Younger Season 5 First Look- Time Jump Speculations and More!

When it comes to my feelings about Younger I am what one might call thirsty. I eagerly await each new episode when it is airing and when it’s not, I regularly, irresponsibly, rewatch my favorites.

So, when Darren Starr hints at a big reveal in the final second of the first episode of Season 5, I am sure I won’t survive it! That doesn’t mean I’m not X-ing out the days on my calendar until June 5th, though. I am Liza-level giddy for Season 5.

Before I get ahead of myself and be the deadest of the dead, let’s check-in with Younger Season 4.

When we last saw the Younger crew, Josh said “I do” to Clare, while Maggie and Liza witnessed. Back in New York, Charles was roped into appearing on Good Morning America and the show made it seem like he and The Ex-Wife were reconciling (sorry, I can’t bring myself to name her).

Kelsey was none too thrilled that Zane managed to get hired at Empirical and immediately began undermining her at work. Diana said goodbye to Richard with a flowerful flair.

Based off the dialogue we catch between besties Kelsey and Liza in the first look video, and Darren Star’s statement that the first episode of Season 5 could have been the finale to Season 4, it seems like Season 5 will start where we left off– right after Josh’s wedding.

BUT, I couldn’t help but notice that both women are wearing full-on winter gear in the scene. There are coats and breath puffs, the whole deal. It is clearly Winter in the scene.

It was NOT Winter when Josh and Clare got married. Everyone was wearing spaghetti straps and crop-tops, not a possibility for New York or Ireland during Winter.

Then, in a different scene from the first look, we hear Charles say that they will announce L. L. Moore’s new book series at Comic-Con (love the meta-references–Younger really should come to Comic-Con!). Comic-Con is always a summer event.

This leads me to my main point of speculation– could we be dealing with a time jump on the episode? It seems that at least six months go by if they are in winter and summer in the same episode.

A time jump could mean a whole litany of things for the characters. It would allow the summer book sales of Marriage Vacation to be a thing. A divorce could happen. Pretty much anything could happen.

But, Darren Star says that it’s a really big thing. He also says that this season is about Liza trying to maintain relationships, not the lie. And Darren ALSO says that this season is about things getting real.

You know what is a real and real big thing that would stretch all of Liza’s relationships? A pregnancy.

Look, Younger has already had proposals and shocking beam-related deaths (RIP Thad).  If the big reveal is something that makes the whole cast gasp and smile, it must be big.

For Liza to be pregnant, there would need to be a time jump because otherwise, the timing of knowing about a baby wouldn’t fit. Oh, also, ah, importantly, SHE WOULD GET TO HAVE SEX WITH CHARLES!

This is, of course, highly speculative. But, Sutton Foster and Peter Hermann look at each other knowingly and sweetly at the end of the table read– kind of like parents!

What if Liza and Charles finally synchronize their passions at Comic-Con and then realize they are going to have a baby together?

To be honest, I hope I’m wrong because I love to be surprised and Younger is consistently surprising. But, it would be wonderful to have the will-they won’t-they aspect to the Charles and Liza ship finished and instead move into more real conflict.

The big reveal could be a bit more expected, such as Liza revealing to Charles that she loves him and she’s actually in her forties and Charles responding “I already knew ALL of that. I love you too.” Or perhaps Charles finally decides that he wants to be with Liza, no matter the awkwardness with The Ex-Wife and he asks Liza to move in with him!

It could be someone fired or someone quits. Is it June 5th yet, because I am already near dead from anticipation?

Speculations and wild theories aside, I am incredibly excited for Younger to return with its fifth season. The friendships are the strongest ships on the show and I look forward to seeing how the characters of Younger grow together through their career trials and tribulations.

In a step in the right direction, Younger has added Charles Michael Davis to its leading line-up. It is past time for Younger to feature a person of color and Davis shines as charming and cut-throat Zane. According to the first look, we can anticipate a lot more Zane in Season 5, and I am not sad about it!

Although Liza confessed her love for Charles to Jay Malik last season, I would love to see him return. He would be an excellent love interest for Diana who has had the worst luck in love. Her character has grown so much over the series and she deserves a solid ship where she’s on the same page as her partner.

I am so thrilled to see the actors who play Lauren’s parents can be seen at the table read on the first look. Lauren and her family add humor and a real millennial zing to Younger and I love watching any Lauren-based scene (other than the unfortunate non-consensual drugging, but let’s go ahead and not really go there, shall we?).

We don’t see Kelsey and Josh together at all in the first look, but I am also really hoping to see more of the two of them in scenes. They have amazing chemistry and are unified in their understanding of life while loving Liza.

There is so very much to look forward to on Younger Season 5 and in the meantime, you can catch-up on Season 4 on Hulu. I’ll see you there!



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