‘iZombie’ 4×01 Review: Are You Ready For Some Zombies?

Fuck expectations. Fuck what you knew. And fuck keeping the zombie secret hidden. That’s the message iZombie is going for in its season 4 premiere “Are You Ready for Some Zombies?” We’re still going to be doing the brain of the week and we’re still going to be solving crimes left and right…but the secret being out changes everything. And we’re so here for it.

Let’s talk iZombie’s season 4 premiere!

New Season, New Risks


iZombie’s schtick, the thing that it’s known for, makes it so this show will never run out of ideas. There will always be a creative, weird, odd, new or entertaining brain waiting to be nibbled on by Liv. But it’s because of this that we’ve become comfortable with iZombie. Season 4 is going to prove that we’re just tipping the iceberg of what these writers are capable of and what this world is about.

I couldn’t be prouder.

What iZombie is doing by having the secret out to the world is something that I NEVER thought would come out. It’ll be interesting to see how the zombie/detective duos do together now that Liv isn’t covering up her abilities with the whole psychic excuse, how Fillmore Graves governs the newly cordoned off city, and why the rest of the world hasn’t nuked them already.

It’s a brand new world for iZombie, the people of New Seattle, and viewers like us. AND I CAN’T WAITTTT!

Proud of My Son, Major


Ok, Major isn’t my son. I’d be really weird after all the sexy times that he’s had during this show. But I feel proud like he was my hypothetical son after watching him come so far to end up taking care of kids all over again. It’s his true calling, the thing that made him the happiest, and I’m so thrilled that he gets to shape young minds again.

Since day 1 all this zombie business has done nothing but take, take, take. He’s struggled to understand who was killing his kids, what had destroyed his relationship with Liv, and what was lurking beneath the surface of Seattle. Now he knows. Now he’s part of a family that he understands on a whole other level and that he’ll fight for with every breath left in his barely beating heart.

Who knew that it took losing everything for Major Lilywhite, my son, to find his way. Excuse me, I have to now go and spiral, tweet, and check out the ‘Major Lilywhite’ tag on Tumblr. I know I’m not the only one having the feels for this goober that almost escaped New Seattle last season…<3

The Cause of His Own Destruction


For months I didn’t understand why Blaine had put his father in that well. I couldn’t understand what it contributed to the plot besides delving into the trauma of Blaine’s past and allowing him to get sassy with his pops. Now I understand. Now I see that throwing his father down a well was the beginning of the end for Blaine.

And it’s all his damn fault.

He created the monster that walked into that church and killed that priest. Those monologues and crazy words spouting out of dear ol’ dad’s mouth were Blaine’s, sometimes word for word. And this weird power move in a Seattle that is limiting the amount of brains that it’s zombies gets…is going to cause trouble.

No need to worry about the youth forming gangs out in the streets and becoming packs. This right here, crazy rottin’ pops and his trusty hammer Rupert (yes, I named the hammer. It needs a name!) are the danger. They are the ones that are going to rile up the zombies and give Washington another reason to nuke New Seattle.

Keeping all of this in mind, it looks like we’re in for one hell of a ride in season four of iZombie!

Favorite moment from iZombie‘s “Are You Ready For Some Zombies?”

Until now there were no moments where I was truly disgusted by iZombie. That honor has always gone to the weird zombie stuff that happened over at the Santa Clarita Diet. Ravi changed that. I…can’t even…*makes retching noises* the way his tongue caresses it…


Ship of the Episode:

Dale Bozzio and Clive Babineaux. THESE. TWO. ARE. KILLING. ME. WITH. THE. LOOKS.


Check out the trailer for next week’s iZombie titled “Blue Bloody:

iZombie airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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