lucy and Wyatt have opened themselves and are willing to be vulnerable in front of each other because they trust each other, and because they know there’s no judgment in the other person, only love.

W is for (Good) Writing

Ah, the elusive good writing that other shows lack and Timeless has in spades. Yes, the actors do a lot, and I fell in love with their dynamics before the writing even gave me reasons for it, but the writing has given me plenty of reasons for it, good reasons, amazing reasons, and everyone on the Timeless writers room deserves kudos for how well they’ve written these two.

Timeless - “The Lost Generation”

X is for X’s and O’s

We all want more kisses, but there’s something about these two and their hugs, the way they totally envelop each other like there’s no one else in the world that matters, like being in each other’s arms is all they need to be able to continue. We want more of those too. We’re greedy.

Y is for Years

Years and Years and Years together, and hopefully, years and years and years of this show. We got a Season 2 by the skin of our teeth, and damn it if, before Season 2 even premieres, we’re already desperate for a Season 3 and a Season 4. Give us all the Timeless, NBC. We really and truly can’t get enough of this show – and this ship.

Tmeless - “The World’s Columbian Exposition”

Z is for Zillion

Because there’s no limit to what Lucy and Wyatt can do together, just as there’s no limit to our love for them, and no limit to the amount of people who would probably share that love, if they only gave this wonderful show a chance to make them fall as deeply in love as Lucy and Wyatt have fallen with each other.

So there it is: the ABCs of Lyatt, and hopefully, many more reasons for you to tune in to this show. Remember, the Time Team needs us. Lucy and Wyatt need us. Whether we get to see the rest of their story or not is entirely in our hands.

Let’s do this!

Timeless premieres this Sunday, March 11th at 10/9c on NBC.

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