Wondercon 2018: Malcolm Barrett Talks Riya, Changing the Past and Season 2

Rufus Carlin is not a sidekick, he’s not the comedic relief and he’s certainly not there just to advise the “main characters.” In fact, Rufus is so unlike most characters like him on TV, that talking to the actor who plays him is a completely different experience – in a good way.

Because, yes, even when talking about Lyatt and what advice he’d give his friend Wyatt – be honest with the people you love is THE best advice ever – he can still relate that to something that happened to his character, and not some obscure background, something we saw and will continue to see develop.

Not that it’s smooth sailing for Rufus and Jiya coming up, oh no, but then again, that means they’re getting the same treatment others couples do.

Barrett also talked about how the inclusive writers room and the fact that he feels empowered to share his insights, not just on race or being a minority, but on his character’s feelings and motivations as well, make this show a joy to work in. And we have to agree – it’s a joy to watch, that’s for sure!

Check out our full interview with Malcolm Barrett and come speculate with us about what’s coming for Rufus, Jiya and the Time Team!

Timeless airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.

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