‘iZombie’ 4×02 Review: Blue Bloody

iZombie‘s “Blue Bloody” finally gave us some development when it comes to Liv Moore’s life (sans brain/investigation time), brought up the age old and ridiculous notion that you can’t be with someone unless you have sex with them, and set the stage for Angus to become a crazy prophet, ready to take his people to their true calling aka eating brains to their heart desire and saying goodbye to those brain tubes.

Let’s talk iZombie‘s “Blue Bloody”!

I’m With Major on This One


All Liv had to do was contact Major. She could’ve given him a heads up that she was going to be doing something dangerous for the right reasons. But she didn’t because Liv continues to think that she’s doing this alone, like she’s the only good zombie out there.

Newsflash Liv, you’re not alone. And I love that you reached out to Ravi and got him to help you, BUT MAJOR IS ON YOUR SIDE! He’ll always be on your side, especially when it comes to helping kids. It’s like she’s forgotten that some of the best times of his life and when we’ve seen Major the happiest is when he was helping kids.

I have no doubt in my mind that Major Lilywhite would’ve helped that kid get the treatment he needed if she had only asked. And now we’ll never know what could’ve been because Liv is still flying solo like she was when no one knew about zombies. And maybe this will serve as a wake up call, a switch flicking off in her brain, that the way she operates has got to change.

No more hiding behind being a zombie. No more noming on brains to hide what you’re feeling. No more shying away from those that love you. And just like you adapted before to being a zombie, you’ve got to adapt now to not being the only one out there doing good.

Clive & Dale and Sexing It Up

Back when Major was a human this was a huge problem between them. They couldn’t sex each other up and it led to the eventual deterioration of their relationship…again. And I understand the problems with intimacy that they have run deeper than just bumping uglies, Clive & Dale and Liv & Major.

How can you be comfortable cuddling someone if you’re afraid that you might scratch them when you reach over to throw a blanket over you? How can you share a nice meal together, say goodbye in the morning, or even sleep together without worrying that you might turn your partner into a zombie at any given moment?

That’s what Clive & Dale’s real fear should be, this constant vigilance that they have to stick to. But instead iZombie paints this picture as if these two just want to sex each other up so badly that Clive has to get something to control his sexual appetites. It’s kind of insulting to people who don’t need sex or don’t let it define their relationship with another person.

Not having sex with your partner isn’t the end of the world. And I wish that iZombie would take a step back and work on showing that the real problems with intimacy that Clive & Dale are dealing with, run deeper than inserting point A into point B.

Blaine’s Dad Has Officially Lost It


You know those accident videos on Youtube? The ones where you know shits about to get fucked up but you still keep watching? You can’t turn away because your curiosity stops you and you want to know how it ends even though you know how it ends, in disaster. The same concept applies to Angus aka Blaine’s dad.

He’s using his experiences in the well, that his own son threw him in, to gather followers for his righteous cause. It’s twisted, fucked up, and you can’t stop staring at it. Angus and his followers have surpassed just being a bunch of crazies sitting in the dark. They are hitting the streets and hitting the people, zombie or not, that would make a profit out of zombie suffering.

How Major and Fillmore Graves haven’t heard of this blows my mind. And when they do, they’re going to have to choose sides. Will they stick with their zombie bretheren? Or will they stand together with the humans and stop the murder of innocent people in New Seattle? It’s a complicated question that will make even us question what we would do.

Until then, I’m going to continue watching this disaster form. It’s going to be spectacular!

Check out the trailer for next week’s iZombie titled “Brainless in Seattle, Part 1”:

iZombie airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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